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This list includes all the CDs that are archived in some form in the main database. Currently, this equates to my personal collection. As I am able to more fully archive my personal collection, this list may begin to include CDs not in my collection. In the meantime, CDs not in my personal collection can be found in my Want List. This list is here more for convenience since several people have asked if they could just browse a list of CDs without having to perform searches.

Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to email me if you have any questions whatsoever.

Current # of CDs in main database: 3757

Artist Title Copyright Label Notes
.rod laver Essence of the Game 1999 Screaming Giant Records  
.rod laver Trying Not To Try 2000 Screaming Giant Records  
.rod laver In a Perfect World . . . 2001 BEC Recordings  
.rod laver No Toque El Toro 2001 Screaming Giant Records  
10 Betty Zain Busters in Disguise 1998 indie (no label name)  
12th Tribe Gritty Funk Rezidue 1996 Rescue Records  
2 Die 4 2 Die 4 1992 Morgan Creek Music Group  
274 The Spirit, the Water, and the Blood 1999 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
2TM2,3 Przyjdz 1997 Studio DR  
2TM2,3 Pascha 2000 2000 Metal Mind Records  
2TM2,3 Pascha 2000 Tour 2000 Metal Mind Records  
3 Car Pile-Up 3 Car Pile-Up 1997 Narrowpath Records  
38th Parallel 38th Parallel EP 1998 indie (no label name)  
38th Parallel Turn the Tides 2002 Squint Entertainment  
3rd Day Paper Chain 1995 indie (no label name)  
3rd Day Rising Spiral 1999 Nephesh Records  
3rd Root A Sign of Things To Come 2000 Solid State Records  
3rd Root Spirit of Life EP 2000 Solid State Records  
40DT What I Am 1999 Diverse Family  
40DT Forty Days Tempted 2000 Diverse Recordings  
44 Evergiven Stand Alone 1998 indie (no label name)  
440 Fade 1999 indie (no label name)  
441 Sacrifice 1988 Broken Records  
7 & 7 Is More Miserable than You'll Ever Be <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
7 Angels 7 Plagues Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee 2000 indie (no label name)  
7 Angels 7 Plagues Jhazmyne's Lullaby 2001 Uprising Records  
7 Doors Down 7 Doors Down 1998 indie (no label name)  
7 Method, The I'll Change Tomorrow 2003 Evereign Music  
7-10 Split Trial by Stone 1999 Screaming Giant Records  
7-10 Split The Force Beyond Strength EP 2000 Screaming Giant Records  
7-10 Split NDEP 2002 indie (no label name)  
77's 1*2*3 Box Set <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 3 CD set including Ping Pong Over the Abyss, All Fall Down, Seventy Sevens
77's A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows: Radioactive Singles <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
77's The Seventy Sevens (Pray Naked) 1992 Brainstorm Artists International  
77's, The Drowning with Land in Sight <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
77's, The Snake Single <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
77s Happy Chrimbo <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
77s A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows 2001 Fools of the World  
8 Ball Cholos Satan's Whore 1996 Morphine Records  
A.W.A.S. Time To Choose (Demo 03) 2003 indie (no label name)  
a2d Demo 1998 indie (no label name)  
Able Cain Able Cain EP 1994 indie (no label name)  
Abner Trio Distant Thunder of the Sacred Force 2005 Joyful Noise Recordings  
Absurd² Absurd² EP 2004 Endtime Productions digi-pak
Abwhore Abwhore EP <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Acceptance Black Lines to Battlefields 2003 The Militia Group  
According to John A2J 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Acer C.I.A. Demo <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
ACID No Need To Fear <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Acoustic Shack Acoustic Shack <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Acoustic Shack Fret Buzz 1993 Broken Records  
Acoustic Torment My Hope Is in You 1999 Morija Media Productions  
Acoustic Torment Schwarzwald 2002 Morija Media Productions  
Across Five Aprils A Tragedy in Progress 2003 Indianola Records  
AD Compact Favorites 1988 The Sparrow Corporation  
Adam Again Live at Cornerstone 2000 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Adam Again In a New World of Time 1986 An Adam Again Independent Recording  
Adam Again 10 Songs 1988 <unknown label>  
Adam Again Homeboys 1990 Broken Records  
Adam Again Dig 1992 Brainstorm Artists International  
Adam Again Perfecta 1995 Brainstorm Artists International  
Adam Again Worldwide Favourites / Selected Songs from the Adam Again Era 1999 KMG Records, Inc.  
Adam Again 10 Songs 2002 Lo-Fidelity Records reissue
Adiastasia Life War 2006 Bombworks Records  
Admonish Den Yttersta Tiden EP 2005 indie (no label name)  
Advocate Exigency 1992 Pentecost Productions  
Aeturnus From Blackest Darkness 1995 Cranial Captivity Records  
Afewloosescrews Four o' Five <unknown copyright> Alarma Records  
Afters, The I Wish We Could All Win 2005 Simple Records  
Aftertaste Two Minutes to a Heartbeat 2002 Angry Son Records  
Against the Flow Against the Flow EP 1997 indie (no label name)  
Agape Gospel Hard Rock <unknown copyright> Agape Communications  
Agape Victims of Tradition <unknown copyright> Agape Communications  
Agape The Problem Is Sin: Live & Unreleased 1996 Hidden Vision Records  
Age of Faith Embrace <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Age of Faith The Truth <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Age of Faith Age of Faith 1991 Benson Records, Inc  
Aggression From Behind the Iron Curtain 2000 Bailey Records  
Aggressive Change Unlearned <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Agnostia Agnostia 2001 Computer Club Records  
Agnostia I Watch the Stars Invert and Fall and Me with Them 2003 Computer Club Records  
Aion The Hurricane EP 2001 indie (no label name)  
Akacia An Other Life 2003 indie (no label name)  
Akeldama Akeldama <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Akeldama Betrayed Beaten Slaughtered Demo 2002 indie (no label name)  
Akryal Cimmerian Lethargy 2001 Nascent Frost Productions  
Alarm, The Change. <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Alarm, The Eye of the Hurricane <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Alarm, The Raw <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Alarm, The [Eye of the Hurricane] 1987-1988 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Alarm, The Strength 1985 I.R.S. Inc  
Ric Alba Holes in the Floor of Heaven <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Aleixa Honey Lake <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Aleixa Disfigured 1999 Bulletproof Music  
Aletheian Dying Vine 2005 Hope Prevails Productions  
Eric Alexandrakis I.V. Catatonia <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Alien Chain Muscle 1998 Spoon Records  
All Access Rock n' Roll Show 1999 Ionic Records  
All Access 15 Charismatic Wonders 2001 Ionic Records  
All Access The Composites of Rock and Roll 2002 Moving in Stereo Publishing  
The All Saved Freak Band My Poor Generation: 1997 <unknown label>  
All Star United All Star United 1997 Reunion Records  
All Star United International Anthems for the Human Race 1998 Essential Records  
All Wound Up Hero 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Allegiance Hazardous 1992 Messenger Records  
Allies Long Way from Paradise 1989 Dayspring Records  
Allies Allies 1991 Light Records  
Allies Virtues 1991 Light Records  
Alove for Enemies The Truth of Trumpets 2001 Polytope Records  
Altar Boys When You're a Rebel 1985 Broken Records  
Altar Boys Gut Level Music 1986 Frontline Records  
Altar Boys Against the Grain 1987 Frontline Records  
Altar Boys Forever Mercy 1989 Alarma Records  
Altar Boys The Collection 1991 Alarma Records  
Altar Boys Mercy Thoughts 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
Altar Boys Altar Boys 2002 Millenium 8 Records  
Altered, The Yours Truly 1997 Curb Records  
Alternative Worship Prayer, Petitions, and Praise 1994 Alarma Records  
Rick Altizer Blue Plate Special 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Rick Altizer Neon Fixation 1999 KMG Records, Inc.  
Ambient Theology Ambient Theology <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
America Gomorrah Exchanging Truth for a Lie 2000 Righteous Sinner Music  
American Made Against the Flow 1999 KMG Records, Inc.  
Amethyst Amethyst <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Amethyst Hypocritical Condition <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Amethyst The Forever EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 1 of 4 covers
Amethyst The Forever EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2 of 4 covers
Among Thorns Among Thorns 1999 Here to Him Music  
Amos Gothic Soul 2001 <unknown label>  
Amos For Life the Dream To Live 2003 Thunder & Lightning Corporation  
Amos A Matter of Time 2005 Bombworks Records  
Anaemia The Second Incarnation <unknown copyright> Endtime Productions  
Anah Aevia Statistical and Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders 7th Edition EP 2001 Selah Records  
Anah Aevia Realize You're Dead 2002 Selah Records  
Anathallo Sparrows 2002 Selah Records  
Anathallo A Holiday at the Sea EP 2003 Selah Records digi-pak
Anathallo Hymns EP 2004 Selah Records cardboard PS
Anchor Shipwrecked Life 2001 Facedown Records  
Ancient of Days Ancient of Days <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Ancient Prophecy Days of Doom {Demo} 1999 indie (no label name)  
Angel 7 Black and White 2006 Bombworks Records  
Angelica Angelica 1989 Intense Records  
Angelica Walkin' in Faith 1990 Intense Records  
Angelica Rock, Stock, & Barrel 1991 Intense Records  
Angelica Rock, Stock, & Barrel 1991 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Angelica Time Is All it Takes 1992 Intense Records  
Angelica Greatest Hits 1993 Intense Records  
Angelrage Fight the Devil 2002 MP3.com Limited Edition CD Single
Angry Atom The EP 2003 RightLeft Records  
Angry Einsteins Cracked 2003 Retroactive Records  
Angry Little Freak Angry Little Freak 2003 Purple Box Records  
Anguish Unsaid Wanting . . . Waiting 1999 Bettie Rocket Records  
Anguish Unsaid The Chronicles of the Restoration of the Church 2000 Bettie Rocket Records  
Anne Hutchinson Anne Hutchinson 2002 Bad Apple Records  
Annie Sci-Fi Canon Blue(s) 1999 Bulletproof Music  
Antestor The Return of The Black Death 1998 Cacophonous Records  
Antestor Martyrium 2000 Endtime Productions  
Antestor Martyrium 2000 Endtime Productions limited edition digi-pak
Antestor The Defeat of Satan / Despair 2003 Momentum Scandinavia remastered release of first 2 Antestor demos; limited to 999 copies
Antestor Det Tapte Liv EP 2004 Endtime Productions Cardboard case, strictly limited to 1000
Antestor The Forsaken 2005 Endtime Productions digi-pak
Anthym Masks of Sanity 2003 indie (no label name)  
Antidemon Demonocídio 1999 indie (no label name)  
Antidemon Anillo de Fuego 2001 indie (no label name)  
Antidote What Mountain? 1998 N-SOUL Records  
Antidote Fight or Flight 1999 N-SOUL Records  
Antidote Forget Yourself 2000 N-SOUL Records  
Antidote Forgive All 2001 N-SOUL Records  
Antithesis Antithesis 2000 Voices of Wonder  
Any Given Day Earth to Heaven 2001 BEC Recordings  
AP2 Suspension of Disbelief 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Apart from Within . . . the broken pieces i once called my life 1999 indie (no label name)  
Apathy Denied Counterculture 1995 indie (no label name)  
Apeiron Wrong Way 2003 Saturnian Records  
Apocalypse The Final Plea 1992 Frontline Records  
ApologetiX Ticked 1997 Parodudes Inc.  
Apostle Prepare to Meet God 1994 LifeForce Records  
Applebath F6 1997 indie (no label name)  
Applehead Meaning 1992 Ocean Records  
Appleseed Cast The End of the Ring Wars 1998 Deep Elm Records Inc  
Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis 2000 Deep Elm Records Inc  
Appleseed Cast, The Low Level Owl: Volume 1 2001 Deep Elm Records Inc  
Apprentice, The The Epic Struggle 2003 Future Destination Records  
April Sixth Mariposa Ave. EP 2003 Elektra Entertainment Group, Inc.  
Arcanjo Torment Alive 2001 Salmus Produções  
Archetype Dawning 2002 CDM Productions  
Argyle Park Misguided 1994 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Argyle Park Misguided 2004 Retroactive Records  
Arkport Left the Highway 2000 Broken Factory Records  
Armada Hope of Glory Anthology <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Armageddon The Money Mask <unknown copyright> Retroactive Records  
Armageddon The Money Mask 1989 Talkingtown Records  
Armageddon Holocaust Into Total Destruction 2000 THT Productions  
Armageddon Holocaust Nekrofonik 2004 THT Productions  
Armageddon Holocaust Radioactive Zone 245 2004 Bombworks Records  
Armia Duch 1997 Ars Mundi  
Arsenal Armored Choir 1990 Regency Records  
Arson Portrait, The Sacred Suicide 2004 Too Close To Call Records  
Arthur Loneliness Is Bliss 1999 Rock City Recording Company  
Arvinger Helgard's Fall <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
As I Lay Dying Beneath the Encasing of Ashes 2001 Pluto Records  
As I Lay Dying Frail Words Collapse 2003 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
Ashen Mortality Your Caress / Sleepless Remores <unknown copyright> Cold Fusion Music  
Ashen Mortality Sleepless Remorse 1996 Forsaken Records  
Ashen Mortality Your Caress 1998 Forsaken Records  
Asight Unseen Circus of Shame 1991 New Breed Music  
Asight Unseen Hollywood Proverbs 1993 Metro One  
Ask Alice Cabbages and Kings 1994 indie (no label name)  
Aslan Millenium <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Aspiration Incendiarism <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Athan Asia Through a Glass Darkly 1994 Watchman Music  
Atomic Opera For Madmen Only 1994 Giant Records  
Atomic Opera For Madmen Only 1994 BMG Victor, Inc.  
Atomic Opera Penguin Dust 1997 A Comic Opera Music 2nd pressing with "safe" cover
Atomic Opera Penguin Dust 1997 A Comic Opera Music  
Atomic Opera Alpha & Oranges 1999 A Comic Opera Music  
Atomic Opera Gospel Cola 2000 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
Atonement In Search of Real Things 2000 Chain Recordings  
Attention Please <unknown copyright> Feedback Records  
Audio Adrenaline Audio Adrenaline <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Audio Adrenaline Bloom <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Audio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Audio Adrenaline Live Bootleg <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Audio Adrenaline Some Kind of Zombie <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Audio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me Extended Play Remixes 1994 Forefront Records  
Audio Paradox The Iniquity of Time <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Audity the:language:I:think:in 1999 N-SOUL Records  
August Burns Red Looks Fragile After All 2004 CI Records  
Aunt Bettys Aunt Bettys <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Aunt Bettys Ford Supersonic <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 1st pressing
Aunt Bettys Ford Supersonic <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2nd pressing
Aunt Bettys Jesus Single <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Aunt Bettys Skinny Bones Jones Single <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Autovoice A Living Death <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Autumn War "Camera" Single 2001 indie (no label name)  
Autumn War Memory 2002 4507 Records  
Autumn War, The Six-Song Demo 1998 indie (no label name)  
Autumn's Descent Deadletters 2002 Windblown Media Recordings  
Autumns, The Winter in a Silver Box <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Average Joe Aspiring The Big Idea 2000 Screaming Giant Records  
Awakening, The Into Thy Hands 1988 Reunion Records  
Awakening, The Ethereal Menace 1999 Intervention Arts  
Awakening, The Request 1999 Intervention Arts  
Awakening, The Risen 1999 Intervention Arts  
Awakening, The The Fountain 2001 Intervention Arts  
Awakening, The Beyond the Fountain 2004 CD-Maximum  
Awakening, The Roadside Heretics 2004 CD-Maximum  
Awakening, The The Fourth Seal of Zeen 2004 CD-Maximum  
Awful Truth, The The Awful Truth <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Kevin Ayers Step of Faith 2000 KMA Communications  
Azbuk Nosferatus Darkness Earl / Divine Force <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Azitis Help 2000 Modo Publishing  
Azmaveth Strong as Death 2008 Bombworks Records  
Backups, The Five Long Years 1998 Takehold Records  
Bad Little Duck Demo 96 1996 Ugly Records  
Bad Little Duck Full Color Inside 1997 Ugly Records  
Wendy Bailey Wendy Bailey 1997 indie (no label name)  
Balaam's Talking Mule Balaam's Talking Mule 1999 indie (no label name)  
Balance of Power When the World Falls Down 1997 Pony Canyon Inc. w/1 bonus track
Balance of Power Book of Secrets 1998 Nightmare Records  
Balance of Power Book of Secrets 1998 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Balance of Power Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion 1999 Nightmare Records  
Balance of Power Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion 1999 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Ballydowse The Land, the Bread, and the People 1998 Grrr recordS  
Ballydowse Out of the Fertile Crescent 2000 Grrr recordS  
Barebones Barebones 1995 indie (no label name)  
Barlow Girl Barlow Girl 2004 Fervent Records  
Barnabas The Gospel According to Barnabus 1992 Thorne Records  
Barnabas Hear the Light / Find Your Heart a Home 1999 Millenium 8 Records Limited Edition Reissue
Barnabas Approaching Light Speed 2000 Millenium 8 Records Limited Edition CD - Only 1500 Copies Made
Barnabas Artifacts and Relics 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
Barnabas Feel the Fire / Little Foxes 2004 Retroactive Records Limited to 1000 Copies
Barren Cross Rock for the King 1986 Star Song Records  
Barren Cross Atomic Arena 1988 Enigma Records  
Barren Cross State of Control 1989 Enigma Records with "Escape in the Night"
Barren Cross State of Control 1989 Enigma Records with "Your Love Gives"
Barren Cross Hotter than Hell! Live 1990 Medusa Records  
Barren Cross Rock for the King 1990 Medusa Records  
Barren Cross Rattle your Cage 1994 Rugged Records  
Barren Cross Atomic Arena 2003 Restless Brand  
Barren Cross Hotter than Hell! Live 2003 Restless Brand  
Barren Cross State of Control 2003 Restless Brand  
Bathtub Mary Makebelieve 1996 indie (no label name)  
Battalion Runaway 1994 Moonlite Records  
Battered Fish Megawhat? 1996 indie (no label name)  
Battered Fish Modern 1998 Velvet Blue Music  
Bealiah Anthology of the Undead 2008 Bombworks Records  
Beanbag Free Signal 1999 inpop records  
Beanbag Well Adjusted 2001 inpop records  
Beauty for Ashes Black Fades 1998 indie (no label name)  
Beauty for Ashes Beauty for Ashes 2003 indie (no label name)  
Beauty in the Midst of Pain Beauty in the Midst of Pain 1997 indie (no label name)  
Beauty to Ashes In the Silence We Fight 2001 Vindicated from the Deep Water Records, Inc.  
Beauty to Ashes Reproduce the Common Practice 2002 Pluto Records  
Dave Beegle Clear the Tracks 1999 Hapi Skratch Records  
Beggar's Table Beggar's Table 1998 Vagabond Music  
Belica For All 2002 Megahard Records  
Believable Picnic Believable Picnic 1996 Absolute Records  
Believable Picnic Welcome to the Future 2000 Absolute Records  
Believe Power of God 2001 indie (no label name)  
Believer Extraction from Mortality 1989 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Believer "Stop the Madness" Promo 1990 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Believer Sanity Obscure 1990 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Believer Sanity Obscure 1991 Far East Metal Syndicate  
Believer Dimensions 1993 Roadrunner Records  
Believer Dimensions 2005 Retroactive Records  
Believer Sanity Obscure 2005 Retroactive Records  
Believing in June Hope Is a Sound 2004 Raise the Sails!  
Beloved Failure On <unknown copyright> Solid State Records  
Beloved The Running EP 2001 Vindicated from the Deep Water Records, Inc.  
Benjamin Benjamin 1994 Star Song Records  
Benjamin Gate, The Spinning Head EP 1999 Red Snapper Records  
Benjamin Gate, The ["untitled"] 2001 Forefront Records  
David Benson Holy Psychotherapy 1994 Viva Records  
Bestiary The Locusts, The Fire, and The Plumbline EP 2001 Selah Records  
Betrayal Renaissance by Death 1991 Wonderland  
Betrayal The Passing 1993 Wonderland  
Betrayal Leaving Nevermore 1999 Black & White Records  
Between Thieves Between Thieves 1997 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Between Thieves Water 1998 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Big Al's Swing Kids Swing and Shout 1999 Ionic Records  
Big Dog Small Fence Big Dog Small Fence 1998 Eclectica Music  
Big Face Grace Big Face Grace 2000 True Tunes Records  
Big Faith Undertow <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Big Methusaleh Human Sacrifice <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Billions, The The Billions 1999 indie (no label name)  
Biogenesis The Mark Bleeds Through 2001 Rowe Productions  
Bishop Garden Garden of Relief 1997 T-bag Records  
Bishop Garden Superpillow 1999 T-bag Records  
Black and White World Black and White World 1991 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Black and White World Life Explodes 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Black Carnation It Remains the Same 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Black Cherry Soda Grin 1995 Swirle Records  
Black Cherry Soda Grin 1995 Via Records  
Black Eyed Sceva 5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis 1996 5 Minute Walk Records  
Blackball Super Heavy Dreamscape 1996 Metro One  
Blackball Hope 1997 Metro One  
blackcherrysoda backonthemap 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Blackhouse Material World 1990 Ladd-Frith Music  
Blackhouse The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost 1991 Body Records  
Blackhouse Hope Like a Candle 1992 Dark Vinyl Records  
Blackhouse Pro-Life 1992 Minus Habens Records  
Blackhouse 5 Minutes After I Die 1993 indie (no label name)  
Blackhouse Holy War 1993 Daft Records  
Blackhouse We Will Fight Back 1993 DISCORDIA - The Label  
Blackhouse Stairway to the Gospel World 1994 DISCORDIA - The Label  
Blackhouse Shock the Nation! 1995 DISCORDIA - The Label  
Blackhouse Hidden Beneath the Metal 1996 DISCORDIA - The Label  
Blackhouse Pro-Life 1998 Metal Field Records  
Blackhouse Shades of Black 1998 Blacklight Records  
Blackhouse Dreams Like These 2000 Blacklight Records  
Scott Blackwell Walk on the Wild Side 1992 MYX Records  
Scott Blackwell The Real Thing 1994 MYX Records  
Scott Blackwell Clubhouse - A Continuous Beatmix 1996 N-SOUL Records  
Blah Born Lost and Hopeless 1996 Rescue Records  
Blah Blah 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Blame Lucy Gong Show 1998 Gray Dot, Inc.  
Blame Lucy Live + the original Saturate EP 1999 Millenium 8 Records Limited to 1000 copies
Blamed, The 21 1994 Tooth & Nail Records  
Blamed, The Frail 1995 Tooth & Nail Records  
Blamed, The ...again 1998 Grrr recordS  
Blamed, The Forever 1999 Grrr recordS  
Blamed, The Germany 2000 Grrr recordS  
Blamed, The At This Moment EP 2001 Computer Club Records  
Blamed, The Isolated Incident 2001 Grrr recordS  
Blamed, The Give Us Barabbas 2002 Tooth & Nail Records digi-pak
Blank Pinetree Hill 2000 indie (no label name)  
Blank Heronomous 2004 Talking Music  
Blank Logic It's Always Darkest Before Sunrise EP <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Blaster the Rocket Man The Monster Who Ate Jesus 1999 Jackson/Rubio Recordings  
Blaster the Rocket Man The Anatomy of a Monster! 2002 Boot To Head Records  
Blaster the Rocketboy Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires 1996 Boot To Head Records  
Blaster the Rocketboy Disasteroid 1998 Boot To Head Records  
Blaster the Rocketboy Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires 1998 Boot To Head Records  
Bleach Space 1996 Forefront Records  
Bleach Static 1998 Forefront Records  
Bleakwail Passionate Peace & Songs of Sorrow 2002 indie (no label name) Limited to 50 copies
Bleakwail Songs of Sorrow 2002 indie (no label name)  
Bleed, The Ouch! 1996 Rugged Records  
Bleedience Bleedience EP 2002 indie (no label name)  
Blenderhead Prime Candidate for Burnout 1994 Tooth & Nail Records  
Blenderhead Muchacho Vivo 1995 Tooth & Nail Records  
Blenderhead EP 1996 Morphine Records  
Blenderhead Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Blessed Light Blessed Light EP <unknown copyright> Made in Mexico digi-pak
Blindside Blindside 1997 Tooth & Nail Records  
Blindside Blindside Pre-release 1997 Tooth & Nail Records with 1 bonus track, "Sidewinder"
Blindside R.I.P. 1999 Hope Against Hope Records  
Blindside A Thought Crushed my Mind 2000 Solid State Records  
Blindside About a Burning Fire 2004 Elektra Entertainment Group, Inc.  
Bliss Demo 1998 indie (no label name)  
Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss 1994 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Blisse When the World Is Wonderful 2001 Crucible Records  
Blissed Waking Up the Dead 2003 KRR&E Music  
Blood-N-Fire Mr. Intercession 1997 Kingdom Records  
Bloodgood Bloodgood 1986 Frontline Records  
Bloodgood Detonation 1987 Frontline Records  
Bloodgood Rock in a Hard Place 1988 Frontline Records  
Bloodgood Out of the Darkness 1989 Intense Records  
Bloodgood Live Vol. I: Alive in America 1990 Intense Records  
Bloodgood Live Vol. II: Shakin' the World 1990 Intense Records  
Bloodgood All Stand Together 1991 Broken Records  
Bloodgood To Germany, with Love! 1993 Stephans-Buchhandlung Original - Limited to 990 copies
Bloodgood To Germany, with Love! 2000 Magdalene Records Reissue - Limited to 2000 copies
Bloodline The Cure for Death 2002 indie (no label name)  
Bloodline Severed Visions Revealed 2008 indie (no label name)  
Bloodline Severed Visions Revealed 2009 Bombworks Records  
Bloodlined Calligraphy Say Hi to the Bad Guy 2002 Selah Records  
Bloodlined Calligraphy The Beginning of the End 2004 Strike First Records  
Bloodshed Bloodshed EP 1995 Tooth & Nail Records  
Bloodshed The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook EP 1996 Tooth & Nail Records  
Bloodshed Bloodshed Demo 2000 indie (no label name)  
Bloodwork In His Death 2003 Tarantula Promotions 2-song promo, limited to 50 copies
Bloody Cross Coming Again 1990 Grandslam Europe  
Bloody Sunday They Attack at Dawn 2003 Strike First Records  
Bloomsday The Day the Colors Died 1996 Brainstorm Artists International  
Bloomsday E.P. 1997 Velvet Blue Music  
Blue Letter, The When Will These Barricades Fall? 2003 Reactivation Media  
Bluetronic Electronic Worship 2000 Pleitegeier Records Limited Edition
BNB All-Stars Man! These Cookies Rock! 1999 Bettie Rocket Records  
Boanerges Señales Antes del Fin 1998 Boanerges Records  
BOB So Many Reasons Why 1997 Big Antler Records  
Magnus Bodin Street Level Friends 2005 Talking Music  
Bomb Bay Babies Vol. I <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
BOMFOG broken 1998 indie (no label name)  
Bondservant East to Bellenburg 2002 Integrity Records  
Bonescan Sanctuary Void 2004 TVTodd Music  
Booley Bathroom Floor 1999 Medieval Haircut Records slimline import single jewel case
Born Blind Pressing On 1998 Facedown Records  
Born Blind Once for All 2000 Solid State Records  
Bowels of Judas, The We Are Defined by Punctuation 2004 Winding Wheel Records  
Boy Wunder This Roulette Moment 2002 blessedkillingdotcom  
Scott Bradley In the Beginning 1995 indie (no label name)  
Brainchild Mindwarp 1992 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Brainchild Mindwarp 2005 Retroactive Records  
Brainwash Projects The Rise and Fall of Brainwash Projects 1998 Jackson/Rubio Recordings  
Brain[FAQ] Nutze Die Zeit 2002 REDTOGREY Records  
Brandtson Letterbox 1997 Steadfast Records  
Brandtson Letterbox 1998 Deep Elm Records Inc  
Alan Braun Act II - Blood Covenant 2002 indie (no label name)  
Brave New World "Regret" Maxi-Single 1997 A Different Drum Records  
Brave New World "Winter Song" Maxi-Single 1997 A Different Drum Records  
Brave New World Understand 1997 A Different Drum Records  
Brave New World Apologies 1999 A Different Drum Records  
Brave New World Groove Thing 1999 A Different Drum Records  
Brave Saint Saturn So Far from Home 2000 Sarabellum Records  
Brave, The Battle Cries 1992 Pakaderm Records  
Brave, The Trust 1994 Pakaderm Records  
Brazen Serpent Raze Hell <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Breakfast with Amy Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt 1990 Narrowpath Records  
Breakfast with Amy Dad 1991 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Breakfast with Amy Product #bvcd3482 (Love Gift) 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Breakfast with Amy Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt 1995 Gray Dot, Inc.  
Breakfast with Amy Live at the Hawleywould Bowl 1995 Flying Tart Records  
Breath of Life Goodbye (Proud World) 2001 Progressive Arts Music Limited Millenium Edition (2,000 Copies)
Bride Live Vol. II - Acoustic <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Bride Live to Die 1988 Pure Metal Records  
Bride Silence Is Madness 1989 Pure Metal Records  
Bride End of the Age 1990 Pure Metal Records  
Bride Kinetic Faith 1991 Pure Metal Records  
Bride Snakes in the Playground 1992 Star Song Records  
Bride Snakes in the Playground Special Collector's Edition 1992 Star Song Records  
Bride "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" Single 1993 Music for Nations  
Bride Across the Border 1994 Stephans-Buchhandlung signed by Dale & Troy Thompson, #870/2000
Bride Lost Reels II 1994 indie (no label name)  
Bride Scarecrow Messiah 1994 Star Song Records  
Bride The Lost Reels 1994 indie (no label name) Limited to 2000 copies
Bride Drop 1995 Rugged Records  
Bride Show No Mercy / Silence Is Madness 1996 indie (no label name) Limited to 1000 copies
Bride Lost Reels III 1997 indie (no label name) Limited to 1000 copies
Bride The Jesus Experience 1997 Organic Records  
Bride The Jesus Experience 1997 Organic Records contains banned artwork of Jesus in an Electric Chair on the inside tray card
Bride Oddities 1998 Organic Records  
Bride Live! Volume 1 1999 Old School Records Limited Edition Live Concert CD - Only 2500 Made
Bride Show No Mercy Limited Edition CD 1999 Millenium 8 Records  
Bride Silence Is Madness 2000 Millenium 8 Records Limited to 2000 copies
Bride Live at Cornerstone 2001 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
Bride The Matrix Years & Lost Reels I 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
Bride This Is It 2003 indie (no label name)  
Bride Snakes Alive: Live at Cornerstone '92 2005 Retroactive Records  
Bride Skin for Skin 2006 Retroactive Records  
Bride This Is It (Expanded Edition) 2006 Retroactive Records  
Bride Tsar Bomba 2009 Retroactive Records  
Brighton Promise of Love 1991 Pakaderm Records  
Brimstone Tabula Rasa 1997 indie (no label name)  
Brodie Kagstarr "self-titled" 1999 Ashland Records  
Broken Broken 2001 Mercy Street Records  
Broken Free Conducting the Sunrise 2000 Burning Records  
Broken Silence Discerning the Times EP 1990 Indeface Records  
Broken Silence Shout it out Loud 1994 indie (no label name)  
Broken Silence Discerning the Times 1995 Alfa Music  
Broomtree Broomtree 1997 Rustproof Records  
Broomtree Sixty Cycle Hum EP 1997 Rustproof Records  
Broomtree Transparent 1999 Rustproof Records  
Broomtree Maybe This Time 2001 Rustproof Records  
Browbeats Wither Wing 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Bubblebaby Experience, The The Bubblebaby Experience 1996 N-SOUL Records  
Buck Buck 1998 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Buck Enterprises Business as Usual 2001 Working Man Records  
Builder Spring Sprang Sprung 2000 Good Earth Records  
Building 429 Glory Defined EP 2004 Word Entertainment Limited Edition; digi-pak
Bumblepuppy An Evening at the Feelies 1997 Long Shot Records  
Bumblepuppy An Evening at the Feelies 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Bunch of Believers It's a Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska World 1999 Li'l Buddy Records  
Bunch of Believers Ska La-La-La-La 1999 Li'l Buddy Records  
Burial Sarkikos Victory on Diabolical Rites 2003 indie (no label name)  
Burlap to Cashmere Live at the Bitter End 1997 A&M Records  
Burlap to Cashmere Anybody out There? 1998 Squint Entertainment  
Burning Heart Shelter 1995 Burning Heart Ministries  
Bushbaby Medicine 5 Track EP 1998 indie (no label name)  
Bushbaby Medicine 1999 Massive Groove Productions  
By the Tree Invade My Soul 2001 Fervent Records  
Cadet Cadet 2001 BEC Recordings  
Caedmon's Call 40 Acres <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Caedmon's Call Long Line of Leavers <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
CafFiends Closer to Defeat 2001 Screaming Giant Records  
Calibretto Dead by Dawn 2003 Standard Recording Company digi-pak
Calibretto 13 Enter the Danger Brigade 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Calibretto 13 From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade EP 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Call, The Into the Woods <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Call, The Let the Day Begin <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Call, The Reconciled <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Call, The Red Moon <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Callisto Ordeal of the Century 2002 Fullsteam Records  
Callous In the Memory Of . . . 1997 indie (no label name)  
Calvin's Dream Fanatical 1993 Sticky Music  
Steve Camp Doing my Best, Volume 2 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Steve Camp Taking Heaven by Storm <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Campsite Confidence / Pastime / Sweet Dream <unknown copyright> <unknown label> slimline jewel case
Canterbury Effect An Exercise in Humility 2001 Pluto Records  
Canterbury Effect Every Piece of Me 2003 Pluto Records  
Caspian Hum Glorified Fuzz 2000 Caspian Hum Records  
Cast in Stone Life on Trial <unknown copyright> Warfare Records  
Caul The Sound of Faith 1996 Katyn Records  
Ceasefire Statement 1997 Boot To Head Records  
Ceasefire Oppression, Toil and Friendlessness 1998 Boot To Head Records  
Ceasefire The Cycle of Unbelief 2000 Facedown Records  
Century Sleeper Awaken 2006 Bombworks Records  
Cerebral Noize Process 2002 Mental Music  
Chagall Guevara "Violent Blue" Single 1991 MCA Records, Inc.  
Chagall Guevara Chagall Guevara 1991 MCA Records, Inc.  
Greg Chaisson It's about Time 1994 Intense Records  
Chalice Deathmask Grin 1999 Takehold Records  
Champion Birdwatchers The Inconsolable Longing 1998 Redshift Recordings  
Chandelle Chandelle 2003 indie (no label name)  
Channel Surfers, The Tunnel Vision 1997 Organic Records  
Channel Surfers, The Where I Wanna Be 1999 Organic Records  
Chaos Is the Poetry Chaos Is the Poetry 1996 Alarma Records  
Steven Curtis Chapman The Great Adventure 1992 The Sparrow Corporation  
Steven Curtis Chapman Heaven in the Real World 1994 The Sparrow Corporation  
Steven Curtis Chapman Signs of Life 1996 The Sparrow Corporation  
Steven Curtis Chapman ( Speechless ) 1999 The Sparrow Corporation  
Charizma The Ultimate Call 1993 United Rock Records  
Charizma To Be Continued . . . 1996 Asaph Musik  
Charizma Higher than the Heavens CD Single 1997 Asaph Musik cardboard PS
Charizma Rock the World 1999 Magdalene Records  
Charizma Life in 3D 2003 Talking Music  
Chasing Furies With Abandon 1999 Sparrow Records  
Chasm Gye Nyame 1996 Boot To Head Records  
Chatterbox Despite 1994 Tooth & Nail Records  
Chevelle Point #1 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Children of the Consuming Fire Big Box Head <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Children of the Consuming Fire Children of the Consuming Fire <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Children of the Consuming Fire Come Home Phlubber (The Prodigal Son Epic) <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Choir, The Diamonds and Rain 1986 Myrrh  
Choir, The Chase the Kangaroo 1988 Myrrh includes Youth Choir 5-song EP Shades of Gray
Choir, The Wide-Eyed Wonder 1989 Myrrh  
Choir, The Circle Slide 1990 Myrrh  
Choir, The Kissers and Killers 1993 Never Say Never Songs  
Choir, The Speckled Bird 1994 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Choir, The Free Flying Soul 1996 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Choir, The Let it Fly 1997 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Choir, The Flap Your Wings 2000 TheChoir.net Records  
Choo Choo Pye Bark for Your Supper <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Chryztyne Tales of Paradise 1993 Pila Music  
Circle of Dust Disengage <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Circle of Dust Circle of Dust 1992 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Circle of Dust Brainchild 1994 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Circle of Dust Circle of Dust 1995 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Circle of Dust Brainchild 2005 Retroactive Records  
Circle of Dust Circle of Dust 2005 Retroactive Records  
Circle of Dust Disengage / Refractorchasm 2005 Retroactive Records  
Circumcised, The Bitter Way <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Clamatorius Consummatum Est <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Clang Quartet Jihad 2000 indie (no label name)  
Clash of Symbols Begging at the Temple Gate Called Beautiful <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Clash of Symbols Sunday Is an Altogether Different Proposition EP 1994 IceHouse Records  
Kevin Clay Jesusville USA <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Kevin Clay Soundtracks for Supermodels Special Edition Genuine Imitation <unknown copyright> Monk Rock  
Kevin Clay Watch Me Fall 1996 Alarma Records  
Kevin Clay The Ballad of Sadley Doolittle (1990 - 2001) 2002 Monk Rock  
Kevin Clay Na$hvega$ (The Land of Milk & Money) 2003 Fashionpop Entertainment, Inc.  
Clear Clear <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Clear Convictions 4 Song Demo 2002 indie (no label name)  
Clear, The Live Stomach <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Clearview Clearview <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Clemency Spiritual Domination 1999 indie (no label name)  
Clemency Divine Legions at War 2003 Extreme Distribution  
Clergy, The Ruami 1993 Broken Records  
Clint K Band Here We Go 2000 indie (no label name)  
Clockwork Universe Clockwork Universe EP 2000 indie (no label name)  
Cloud Merchants Release 1994 TB Productions  
Cloud Merchants Release 1995 Salt Music, Inc.  
Code of Ethics Arms around the World <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Code of Ethics Mix EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Code of Ethics Visual Paradox <unknown copyright> R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics Extended Play Remixes 1994 Forefront Records  
Code of Ethics Soulbait 1996 Forefront Records  
Code of Ethics Soulbait - The Single 1996 Forefront Records  
Codigo Penal Por un mañana 2003 Lumbrera Music Records  
Coexist The Harmony of a Drain 2001 indie (no label name)  
Colemans, The EP <unknown copyright> Velvet Blue Music  
Color Theory Tuesday Song 1997 11th Records  
Combat Junkies, The The War Inside . . . 2002 Clumsy Records  
Combat Junkies, The Fight or Die . . . Time To Make the Choice 2003 SteelRoots Records  
Comeback Kid Turn it Around 2003 Facedown Records  
Common Bond Anger into Passion <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Common Children Skywire 1996 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Common Children Delicate Fade 1997 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Common Children Setlist Limited Collector's CD 1997 Tattoo Records, Inc  
Common Children The Inbetween Time 2001 indie (no label name)  
Common Yet Forbidden We Suffer Violence 2005 indie (no label name)  
Common Yet Forbidden The Struggle 2007 Bombworks Records  
Company, The The Company <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Concrete Concrete 1999 doubleplusungood records  
Confine The Beginning of the End <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Consecrator Image of Deception 2004 Bombworks Records  
Contagious Free Indeed <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Contender Fighting to Win 1990 Refuge Records  
Conviction The Pain 1997 indie (no label name)  
Cool Hand Luke So Far . . . 1999 Blue Bone Music  
Cool Hand Luke I Fought Against Myself . . . and Tore Myself to Pieces 2001 Blue Bone Music  
Cool Hand Luke The Fires of Life 2004 Floodgate Records  
Alice Cooper The Last Temptation 1994 Epic Records  
Alice Cooper Brutal Planet 2000 Spitfire Records  
Cope Something Real <unknown copyright> Screaming Giant Records  
Corbans, The Three 1997 Organic Records  
Corbans, The When the Godhead Speaks 1999 Micah Records  
Lanny Cordola Of Riffs and Symphonies 1992 ERG  
Lanny Cordola Salvation Medicine Show 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Cornerstone Dust 1993 Viva Records  
Cornerstone Flying Gasoline 1995 Megaphone Records  
Corpse From the Grave 1997 Cling Recordings  
Count the Cost Tried & True 2003 Give Me Strength Records  
Cowboys & Monsters Cowboys & Monsters 2000 Syntax Records  
Cpt. Nemo Blue 2000 Burgundy Records  
CR33 These Destructive Times EP 2001 indie (no label name)  
CR33 The Backlash Uprising 2002 Bettie Rocket Records  
Cradle/Grave Saper Vedere 1998 Heartland Records  
Craig's Brother Homecoming 1998 Tooth & Nail Records  
Crash Rickshaw Crash Rickshaw 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Crashdog 8 Years to Nowhere (Pre-release) <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crashdog Cashists, Fascists, and Other Fungus <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crashdog Humane Society <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crashdog Mud Angels <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crashdog Outer Crust <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crashdog The Pursuit of Happiness <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Creation of Death Purify Your Soul 2000 Metal Mind Records  
Creed The Sign of Victory 1990 Pure Metal Records  
Creed The Sign of Victory 1990 Pila Music  
Crestfall Evanescent Imperfection 2000 indie (no label name)  
Crimson Covenant Elements of Fear & Self Destruction 1997 Apocalypse Productions  
Crimson Flood Smile 1999 Ashland Records  
Crimson Moonlight Eternal Emperor EP 1998 indie (no label name)  
Crimson Moonlight Songs from the Archives 2003 Rivel Records  
Crimson Moonlight The Covenant Progress 2003 Rivel Records  
Crimson Moonlight Veil of Remembrance 2005 Rivel Records  
Crimson Moonlight In Depths of Dreams Unconcious EP 2006 Endtime Productions US Tour Prerelease - Limited Edition
Crimson Stained Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crimson Thorn Unearthed 1994 Atomic Records  
Crimson Thorn Unearthed 1995 Atomic Records  
Crimson Thorn Dissection 1997 Morphine Records  
Crimson Thorn Unearthed 1997 Morphine Records includes the Plagued 6-song demo
Crimson Thorn Dissection 1999 Little Rose Productions  
Crimson Thorn Purification 2002 indie (no label name)  
Crimson Thorn Unearthed for Dissection 2005 indie (no label name)  
Cronic Living To Die 1997 Chronic Faith Records  
Crooked Smile A Million Things To Say . . . 1997 Bulletproof Music  
Cross, The Soldiers of the Light 2003 indie (no label name)  
Crossection Breaking Ground 1990 Image 7 Music, Inc.  
Crossing, The Dancing at the Crossroads <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crossing, The Dochas <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crossing, The Look Both Ways / Rise and Go <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crossing, The The Court of a King - A Celtic Christmas Celebration <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
CrossTronic Put on the Armor of God 2003 indie (no label name)  
Robin Crow Electric Cinema 1992 <unknown label>  
Crucial Kick In Your Faith 1994 Kick Music  
Crucifer Hellbound Angel 1996 Meltdown Music  
Cruciferae The Light Prevails EP 1997 indie (no label name)  
Crucified, The The Crucified 1989 Narrowpath Records  
Crucified, The The Pillars of Humanity 1991 Ocean Records  
Crucified, The Take Up Your Cross / Nailed 1994 Tooth & Nail Records  
Crucified, The The Crucified 1994 Tooth & Nail Records  
Crumbächer Thunder Beach <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crumbächer Time After Time <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crumbächer Tame the Volcano 1988 Frontline Records  
Stephen Crumbächer Take it In 1991 Frontline Records  
Crutch Amidst Despair . . . Hope Prevails 2002 Burning Records  
Crux Failure To Yield 1995 Tooth & Nail Records  
Crux Cakewalk 1997 Tooth & Nail Records  
Crux How Does This Go? 1998 Boot To Head Records  
Cry Holy Ten from Two 2001 indie (no label name)  
Cry Mercy Cry Mercy <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Crystavox Crystavox 1990 Regency Records  
Crystavox The Bottom Line 1992 Ocean Records  
Culprits, The Fifteen Thirteen 2001 Death for Life Records  
Culprits, The Nora 2003 Blood and Ink Records  
Cult of Jester Funkatron <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Curious Fools Curious Fools 1994 Via Records  
Curious Fools Read 1996 Via Records  
Curious Fools Read 1997 Gotee Records  
Curious Fools Electric Soul 1998 Gotee Records  
Cush Cush 2000 Northern Records  
Custom Deluxe Life's Novel 2000 Sibling Records  
Cut Shallow Watch It Cave In 2004 Basement Records  
Cybergrind Transcend 2000 Rowe Productions  
Cyberhalo Cyberhalo 1999 Ionic Records  
Cyberhalo Y3K 2000 Ionic Records  
Cyberhalo Nebulous 2002 Ionic Records  
Cybershadow Social Conditioning 1997 Flaming Fish Music  
Cybershadow The Birth of Future 1998 Flaming Fish Music  
D.A.S. Devils, Angels, & Saints 1992 Eden Records  
D.O.C. Pullin' No Punches 1993 Star Song Records  
D.O.X. Through the Fire 1989 Pan-Trax Records  
Da Fearful Symmetry 1986 Frontline Records  
Da Darn Floor - Big Bite 1987 Frontline Records  
Da Live Bootleg - '82 1990 Stunt Records  
Daemongrinder Inhuman Acts of Brutality 2002 Flaming Tomb Records  
Dagon Paranormal Ichthyology 2007 Bombworks Records  
Dagon Terraphobic 2009 Bombworks Records  
Dakoda Into the Son 1991 indie (no label name) cardboard PS
Dakoda Into the Son 1993 Myrrh  
Dakoda Motor Co. Into the Son 1993 Myrrh  
Dakoda Motor Co. Welcome Race Fans 1994 Myrrh  
Damask Rose Childish Things 1997 indie (no label name)  
Damask Rose Point of View 1999 Planet Records  
Dance of the Porcupines And Why Not? 1994 Major Drone Records  
DanceHouse Children Jesus <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
DanceHouse Children Songs & Stories <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Danes, The We Were Sent For 1998 Red Crown Record Empire  
Daniel Amos The Alarma Chronicles Book Set <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4 Albums on 3 CDs with collector's book
Daniel Amos Daniel Amos 1990 Marantha! Music  
Daniel Amos Shotgun Angel 1991 Marantha! Music  
Daniel Amos ¡Alarma! 1991 Stunt Records  
Daniel Amos Doppelgänger 1992 Stunt Records  
Daniel Amos Vox Humana 1992 Refuge Records  
Daniel Amos Motor Cycle Tracks 1993 Stunt Records  
Daniel Amos Motorcycle 1993 Brainstorm Artists International  
Daniel Amos Bibleland 1994 WAL  
Daniel Amos Preachers from Outer Space! 1994 Stunt Records  
Daniel Amos Songs of the Heart 1995 Brainstorm Artists International  
Daniel Amos Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Daniel Amos Horrendous Disc 1999 Solid Rock Records  
Daniel Amos The Revelation 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
Daniel Band Running Out of Time 1988 Refuge Records  
Daniel Band Best of Daniel Band 1993 Refuge Records  
Daniel Band Live at Cornerstone 2001 2001 Magdalene Records Limited Edition
Daniel Band On Rock 2001 Magdalene Records  
Daniel Band Straight Ahead / Run from the Darkness 2003 Retroactive Records  
Daniel Band Rise Up / Running Out of Time 2004 Retroactive Records  
Daniel Band Run from the Darkness 2006 Retroactive Records  
Daniel Band On Rock (Collector's Edition) 2010 Retroactive Records  
The Daniel Band Straight Ahead 2006 Retroactive Records  
Dark Endless Dark End Times EP 2004 Bombworks Records  
Dark Lay Still Through Hell 2009 Bombworks Records  
Darkfield Illuminator Demo 2002 indie (no label name)  
Darkness Before Dawn King's to You 2009 Bombworks Records  
Dashboard Confessional The Swiss Army Romance 2000 Fiddler Records  
Dashboard Confessional The Places You Have Come To Fear Most 2001 Vagrant Records  
David and the Giants Strangers to the Night 1988 <unknown label>  
David and the Giants Distant Journey 1990 <unknown label>  
David and the Giants Long Time Coming 1992 <unknown label>  
David and the Giants Angels Unaware 1995 <unknown label>  
David and the Giants Dream 1996 <unknown label>  
David's Secret Volume 1: Too Good for Words 1990 Image Records  
Day of Atonement Cremation of the Guilty 1998 Screams of Salvation  
Day of Fire Day of Fire 2004 Essential Records  
dba Bubble 1996 Warner Alliance  
DC Talk Jesus Freak <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dead 2 Life Disconnect 2002 indie (no label name)  
Dead Artist Syndrome Prints of Darkness 1990 Public Records  
Dead Artist Syndrome Happy Hour 1995 Alarma Records  
Dead Pharisees Mummified Priests 1998 indie (no label name)  
Dead Poetic Four Wall Blackmail 2002 Solid State Records  
Dead Poetic New Medicines 2004 Solid State Records  
Deadlines, The The Deadlines 1999 Royal Star Music  
Deadlines, The The Death & Life Of . . . 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Deal, The Yesterday, Today & Forever 2000 Facedown Records  
Deal, The Who's Pulling Your Strings? 2002 Facedown Records  
Deal, The Cutthroat 2004 Facedown Records  
Dear Ephesus A View of Epic Proportions 1997 Steedog Records  
Dear Ephesus The Consolation of Pianissimo 1997 Bulletproof Music  
Dear Ephesus A View of Epic Proportions 1998 Daddy-O Records  
Dear Ephesus The Absent Sounds of Me 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Death Campaign, The Officer Negative Presents The Death Campaign Project 2004 Solid State Records  
Death Defying Leap Deconstruction 1997 indie (no label name)  
Death List Severed 1998 Cross Rhythms Music  
Deborah The Song of Deborah 2002 Alcance Subterraneo Producciones  
December's Tragic Drive Marigold and Patchwork 1997 indie (no label name)  
Decision D Razon de la Muerte 1992 Inline Music  
Decision D Moratoria 1993 Inline Music  
Decision D The Last Prostitute 1995 Bark Horse Records  
Declaration Digital Exposure 2002 indie (no label name)  
Defyance Amaranthine <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Eddie DeGarmo Feels Good To Be Forgiven 1988 Forefront Records  
DeGarmo & Key Destined to Win: The Classic Rock Collection <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deitiphobia Clean <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deitiphobia Fear of God <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deitiphobia Fear of the Digital Remix <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deitiphobia lo:fi.vs.sci:fi <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deitiphobia Digital Priests, the Remixes 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Deitiphobia Digital Priests, the Remixes 1998 Flaming Fish Music  
Deitiphobia Donderfliegen (Digital Priests/1990) 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
Delirious? King of Fools 1998 Furious? Records  
Deliver The Second Death <unknown copyright> Destroyer Records  
Deliverance Deliverance 1989 Intense Records  
Deliverance Weapons of our Warfare 1990 Intense Records  
Deliverance What a Joke 1991 Intense Records  
Deliverance Learn 1992 Intense Records  
Deliverance Stay of Execution 1992 Intense Records  
Deliverance Intense Live Series Vol. 1 1993 Intense Records  
Deliverance River Disturbance 1994 Brainstorm Artists International  
Deliverance Camelot in Smithereens 1995 Intense Records  
Deliverance Back in the Day: The First Four Years 2000 Magdalene Records  
Deliverance Assimilation 2001 Indie Dream Records  
Deliverance Greetings of Death, etc. 2001 Magdalene Records  
Deliverance Live at Cornerstone 2001 2001 Magdalene Records  
Dell Griffiths, The I . . . I Like Me! 1995 Swirle Records  
Delta Haymax Delta Haymax 1997 Tooth & Nail Records  
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter 2002 Solid State Records  
Demon Hunter Summer of Darkness 2004 Solid State Records  
Demoniciduth Post Tenebras Lux <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Denison Marrs Holding Hands (@ 35,000 ft) 1999 6X6 Records  
Denison Marrs Then Is the New Now 2002 Floodgate Records  
Deracination Times of Atrocity <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Descend to Rise Demo 2002 2002 indie (no label name)  
Desert Voice Holy Fire <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Desertor Aborto Não! 2002 indie (no label name)  
Destra Sea of Doubt <unknown copyright> Destroyer Records  
Detonation Cry It Out 2000 indie (no label name)  
Detritus If but for One <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Detritus Perpetual Defiance 1990 White Metal  
Detritus Perpetual Defiance 1990 Under One Flag  
Deus Invictus The Open Sky 2009 Bombworks Records  
Deuteronomium Here To Stay <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deuteronomium Street Corner Queen <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Deuteronomium Street Corner Queen <unknown copyright> <unknown label> digi-pak
Deuteronomium Tribal Eagle EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Devastation Demo Live in Studio <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Devoted Molded Mr. Bill's Wild Ride 1999 Screaming Giant Records  
Devoted Molded In Another Place 2000 Screaming Giant Records  
Diamondog Diamondog 2003 FaceFront - The Record Company  
Die Happy Die Happy 1992 Intense Records  
Die Happy Intense Live Series Vol. 4 1993 Intense Records  
Die Happy Volume II 1993 Intense Records  
Diehard Youth All for One, One for All 2000 Warfare Records  
DieVersion Victimized 2001 Family Resources  
DieVersion Anthems of Violence 2002 Family Resources  
Different Kind of Cop, A Another Everyday Occurrence <unknown copyright> Musique Decomposed  
Different Kind of Cop, A God-7 Structure-0 <unknown copyright> Musique Decomposed  
DigHayZoose Ascension 7: Rocketship to Heaven <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
DigHayZoose StruggleFish <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
DigHayZoose MagentaMantaLoveTree 1993 Brainstorm Artists International  
Dime Store Prophets Love Is Against the Grain 1994 Buster's Records  
Dime Store Prophets Love Is Against the Grain 1995 5 Minute Walk Records  
Dime Store Prophets Fantastic Distraction 1997 Sarabellum Records  
Dingees, The Sundown to Midnight 1999 BEC Recordings  
Dingees, The The Crucial Conspiracy 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Disaffection Begin the Revolution 2010 Bombworks Records  
Discarded, The I Won't Live a Lie <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Discarded, The Image 2002 Clumsy Records  
Discarnated Deus Misereatur <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Discern Revive and Rebuke 1998 indie (no label name)  
Disciple By God <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Disciple My Daddy Can Whip your Daddy EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Disciple This Might Sting a Little <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Disciple Lantern 1996 Ole Crow Records  
Disciples of Christ Righteous Funk 1994 Star Song Records  
Discover America Psychology 2005 Tooth & Nail Records  
Disctronica Electric Hymns 1999 KMG Records, Inc.  
Disinternment Disinternment 1997 indie (no label name)  
Dismissed Taking the Good with the Bad 2003 Indie Vision Music  
Dismissed Taking the Good with the Bad 2003 Indie Vision Music remastered version
Dissident Prophet We're Not Grasshoppers 1996 MGL Granite Records  
Divine Child Every Seven Minutes . . . 1998 indie (no label name)  
Divine Regale Horizons 1994 Win Chin Chin Productions  
Divine Regale Ocean Mind 1997 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
Divine Right A.D. So Far <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Divine Right A.D. . . . .So Far. . . . 1991 Divine Records  
Divine Symphony Reject Darkness 2004 Extreme Records  
Doctor D Doctor Dark 2001 THT Productions  
Dodavahu Steamroller.Files <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dodgin' Bullets "Soundtrack to the End of the World" 1999 Facedown Records  
Dodgin' Bullets World Wide War 2000 Facedown Records  
Dodgin' Bullets Earn Your Respect 2002 Facedown Records  
Dogbaby Donut <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dogs of Peace Speak 1996 The Sparrow Corporation  
Dogwood Good Ol' Daze 1996 Rescue Records  
Dogwood Through Thick & Thin 1997 Rescue Records  
Dogwood Dogwood 1998 indie (no label name)  
Dogwood More Than Conquerors 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Dogwood (This Is Not a New Album) 2001 Facedown Records  
Dogwood Matt Aragon 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Don't Know Coodly P. Ramaswami Memorial Cheesecake EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dan Donovan Dust Shaker <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dan Donovan The Leaven Dell <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dan Donovan TrashboneThang <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dorkestra, The 11593 (is this really a Christian CD???) <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Down for Five Down for Five Demo 2003 indie (no label name)  
Downpour The Real Me 2000 Rustproof Records  
Dracma Perfect Creation 2002 Megahard Records  
Drag the Stick Anguish for the Ruin and Hope for the Rebuilding 2000 Wounded Records  
Dream of Eden Wonderful Thing 1992 Essential Records  
Dream of Eden Into the Here and Now 1995 Essential Records  
Dreamer Full Metal Racket 1991 Image Records  
Dreamer Dreamer 1999 indie (no label name)  
Dreams Landing Dreamer 1996 Unity Records  
Driver 8 Watermelon 1996 Tooth & Nail Records  
Driving West Power 2000 Kaluboné Records  
Drop Dead Death by Fusion 1994 Hipswervy Records  
Drottnar Spiritual Battle 2000 Plankton Records  
Drottnar Anamorphosis EP 2003 Endtime Productions  
Dry Bones Dry Bones 1995 Valley Music  
DUCKiE Reservations Required 1999 indie (no label name)  
Dumpster See through Me 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Dumpster Sky-Fi 2002 Toupee Records  
Duraluxe Rock Music with Singing 1997 Flying Tart Records  
Dust See Red EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dust Lucid Dreaming 2002 <unknown label>  
Dust Eater Dogs .Motor. <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dust Eater Dogs Thunderleg! <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dust Eater Dogs King Kong Fist EP 2000 Bullroser Records  
Dynamic Twins Above the Ground <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Dynamic Twins 40 Days in the Wilderness 1995 Brainstorm Artists International  
Dynasty Motus Perpetuus 2004 Avantage Records  
Dynasty The Beginning - Demos Forgotten in the Time 2005 Forca Eterna Records  
Kalhoun 1991 Brainstorm Artists International  
E-So E-So 2001 Bettie Rocket Records  
E.T.W. E.T.W. <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
E.T.W. Stop! the Wild Hype <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Earthsuit Kaleidoscope Superior 2000 Sparrow Records  
East West Rachel's Silence 1996 Tisumi Records  
East West East West 1998 Backbone Records  
East West The Light in Guinevere's Garden 2001 Floodgate Records  
Ebenezer Church Tearing Down the Temple 1995 indie (no label name)  
Echo Hollow Diet of Worms 1998 Geneva Records  
Echo Hollow Superficial Intelligence 2004 Geneva Records  
Echoing Green, The Defend Your Joy 1994 MYX Records  
Echoing Green, The Aurora 7.2 1995 MYX Records  
Echoing Green, The Hope Springs Eternal 1997 MYX Records  
Echoing Green, The Electronica 1998 A Different Drum Records  
Echoing Green, The The Echoing Green 1998 Sarabellum Records  
Echoing Green, The "If I Could . . ." Maxi-Single 1999 A Different Drum Records Slimline Single
Echoing Green, The Glimmer of Hope (Recorded Live at Tom Fest '98) 1999 Flaming Fish Music  
Echoing Green, The Supernova 2000 Red Hill Records digi-pak
Echoing Green, The The Evergreen Collection 2000 MP3.com  
Echoing Green, The The Evergreen Annex - Remix Addendum 2002 A Different Drum Records  
Echoing Green, The "Fall Awake" Maxi-Single 2003 A Different Drum Records  
Eden Fan the Flame 2003 Retroactive Records  
Eden Burning Mirth & Matter <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Eden Burning Smilingly Home (Live) <unknown copyright> <unknown label> U.K. import version w/different artwork
Eden Burning Vinegar and Brown Paper <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Eden Burning Smilingly Home (Live) 1993 Storyville Records  
Eden Regained The Clean EP 1997 indie (no label name)  
Eden Regained Once You Move 1998 indie (no label name)  
Edge of Mortality Edge of Mortality <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Edify Edify 2002 LMC Records  
EDL Moment of Clarity 1999 Big Deal Records  
EDL Every Day Life 2001 Fashionpop Entertainment, Inc.  
Eighth Floor, The A New Beginning 2000 Shabach Entertainment  
Eisley Laughing City EP 2003 Record Collection cardboard fold-out case
Eisley Marvelous Things EP 2003 Reprise Records cardboard fold-out case
Jeff Elbel No Outlet <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Elder Used To Be Adorable 1996 Liquid Disc Records  
Elder Used To Be Adorable 1996 Raddock Records  
Elder Plagues & Woes 1997 Bulletproof Music  
Electrics, The Livin' It Up When I Die 1998 Sarabellum Records  
Electrik Love Buzz Harmony 1993 indie (no label name)  
Electrik Love Buzz Harmony: The Retroarchives 2004 Retroactive Records  
John Elefante Corridors <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
John Elefante Windows of Heaven <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Element 101 Future Plans Undecided 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Element 101 Stereo Girl 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Element 101 More Than Motion 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
Elevator Division, The Imaginary Days <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Eleven Hours Down There's Hope in the Darkness <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Elms, The The Elms EP 2000 The Sparrow Corporation  
Elms, The Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll 2002 Sparrow Records  
Eloi Degrees of Freedom 1997 indie (no label name)  
Eloi Mold 1999 Cross Rhythms Music  
Eluveitie Vên EP 2004 Fear Dark Records  
Elysian Skies Exquisite Whisper <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Ember Ember 1999 indie (no label name)  
Embodyment Embrace the Eternal 1998 Solid State Records  
Embodyment 1993 - 1996 1999 indie (no label name)  
Embodyment Songs for the Living 2002 XS Records  
Embraced An Orchestrated Failure 2002 Theory 8 Records  
Emerson Stone Satellite <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Emery The Weak's End 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
Emit Ridge Undivided Soul 1996 Light Records  
Emotion Tip to Toe 1994 indie (no label name) slimline import single jewel case
Emotion Taste of Grapes 1997 Massive Music  
Emotion Emotion 2006 Retroactive Records  
Empty Grave Inside the Man There Is an Empty Space Which Has the Size of God <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Empty Tomb Welcome to the Human Race 1994 Tisch & Christo  
Enamored A Weapon for War 2002 DTS Records  
Encryptor Drowning in Flesh 2001 Nascent Frost Productions  
Encryptor Cryptic Works (1999 - 2005) 2005 Bombworks Records  
Enitor Enitor Demo <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Enlow The Progress EP 2001 indie (no label name)  
Enlow The Desperate Letters 2003 Blood and Ink Records  
Erase Mental Overload 1996 Morphine Records  
Erinfall Breathe <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Ian Eskelin Brand New Language <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
eso-charis eso-charis 1997 A Seize the Day Record  
eso-charis [eso-charis] 1998 Day-Glo Records  
eso-charis Eso-Charis 2001 Solid State Records  
Ester Drang That Is When He Turns Us Golden 1999 Red Crown Record Empire  
Ester Drang GoldenWest 2001 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
Estis P@rc Sometimes Not <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Eterna Papyrus <unknown copyright> Encore Records  
Eternal Decision Eternal Decision 1996 indie (no label name)  
Eternal Decision Eternal Decision 1997 Cling Recordings  
Eternal Decision Eternal Decision 1999 Godfather Records  
Eternal Decision Ghost in the Machine 1999 Godfather Records  
Eternal Faith Renaissance of the Soul 1996 Melodic Moons Music  
Eternal Ryte World Requiem 1990 Pure Metal Records  
Ethereal Scourge Judgement and Restoration <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gene Eugene The Music. The Message. The Memories. <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Eustace The Intinction Method 2001 Vindicated from the Deep Water Records, Inc.  
Eva O Damnation - "Ride the Madness" <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Eva O Halo Experience Demons Fall for an Angel's Kiss <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Evanstar The War Seasons <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Everdown Sicken 1995 Tooth & Nail Records  
Everdown Straining 1996 Tooth & Nail Records  
Wayne Everett Kingsqueens 2003 Northern Records  
Evergreen Terrace Burned Alive by Time <unknown copyright> Eulogy Recordings  
Evergreen Terrace Losing All Hope Is Freedom 2001 Indianola Records  
Evergreen Terrace At Our Worst 2004 Hand of Hope Records  
Evergreen Terrace Writers Block 2004 Eulogy Recordings  
Every Day Life Disgruntled 1996 Alarma Records  
Every Day Life American Standard 1997 Alarma Records  
Every Man's Hero No One Ever Said a Word 2000 Bettie Rocket Records  
Every New Day Every New Day 2001 Salad Dressing Records  
Evroklidon The Flame of Sodom 2005 Bombworks Records  
Exalt Demo 2002 2002 indie (no label name)  
Exaudi Demo-Edition 2001 2001 indie (no label name)  
Exaudi Ein Stein 2003 indie (no label name)  
Excision Visi 2000 THT Productions  
Excision Brutal Days 2002 THT Productions  
Excurses Devil's Footprints EP 2003 indie (no label name)  
Exeter Flud Disconnected 1996 Flud Water Records  
Exeter Flud ( ( (exeter flud.) ) ) 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Exist Decrepit Lessons Crossing Imperfections <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Exit Eden Alive 1995 Hammer Head Records  
Exit Three Sixteen Exit Three Sixteen 1997 indie (no label name)  
Exit-180 Breakdown 2000 indie (no label name)  
eXodo Conviction Demo 2001 indie (no label name)  
eXodo Exodo 2003 Forca Eterna Records  
Exorcism Vanish into the Depths EP 1999 MP3.com  
Exorcism A Journey into Night Chasms EP 2000 MP3.com  
Exorcism Demo 2001 2001 MP3.com  
Exousia Serpiente de Bronce 1999 Alcance Subterraneo Producciones  
Exousia Welcome to the Kingdom of Light 2001 Alcance Subterraneo Producciones  
Exousia Conquer 2003 Alcance Subterraneo Producciones  
Extol Burial 1998 Endtime Productions  
Extol Burial 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Extol Mesmerized EP 1999 Endtime Productions digi-pak
Extol Mesmerized EP 1999 Solid State Records digi-pak
Extol Paralysis EP 2001 Endtime Productions  
Extol Undeceived 2002 Marquee Inc.  
Ezra The Key <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
F.O.G. Visibility Clearing <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Face Value Never Stray 1999 Bettie Rocket Records  
Fade Angel-Thieves 1998 North and South Records  
Fade The Last Stand EP 2003 Postscript Records  
Fairburns, The Oh! 1997 Ninety Degree Records  
Fairview Far and Few Between 2000 Salad Dressing Records  
Faith Nation Ordinary People 2000 Song Haus Music  
Faith, The Supernova <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Faithbomb The American Jesus 1998 indie (no label name)  
Faithbomb Fallout 2000 Bombworks Records  
Faithbomb Bleed 2002 SotD Records  
Falling Cycle The Conflict 2002 Facedown Records  
Falling Up Crashings 2004 BEC Recordings  
Paul Falzone Paul Falzone 1995 Rugged Records  
Fanmail Here Comes . . . Fanmail EP 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Fanmail The Latest Craze 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Fanmail 2000 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Far-Less Broken Hearts Unite 2003 Silent Uproar Records  
Far-Less Turn to the Bright EP 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
Farewell to Fashion You Couldn't Possibly <unknown copyright> Future Destination Records  
Farewell to Juliet Echoes of Laughter <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Farewell to Shadowlands The Dry Bones EP 2004 Doll House Recordings  
Mark Farner Closer to Home <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fasedown Blitz of Anguish 2005 Hematocrit Records  
Fatal Blast Whip Seduction 1999 Blacklight Records  
Fatal Blast Whip Constellation 2000 Blacklight Records  
Deborah Fatow Submerged <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fear Not Fear Not <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fearful Symmetry This Sad Veil of Tears 2003 Retroactive Records  
Fearscape Detonator 2002 indie (no label name)  
Fearscape Scent of Divine Blood 2009 Bombworks Records  
Feast Eternal Prisons of Flesh 1999 indie (no label name)  
Fed by Ravens This Service of Love 1999 Deadself Recordings  
Fed by Ravens Second Guessing Second Chances 2000 The Raven Republic  
Feeding 5000 Feeding 5000 2002 indie (no label name)  
Feezel Life Moves On 2000 indie (no label name)  
Fell Venus @ <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fewleftstanding Regeneration of Self 1999 Takehold Records  
Fewleftstanding Wormwood 2001 Takehold Records digi-pak
Fighter Bang the Drum <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fighter The Waiting <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fighting Jacks The Dying Art of Life 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
Figure Four No Weapon Formed Against Us 1999 Facedown Records  
Filacteria Filacteria 2002 indie (no label name)  
Final Axe Beyond Hell's Gate 2005 Retroactive Records  
Final Axe The Axe of the Apostles 2006 Retroactive Records  
Final Axe Beyond Hell's Gate Collector's Edition 2010 Retroactive Records  
Final Destiny North of Hell <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Final Judgement Desolating Sacrilege <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fire Fly Swings and Roundabouts EP 1999 Embryo Records  
Fire Fly Breathe 2005 Embryo Industries Limited  
Fire Theft, The "Hands on You" Limited Edition CD Single 2003 Rykodisc, Inc.  
Fire Theft, The The Fire Theft 2003 Rykodisc, Inc.  
Firethrone Day of Darkness and Blackness 2006 Son of Man Records  
Firmament Open-Eyed Ascension 1998 Velvet Empire Records  
Five Iron Frenzy Upbeats and Beatdowns 1996 5 Minute Walk Records  
Five Iron Frenzy Quantity Is Job 1 EP 1998 5 Minute Walk Records  
Five Iron Frenzy Live: Proof that the Youth Are Revolting 1999 5 Minute Walk Records  
Five O'Clock People The Nothing Venture 1999 Pamplin Music  
Flatfoot 56 Rumble of 56 2002 Fat Calf Productions  
Flatfoot 56 Knuckles Up 2004 Fat Calf Productions  
Flatfoot 5ifty6ix Waves of War 2003 indie (no label name)  
Fleming & John Delusions of Grandeur <unknown copyright> R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Fleming & John Delusions of Grandeur <unknown copyright> Universal Records (I think...)  
Fleming & John The Way We Are <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Flick Flick EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Flick The Perfect Kellulight <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Floodgate More 2004 Talking Music  
Fluffy Fluffy Luvs You 1991 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Fluffy Go, Fluffy, Go! 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records  
Fluffy Sugar Pistol 1995 Flying Tart Records  
Flyleaf Flyleaf EP 2005 Octone Records  
FM Static What Are You Waiting For? 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
Focal Point Suffering of the Masses <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Focused Bow <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Focused The Hope that Lies Within <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Focused The Wheels of Progress 1992-1996 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fold Zandura Fold Zandura <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fold Zandura Return <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fold Zandura UltraForever <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
FoldZan King Planet <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fono goesaroundcomesaround 1998 Reunion Records  
Fono It's the Way That You Use It 2004 H5D Records  
For Love Not Lisa Merge 1993 EastWest Records  
For Love Not Lisa Information Superdriveway 1995 EastWest Records  
For Love Not Lisa The Lost Elephant 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Force 3 Warrior of Light 1988 Pure Metal Records  
Forever Changed The Existence EP 2004 indie (no label name)  
Forevertree Turning <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Forgotten Arrival Through Your Eyes 2003 Indie Vision Music  
Forthwright My Soul Secure <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Forty Save One Something Fierce 2000 Micah Records  
Fountain of Tears Fountain of Tears 1999 indie (no label name)  
Four Living Creatures Proletariat Poetry 1995 Frozen Rope Records  
Fourth Estate See What I See <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Fourth Estate Finesse and Fury 1991 Rubicon Recording Co.  
Justin Fox Matter of Soul 1995 WonWorld Records  
Justin Fox Angel Motel 2000 True Tunes Records  
Foxhole We the Wintering Tree 2004 Selah Records digi-pak
Fraidy Cats, The Hoopie Rides Again 1999 Bulletproof Music  
Frank's Enemy Illumination <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Frank's Enemy Neoblasphemies <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Frank's Enemy Not Silent <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Frantics, The Meet the Frantics 2000 Organic Records  
Fred and the Savages Burn Baby Burn 2000 indie (no label name)  
Freeto Boat Hindsight 20/20 1998 Bettie Rocket Records  
Freeto Boat End of the Beginning 1999 Bettie Rocket Records  
Fringe "For the Vagabond Believer" 2000 Bulletproof Music  
Fringe Sacrifice 2001 RA Records  
Frodus And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Frodus Conglomerate International <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Frost Like Ashes Pure as the Blood Covered Snow 2003 SotD Records  
Frost Like Ashes Tophet 2005 PsychoAcoustiX Records  
Frosthardr Necrodisaster 2002 2002 indie (no label name)  
Frosthardr Maktesløs 2004 Momentum Scandinavia  
Frühstück Muza 2003 Studio DR  
Full on the Mouth Collide <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Full Surrender The Distance Between EP 2004 Jerk Records  
Further Seems Forever The Moon Is Down 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Further Seems Forever Hide Nothing 2004 Tooth & Nail Records Best Buy Exclusive Featuring 3 Acoustic Tracks
Furthermore Fluorescent Jellyfish 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Fusco The Rumors Are True!! <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Galactic Cowboys At the End of the Day <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Feel the Rage EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Galactic Cowboys <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Let it Go <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Machine Fish <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Machine Fish <unknown copyright> Victor Entertainment, Inc.  
Galactic Cowboys Space in Your Face <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Space in Your Face <unknown copyright> MCA Victor, Inc  
Galactic Cowboys The Horse that Bud Bought <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Galactic Cowboys Galactic Cowboys 1991 MCA Victor, Inc  
Gamaliel's Advice Gamaliel's Advice <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Ganglion The Stripped EP <unknown copyright> Fullsteam Records  
Gardian Voyager & Fusion - The Early Years 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
Gathering of Souls Neither Moth Nor Rust Corrupts 1998 Seven Records  
Gauge Sick of All This <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gears of Redemption The War of Blood and Rust <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gecko Monks Fear and Shelter 1992 Free Rain Records  
Generation Brutal Reality <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gethsemane Rose Tattered 'N' Torn <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Ghoti Hook Sumo Surprise 1996 Tooth & Nail Records  
Ghoti Hook Banana Man 1997 Tooth & Nail Records  
Ghoti Hook Songs We Didn't Write 1998 Tooth & Nail Records  
Ghoti Hook Two Years to Never 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Ghoti Hook Retrospective 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
Giant "I'm a Believer" Single 1989 A&M Records  
Giant Last of the Runaways 1989 A&M Records  
Giant It Takes Two + Giant Live! 1990 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Giant Time To Burn 1992 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.  
Jon Gibson Forever Friends 1992 Frontline Records  
Jon Gibson Love Education 1994 New Soul  
Gideon's Press Bound for Ninevah <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Glass Hammer Journey of the Dunadan 1993 Arion Records  
Glass Hammer On to Evermore 1998 Arion Records  
Glass Hammer Chronometree 2000 Arion Records  
Glass Harp Glass Harp 1993 Lineca Records  
Glass Harp It Makes Me Glad 1993 Lineca Records  
Glass Harp Synergy 1993 Lineca Records  
Glass Harp Live! at Carnegie Hall 1997 Canis Major  
Glisten Light of Mine <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Glisten Starlight Wishlist 1999 KMG Records, Inc.  
Global Warning Global Warning 2000 indie (no label name)  
Global Warning Digital Black 2003 indie (no label name)  
Global Warning Enemy Within 2005 indie (no label name)  
globalWAVEsystem Life Equals Death 1993 Intense Records  
globalWAVEsystem Hypercritep 1998 Flaming Fish Music  
Gnashing of Teeth Gnashing of Teeth 2000 <unknown label>  
God's Original Gangstaz (G.O.G.'z) Pawns in a Chess Game <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Godfear The Empty 1995 indie (no label name)  
Godfear The Empty 1996 Vizion Records  
Godfear Pound for Pound 1997 indie (no label name)  
Godrocket Saved! 1998 indie (no label name)  
Godrocket Saved! 1999 Screaming Giant Records  
Godsent Humans Liberty of Death <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gogglesphere Babies in Hell: A Depiction of Damaged Youth 2004 Joyful Noise Recordings  
Golgatha Merry-Go-Round <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Goliath The Gate <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Goodnight Star Goodnight Star 1999 Plastiq Music  
Goodnight Star Emotion Arcade 2001 Miniature Records  
Goodnight Star Pink 2001 Miniature Records  
Goredeath Cast into Darkness 2000 Laceration Productions  
Grace for the Fallen Field of Blood 2001 Clenched Fist Records  
Grace Thirsty Souls The Way I Am <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Grammatrain Flying <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Grammatrain Grammatrain <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Grammatrain Lonely House <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Grand Lux Grand Lux Demo <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Amy Grant The Collection <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Graphic Verses Graphic Verses <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Keith Green The Ministry Years, Volume 1 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Green Olive Tree Things I Tried To Be <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gretchen Mouth Full of Nails 2002 Rugged Records  
GRIM Scepter of Blood <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Grits Mental Releases <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
GROMS Ascension 1994 GROMS Records  
GROMS Ascension 1995 GROMS Records  
GROMS Ascension 1996 Pleitegeier Records  
Groove Variety <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Gryp Real 1997 indie (no label name)  
Gryp Indecision 1999 Metro One  
Gryp Left Behind 2001 indie (no label name)  
Grøde Den Tredje Høst 2001 Dezibel Records  
GS Megaphone Out of My Mind 2001 Word, Inc.  
Guardian Bottle Rocket <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Guardian Buzz <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Guardian Delicious Bite-Size Meat Pies <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Guardian Fire and Love <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Guardian First Watch <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Guardian First Watch <unknown copyright> <unknown label> limited edition picture disc reissue
Guardian Miracle Mile <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Guardian Miracle Mile 1993 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.  
Guardian The Yellow and Black Attack Is Back! 1998 G-Man Records  
Guardian Smashes: The Best of Guardian (1993 - 1998) 1999 Myrrh  
Guardian The Yellow and Black Attack Is Back! 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
Guardian Live at Cornerstone 2001 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
Guardian First Watch 2009 Retroactive Records  
Half-Handed Cloud Learning about Your Scale <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Hallowed End of the Age <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Halo Halo 1990 <unknown label>  
Halo Heaven Calling 1991 <unknown label>  
Halo Friendlies, The The Halo Friendlies 1998 Jackson/Rubio Recordings  
Halo Friendlies, The Acid Wash EP 1999 Jackson/Rubio Recordings  
Halo Friendlies, The Get Real 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
Hangnail Hangnail '98 1998 Renwood Messenger Recordings  
Hangnail Hangnail 1999 BEC Recordings  
Hanover Saints Truth Rings Out 2002 Facedown Records  
Hanover Saints Blood, Guts, & Glory 2004 Strike First Records  
Joel Hanson Broken 2002 indie (no label name)  
Harrison Four Lessons in Patience 1999 indie (no label name)  
Haste the Day That They May Know You 2002 indie (no label name)  
Haste the Day Burning Bridges 2004 Solid State Records  
Havalina Rail Co. America <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Havalina Rail Co. Russian Lullabies <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Haven Haven <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Haven Your Dying Day 1990 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Haven Age of Darkness 1991 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Haven Age of Darkness 2005 Retroactive Records  
Headnoise Headnoise 1998 Sofa Records  
Mark Heard Satellite Sky 1992 Fingerprint Records Inc.  
Mark Heard High Noon 1993 Myrrh  
Mark Heard Reflections of a Former Life 1993 Home Sweet Home Records  
Heart of Love Band The Lamb <unknown copyright> Heart of Love Records  
Heaven Up Heaven Up 1990 Oy Finngospel Ab  
Heaven's Burning Heaven's Burning EP 1998 indie (no label name)  
Heaven's Rage Temporary <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Hether New Year's Resolution 2003 Flickerlight Recording Company  
A Hill To Die Upon Infinite Titanic Immortal 2009 Bombworks Records  
Steve Hindalong Skinny <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Hoi Polloi Happy Ever After <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Hoi Polloi Hoi Polloi <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Hoi Polloi Spin Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Hokus Pick Bookaboom 1995 Via Records  
Hokus Pick Snappy 1997 Freedom Records  
Hokus Pick The B-Sides 1997 Freedom Records  
Hokus Pick Manouver The Independents 1990 Word Canada  
Hokus Pick Manouver Pick It Up 1991 Word Canada  
Holiday Runner Holiday Runner 2002 indie (no label name)  
Holidays, The Restless Heart <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Holland Photographs & Tidalwaves 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
Holy Blood The Wanderer 2004 Bombworks Records Limited Run
Holy Blood Waves Are Dancing 2004 Bombworks Records Limited Run
Holy Blood The Wanderer 2005 Bombworks Records  
Holy Blood Waves Are Dancing 2005 Bombworks Records  
Holy Blood Waves Are Dancing 2005 Musica Production  
Holy Blood The Patriot 2008 Bombworks Records  
Holy Cow Chrysanthemum EP 1995 Blue Label Music  
Holy Fire Hot! 1996 indie (no label name)  
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier 1990 Myrrh  
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier 1990 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Holy Soldier Last Train 1992 Myrrh  
Holy Soldier Last Train 1992 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Holy Soldier Promise Man 1995 Forefront Records  
Holy Soldier Encore 1997 Spaceport Records  
Honeylocust This Weekend 1999 Screaming Giant Records  
Hope More Than Words 2003 indie (no label name)  
Hope Has Failed Us Epitaphs and Eulogies 2007 Bombworks Records  
Hopesfall No Wings To Speak Of 2001 Takehold Records  
Horde Hellig Usvart 1994 Nuclear Blast Records  
Horde Hellig Usvart 1999 Rowe Productions  
Hospital Stare 2001 Screaming Giant Records  
Hot Pink Turtle Ticklewigglejigglepickle 1993 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Hounds of Heaven, The Virtue & Virginity <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
House of Wires You Are Obsolete <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Human Out of the Dust 1998 Organic Records  
Human Condition Human Condition 1991 Image Records  
Human Condition Human Condition 1992 Broken Records  
Human Condition Impressions of Grace 1993 Broken Records  
Hundred Hands Little Eyes 2001 Deep Elm Records Inc  
Huntingtons Big Hits and Nasty Cuts 1996 Poop Records  
Huntingtons Rocket to Ramonia 1996 Lying Fart Recording Company  
Huntingtons Sweet Sixteen 1996 Flying Tart Records  
Huntingtons Fun and Games 1997 Flying Tart Records  
Huntingtons The Only One EP 1997 Flying Tart Records  
Huntingtons All the Stuff (and More) - Vol 1 1998 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
Huntingtons File Under Ramones 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Huntingtons Get Lost 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Huntingtons Plastic Surgery 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Huntingtons Songs in the Key of You 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
Ian Supersonic Dream Day <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Icon Clan Drive-in Religion 2001 indie (no label name)  
Icon Clan Cottonfield Gospel 2003 Whirlwind Records  
Ideology Dark Night of the Soul 1994 Ress Trunt Records  
Ideology My Brother, Myself 1995 Swingtone Record Co.  
Idle Cure Idle Cure 1986 Frontline Records  
Idle Cure 2nd Avenue 1990 Frontline Records  
Idle Cure Inside Out 1991 Frontline Records  
Idle Cure Eclipse 1994 Salt Music, Inc.  
Ignite The Cracked Mirror EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Illuminandi Demo II 2002 indie (no label name)  
Illuminandi The Beginning . . . 2005 Bombworks Records  
Illuminator Illuminator 1998 indie (no label name)  
Image Image 1998 indie (no label name)  
Imagine This Imagine This 1993 ERG  
Imagine This Love 1995 Essential Records  
Immortal Souls The Cleansing EP 2000 Little Rose Productions  
Immortal Souls Under the Northern Sky 2001 Maanalainen Levykauppa Slipcover
Immortal Souls Under the Northern Sky 2001 Little Rose Productions Slipcover
Immortal Souls Ice upon the Night 2003 Fear Dark Records  
Immortal Souls Under the Northern Sky 2003 Maanalainen Levykauppa  
Immortal Souls Ice upon the Night 2004 Facedown Records  
Immortal Souls Once upon a Time in the North 2005 Fear Dark Records  
Impellitteri Victim of the System EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Impellitteri Impellitteri 1987 Relativity Records, Inc.  
Impellitteri Stand in Line 1988 Relativity Records, Inc.  
Impellitteri Stand in Line 1988 CBS/Sony Records  
Impellitteri Grin and Bear It EP 1992 Victor Entertainment, Inc.  
Impellitteri Answer to the Master 1994 Victor Entertainment, Inc.  
Impellitteri Impellitteri 1996 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.  
Impellitteri Screaming in the East 1996 <unknown label>  
Impellitteri Screaming Symphony 1996 Victor Entertainment, Inc.  
Impellitteri Fuel for the Fire EP 1997 <unknown label>  
Impellitteri Eye of the Hurricane 1998 <unknown label>  
Impellitteri Eye of the Hurricane / Victim of the System 1998 Dream Catcher  
Impellitteri Live! Fast! Loud! 1998 New England Music Express  
Impellitteri Crunch 2000 Victor Entertainment, Inc.  
Imperfection Who Cares <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
In 3-D Barrage 1987 Refuge Records  
In Grief Deserted Soul 2009 Bombworks Records  
In Reach Waterline 1992 Star Song Records  
In the Face of War Self-Reliance Is Self-Destruction 2002 Together Records  
In the Face of War Live Forever or Die Trying 2004 Init Records  
In Vain Man in a Well EP 1997 indie (no label name)  
In Vain Lost EP 2000 indie (no label name) cardboard PS
Incomplete 93-98 ...sorry this album's so late 1998 Magnificent 7 Records  
Indikator Light Fractured Dark 2000 indie (no label name)  
Industry Eleven The Days and Nights Surrounding Change <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Indwelling And My Eye Shall Weep 2003 Facedown Records  
Inemy-Chain The Overthrow of Perception <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Infirmity The Words That Best . . . 2001 Exit to Freedom  
Infirmity Seven Years of No Such Thing as Luck EP 2005 Doll House Recordings  
Inked in Blood Awakening Vesuvius 2004 Rainstorm Productions  
Innermeans Innermeans EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Innocence Mission, The The Lakes of Canada <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Innocent Blood I Cry Out 1995 <unknown label>  
Insyderz, The Motor City Ska <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Insyderz, The Skalleluia <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Insyderz, The Fight of my Life 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Insyderz, The Paradise Maxi-Single 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
Internal Empty Purifier 2000 indie (no label name)  
Inversion The Nature of Depravity 2000 indie (no label name)  
Iona Iona 1990 Forefront Records  
Iona The Book of Kells 1992 Forefront Records  
Iona Beyond These Shores 1993 Forefront Records  
Iona Journey into the Morn 1995 Forefront Records  
Iona Heaven's Bright Sun - Live 1997 Forefront Records  
Iona Woven Cord 2000 Forefront Records  
Iridium Blues Core <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Iridium Thankful 2001 indie (no label name)  
Isaiah Aika On . . . 1992 Päivä  
Israelites, The Washaway <unknown copyright> Kingston Beat  
Istra One Cold Way 2005 Crosswalk Records  
It's Official . . . Far from Home 2002 indie (no label name)  
Ivan and the Reds The Path of Least Resistance <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
J.C. Crew Serius Bizness 1991 Pakaderm Records  
Jacks of All Trades Give Way 1999 indie (no label name)  
Jacks of All Trades R U Ready? 1999 Bullroser Records  
Jacob's Dream Jacob's Dream 1996 Jacobs Dream Records  
Jacob's Dream Jacob's Dream 2000 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
Jacob's Dream Beneath the Shadows 2009 Retroactive Records  
Jacob's Trouble Knock, Breathe, Shine 1990 Alarma Records  
Jacob's Trouble ". . . let the truth run wild" 1992 Alarma Records  
Jacob's Trouble Diggin' Up Bones 1994 Alarma Records  
Jacobstone Chambers and Volumes <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jade Trees Weeping Jade Trees Weeping 2001 indie (no label name)  
JAG Fire in the Temple <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
JAG The Longest Road <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
JAG The Only World in Town <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jagged Doctrine Absolution <unknown copyright> Flaming Fish Music  
Jagged Doctrine I Wear the Mask <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jai Agnish automata <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jars of Clay The Eleventh Hour 2002 Zomba Records Japan K.K.  
Jawbone Hill Grind <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jawbone Hill Sackcloth and Sunshine <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
JC King of Nothing 1999 indie (no label name)  
JC and the Boyz Never Give Up 1989 Broken Records  
JC and the Boyz Chill 4 Awhile 1992 Ocean Records  
Jeremiah's Grotto Exemplar <unknown copyright> Screaming Giant Records  
Jeremiah's Grotto Through It All . . . 2001 Screaming Giant Records  
Jeremiah's Grotto Through It All . . . 2001 Vindicated from the Deep Water Records, Inc.  
Jeremiah's Grotto Through It All . . . / The Million Mile EP 2004 Future Destination Records  
Jerusalem 10 Years After: Vol. I & II 1988 Refuge Records  
Jerusalem Dancing on the Head of the Serpent 1988 Refuge Records  
Jerusalem Klassiker 1 1993 Fruit Records features albums Volym 1 & Volym 2
Jerusalem Klassiker 2 1993 Fruit Records features albums Krigsman & Vi Kan Inte Stoppas
Jerusalem Prophet 1994 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
Jerusalem Prophet 1994 Zero Corporation  
Jerusalem Prophet 1994 Viva Records  
Jerusalem Classics 1 1996 Fruit Records features albums Jerusalem & Volume 2
Jerusalem Classics 2 1996 Fruit Records features albums Warrior & Can't Stop Us Now
Jerusalem Volym Tre 1996 Fruit Records  
Jerusalem Those Were the Days 1997 Magnus Erikson Production  
Jerusalem Live - På Ren Svenska 1998 Fruit Records  
Jerusalem R.A.D. 1998 Jerusalem Music International / USA  
Jerusalem Volüm Fyra 1998 Fruit Records  
Jesse and the Rockers Madison Road <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jesse and the Rockers T.I.N. <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jesus Blues Breakers God Ain't Schizo <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jesus Freaks Jesus Freaks <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jesus Freaks Socially Unacceptable 1993 Narrowpath Records  
Jet Circus Step on It <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jet Circus Step on It 1990 Pony Canyon Inc.  
Jet Circus, The Step on It 1989 Pila Music  
Jetenderpaul Don't Look Down EP 1998 Velvet Blue Music Cardboard Slipcover
Jetenderpaul The Woolen Spires 1999 Vainglorious Home Recordings  
Jetenderpaul The Modal Lines 2000 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
Jimmy A Secrets 1994 Liquid Disc Records  
Joe Christmas North to the Future <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
Joe Christmas Upstairs Overlooking <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
Joe Club Leave it up to You 1997 Temple Productions  
Joe Club Over the Moon 2000 Audio X Records  
Joey's Loss Letters Written without Ink 2003 indie (no label name) digi-pak
Joey's Loss Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men 2004 Indie Vision Music  
Johnny Q. Public Extra Ordinary 1995 Gotee Records  
Johnny Q. Public Welcome to Earth 2000 <unknown label>  
Johnny Respect Blue-Collar Moxy 1997 Bulletproof Music  
Johnny Respect Life Ain't What It Used To Be! 1998 Bulletproof Music  
Joke?, The Beware of the Dog <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
Joke?, The The Death of the Brittle Biscuit 2003 Forca Eterna Records  
Jonathon Push <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jordan Celebrate Life 1999 indie (no label name)  
Joshua Surrender 1986 FM-Revolver Records  
Joshua Intense Defense 1988 BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH  
Joshua Intense Defense 1989 BMG Victor, Inc.  
Joshua Surrender 1992 Ocean Records  
Joshua SUrrender 1994 Far East Metal Syndicate  
Joshua The Hand Is Quicker than the Eye 1994 Far East Metal Syndicate  
Joshua The Hand Is Quicker than the Eye / Surrender 1995 Long Island Records Limited Edition Gold CD, No. 1606 of 2000
Josiah Verona 2004 Indie Vision Music  
Joy Electric Melody 1994 Tooth & Nail Records  
Joy Electric Five Stars for Failure EP 1995 Tooth & Nail Records  
Joy Electric Old Wives Tales 1996 Tooth & Nail Records  
Joy Electric We Are the Music Makers 1996 Tooth & Nail Records  
Joy Electric Robot Rock 1997 BEC Recordings  
Joy Electric The Land of Misfits EP 1998 BEC Recordings  
Joy Electric Children of the Lord maxi-single 1999 BEC Recordings  
Joy Electric CHRISTIANsongs 1999 BEC Recordings  
Joy Electric Unelectric 2000 BEC Recordings  
Joy Electric The White Songbook Legacy Volume One 2001 BEC Recordings  
Joy Electric Starcadia EP 2002 Plastiq Music Black and White Series Pressings 01
Joy Electric The Magic of Christmas 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
Joy Electric The Tick Tock Treasury 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
Joy Electric Hello, Mannequin 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
Judah Simplistic 1994 indie (no label name)  
Judah Lay It Down 1996 indie (no label name)  
Juliana Theory, The Understand This Is a Dream 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
Juliana Theory, The Emotion Is Dead 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
Juliana Theory, The Love 2003 Epic Records  
Julies, The Lovelife EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Junker Jorg Diet of Worms 2000 Cellar Records  
Junker Jorg Ignite the Machine 2002 YoungSide Records  
Jupiter James Called as Paul <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Jupiter VI Back from Mars 2006 Retroactive Records  
Damien Jurado Waters Ave S. 1997 Sub Pop Records  
Damien Jurado Rehearsals for Departure 1999 Sub Pop Records  
Damien Jurado Ghost of David 2000 Sub Pop Records  
Just Visiting The Elms 1998 indie (no label name)  
Justice Counting Down 1992 Round Music Group  
Justifide Life Outside the Toybox 2000 Ardent Records  
Justifide The Beauty of the Unknown 2002 Ardent Records  
Jyradelix Invincible <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
K626 Beyond the Grave Vol. 1 2005 indie (no label name)  
Glenn Kaiser You Made the Difference in Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Kapsized We Kill What We Fear <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Katku Willu Hoiatus 1999 Red Underground Records  
Phil Keaggy Town to Town / Ph'lip Side / Play Thru Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2 CD boxset of all 3 albums, digitally remastered
Cheri Keaggy What Matters Most <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy The Wind and the Wheat 1987 <unknown label> original issue
Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child 1988 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy The Master & The Musician 1989 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy The Master & the Musician 1989 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Find me in These Fields 1990 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Beyond Nature 1991 Myrrh  
Phil Keaggy The Wind and the Wheat 1992 <unknown label> reissue
Phil Keaggy Crimson and Blue 1993 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Revelator 1993 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Blue 1994 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Way Back Home 1994 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Time 1 1995 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Time 2 1995 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy True Believer 1995 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy 220 1996 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy On the Fly 1996 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Acoustic Sketches 1998 The Sparrow Corporation  
Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy 1998 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy An Angel's Christmas 1999 Unison Music  
Phil Keaggy Majesty & Wonder - An Instrumental Christmas 1999 <unknown label>  
Phil Keaggy Inseparable 2000 <unknown label> Limited Edition, 2 CDs
Phil Keaggy Cinemascapes 2001 Word, Inc.  
Phil Keaggy In the Quiet Hours 2001 Word, Inc.  
Kekal Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams 1998 THT Productions  
Kekal Embrace the Dead 2000 Flesh Walker Records  
Kekal The Painful Experience 2001 Clenched Fist Records  
Kekal 1000 Thoughts of Violence 2003 Fear Dark Records  
Kekal Acidity 2005 Fear Dark Records  
Kennereth Eyes of Fire <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Kerith Ravine The Streams of Jettison 2000 Bulletproof Music  
Dana Key Part of the Mystery 1995 Ardent Christian Music  
Kicker, The First Word, Last Place 2001 Salad Dressing Records  
Kidd Robin The Inevitable Return of the Dinosaur Monster 1996 indie (no label name)  
Kill Ratio Kill Ratio <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
Killed by Cain Killed by Cain 1993 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
killingtheoldman The Violence of Sound <