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This is a list of resources which I use on a regular basis. It includes Info sites, Places to Buy CDs, and E-zines / review sites. This listing is by no means complete and is still in progress.

Information sites
The Exhaustive Christian Music Discography
--- This site has proven to be invaluable. The guy behind this site has done an absolutely incredible job compiling information on cassettes and CDs for all of CCM (contempory, rock, etc.) from the 1960's to the year 2000. His goal is to have a complete listing of CCM releases for the previously mentioned time period. Though he doesn't have everything in his listing (especially with regards to indie releases and extreme music), I have yet to find a more exhaustive discography anywhere for CCM. This site of course differs from my site in the sense that drindustrial.com only wishes to encapsulate Christian rock / metal CDs. However, I have gleaned a lot of extremely useful information from his site, and I hope that he can perhaps do the same from my site as it progresses.
Christian Rockers Online
--- This is a great site which provides recent Christian rock / metal news, band info and band links, CD reviews, and much more. This site has been quite useful for me, especially for discovering new bands to add to this project.
Places to Buy Music
--- This is by far my favorite online distro. Alan Tregoning, formerly of the band Oblation, runs this distro with his wife. His primary focus is on the more extreme side of Christian music, including black metal, death metal, hardcore, etc. He also carries a wide variety of CDs that are not extreme in nature. He carries both new and used CDs, and his prices are excellent, even on rare, hard-to-find CDs that come in used. He offers an automatic 10% discount on all orders that are $100 prior to shipping / sales tax, and he frequently offers blowout sales on selected items. His service is exemplary. The store is also displayed with real-time inventory, meaning that if it says it is available, it is. I can't say enough good things about Alan or this distro. To say that he gets a lot of my business would be an understatement.
Nordic Mission
--- This is another one of my favorite distros. Paal runs this Norwegian-based distro which almost exclusively focuses on all forms of Christian metal and extreme music. There is a lot of overlap between what he carries and what Alan from Blastbeats above carries. However, Paal does carry several things that aren't carried by Alan or in the US at all (primarily more obscure European and Brazilian titles). His prices are also quite good, and his selection is great. The vast majority of the CDs are new; there aren't as many used CDs to choose from. If you live in the US, your best bet would be to check if Alan carries an item first; if not, you will probably want to make a rather large order, as overseas shipping is unfortunately not cheap. If you live in Europe, then this is the distro of choice if you are into extreme music. Inventory here is also displayed real-time.
Rad Rockers
--- This is perhaps one of the more well-known distros for several reasons. One is that they have had a good bit of advertising in HM (Heaven's Metal) Magazine for quite a few years now. Another is that they tend to have things that other places do not, including really obscure titles as well as very rare titles. Prices at RadRockers are a mixed bag; their normal prices on new releases tend to be decent, though not always the cheapest. When they blow things out, their prices are generally very good to ridiculously good. They tend to be quite expensive on rare things, generally higher than what even eBay fetches, though good deals can be had on some of their more rare items. Their service is quite good, though they do require a $25 minimum order. RadRockers carries everything under the CCM sun it seems, though the majority of it generally fits into the Christian rock / metal category. They split up their offerings via several different categories: Budget, Closeout, Collectible, Import, Indie, Mid-Priced, and Onesie (meaning they only have 1 of a particular item). Like the 2 aforementioned distros, the RadRockers site is now managed with real-time inventory.
Christian Discs
--- Christian Discs is a wonderful online distro that covers a broader spectrum of genres than the 3 aforementioned distros. You can find pretty much anything here from adult contemporary to modern rock to praise and worship to metal. They don't carry as many indie releases as some of the others, and they don't carry as much extreme music, but their selection is still top-notch, and their prices are also quite good. They offer sales a good bit, and their sale prices are usually excellent. They also provide wonderful service and have real-time inventory.
Full Sweep Distro
--- This is a fairly new distro for me, run by a really cool guy named Loyd. His primary focus is Christian punk, hardcore, emo and indie rock, though he does carry other genres which fall under the rock / metal umbrella. His prices are quite good, and he carries several things that I haven't found elsewhere, especially in the punk, hardcore, emo, and indie rock genres. His site does not display real-time inventory, so if you want something, shoot him an email to make sure that he has it first.
City Lights Music
--- This distro displays real-time inventory, though I have had a few times where something I ordered wasn't in stock. The selection is quite large and varied, covering the vast majorities of genres from soft CCM to extreme metal, and both new and used CDs can be purchased. The prices are quite good for the most part, but the service can be a bit slow, as this isn't the owner's primary job. Also, CDs may be listed on the site that aren't actually available, but this is only discovered after you click on the CD. I actually don't mind this so much, as it provides a resource to me for some CDs that I hadn't heard of before, but others may find it annoying. Still, a good resource, especially for some obscure titles. Just don't be surprised if you have to wait a little while after placing your order.
E-Zines / Review Sites
HM Magazine
--- Anybody who has much interest in Christian rock or metal should know what this magazine is about. Doug Van Pelt, the editor, started this magazine in 1985 as Heaven's Metal Magazine as one of the first (the first??) full publications to cover Christian metal exclusively. As time went on, metal began to be not as popular, and Heaven's Metal adjusted and expanded their horizons. Eventually, the name was changed to HM Magazine, which stands for "Hard Music" Magazine. It comes out 6 times a year and is available as a subscription. It has definitely been one of the larger resources for me in my research to discover new Christian rock / metal bands / CDs. I actually wrote for HM a few years ago for a little while, and it is possible that I will write more in the future. Though I don't always agree with the reviews or the rankings of albums (but, then again, who does these days anyway), the magazine is solid, very professionally done, and full of tons of information.