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The goal of this list is to contain all Christian rock CDs which I am missing. This also acts as my want list.

Since some of these are fairly easy to obtain, I have marked the ones I am most interested with an asterisk (*) in the first column. If you have any of these CDs, please let me know, as I will be extremely interested. If it is not marked with an asterisk, then I must get a very good deal before I will consider it. Also, if it is marked with a pound sign (#), this means that I should be getting it but don't yet have it in my possession and thus have not added it to the main database. Hopefully, this will help those of you who have items to sell / trade / give me from my wantlist.

Also, I know for a fact that there will always be CDs missing from this want list. If you have / know of a CD that is missing from both my main database as well as this list, even if you do not want to sell / trade / give it to me, please email me to let me know so that I can give it proper inclusion.

Additionally, I am very interested in old Christian rock / metal distro catalogs (for instance, old RadRockers catalogs) as well as magazines I don't have (old issues of White Throne, HM, etc.). I eventually will be posting lists of what I need here as well. This will help me in my quest to exhaustively list all Christian rock / metal CDs.

Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to email me if you have any questions whatsoever.

Current # of CDs in wantlist: 1274

Current # of most wanted CDs: 758
Current # of CDs I am expecting: 29

* == Most Wanted CD
# == I am expecting this CD but haven't yet received it

  Artist Title Copyright Label Notes
  1 Way Souljourn 1999 Seventh Street Records Rap
  100 Portraits Time Will Be the Tell 1994 Blue Renaissance Music folk
  12 Stones 12 Stones 2002 Wind-Up Entertainment  
 *  2TM2,3 2TM2,3 1999 <unknown label> members of Creation of Death; Polish
 *  3.1 31 Degrees and 2 Miles of Fog 1992 indie (no label name) synth-pop
 *  3:16 One Nation Under God <unknown copyright> <unknown label> melodic metal from Arkansas; 6 songs
  4Eternity Why? 2000 <unknown label> alternative from Rowlett, TX; now known as The Broadcast
 *  7 Angels 7 Plagues Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee <unknown copyright> Uprising Records metalcore
 *  7-10 Split The Stars Have Fallen 2002 New School Records punk-metal
 *  77s Echoes of Faith <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  a.m. Drive a.m. Drive <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Able Cain Rarities <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Acceptance Phantoms 2005 <unknown label> emo
  According to John Beyond What I See <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative
  Ace Troubleshooter ???? <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) independent release; don't remember the name; might have come out around 1996 or so; had a duck on the front I think
  Ace Troubleshooter Ace Troubleshooter <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
  Ace Troubleshooter Don't Stop A Rockin' 1999 indie (no label name)  
  Ace Troubleshooter It's Not Enough 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Ace Troubleshooter The Madness of Crowds 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Acoustic Shack A Distant Bell <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Across Five Aprils 23 minutes and 32 seconds of scenic city rock n' roll <unknown copyright> <unknown label> first EP; 5 songs
 *  Across Five Aprils Across Five Aprils EP 2002 <unknown label> 4-song EP
 *  Across Five Aprils Living in the Moment 2004 <unknown label>  
 *  Active Ingredients 150 Demo 2002 indie (no label name) 5-track demo CD released after band's conversion to Christianity
 *  Active Ingredients Holy Hymns of Hardcore 2003 H/H/C Records first full-length released after band's conversion to Christianity
 *  AD Art of the State 1996 <unknown label>  
 *  AD Reconstructions <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original release
 *  AD Reconstructions (Reconstructed) <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Adam Irish Coffee EP 1996 <unknown label> 6-song EP
 *  Adam Shin Jin Rui 2000 <unknown label> full-length release
 *  Aftertaste EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> don't know title, or even if it is available on CD...can anyone help???
 *  Agape The Exits Are Clearly Marked 1995 <unknown label> metal
  Agony Scene Agony Scene <unknown copyright> Solid State Records  
 *  Airbag Closer to You EP 2004 <unknown label> 6-song EP coming out late 2004
 *  Aislinn The Reality of Make-Belief Demos <unknown copyright> <unknown label> is this available on CD??
 #  Ajalon Light at the End Of The Tunnel 1996 <unknown label> prog rock
 *  Ajalon On The Threshold of Eternity 2003 <unknown label> prog rock
 *  Alarm, The Standards 1990 IRS Records  
 *  Alive through Death 2003 Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song demo
  All Access Live <unknown copyright> <unknown label> punk from Kentucky
  All Star United Let's Get Crazy: B-sides, Rarities, and Previously Unreleased Material 2000 Black & White Records  
  All Star United Revolution 2002 <unknown label>  
  Allies Allies & Virtues 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
  Allies Man with a Mission 1992 Dayspring Records  
  Allies Shoulder to Shoulder <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Alove for Enemies The Silent Rival <unknown copyright> blessedkillingdotcom metalcore, EP
 *  Altar of the King Altar of the King <unknown copyright> <unknown label> rare import Christian metal; 10 songs: 1. 2:56 Fire 2. 3:40 The Throne 3. 4:10 Burn To The End 4. 3:57 You Broke The Rules 5. 3:24 The King Is Coming 6. 3:15 Outta Sight 7. 4:42 Undertaker 8. 5:23 No Exit 9. 2:24 Glass Kingdom 10. 4:03 Say G
  Altered Soul From One Extreme 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  American Culture eXperiments, The The American Culture eXperiments <unknown copyright> Accidental Sirens  
  American Made Red <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Amined Morgan Rain 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Amined Understanding 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Amos Comfort in Trouble 1997 <unknown label> demo; don't know if this is available on CD or not (I believe that it is)
 *  Amos Gothic Soul 2001 <unknown label> original indie version
 *  AMP demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> don't know title; modern rock with chick vocalist
  Aaron Anastasi Star Seven <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) Alterntaive / worship
 *  Anathallo Luminous Luminescence In The Atlas Position <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Anberlin Blueprints for the Black Market 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Anberlin Never Take Friendship Personal 2005 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Angelica Angelica <unknown copyright> Pony Canyon Inc. Japanese version w/OBI
 *  Angelica Rock Stock & Barrel <unknown copyright> Pony Canyon Inc. Japanese version w/OBI
 *  Angelica Walkin in Faith <unknown copyright> Pony Canyon Inc. Japanese version w/OBI
 *  Angry Atom Four Years to Nowhere <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Angry Little Freak 5-song EP 2003 <unknown label> metal
 *  Annointing A Prayer <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4-song CD; extreme (don't know what style)
 *  Anthem Cuttin' Thru II - The Remix 1999 <unknown label> What force draws three friends back together after a fifteen year absence to work on a musical project nearly 20 years old? Senility? Too much time on their hands? The truth is, it's the feeling we'd left something undone when our first project was releas
 *  Anticrisis Release 2002 Electric Knight industrial
  Antidote What Mountain? 1998 N-SOUL Records  
 *  Antiskeptic Antiskeptic EP 2000 <unknown label> 4-song EP
 *  Antiskeptic Aurora 2003 <unknown label> second full-length release
  Antiskeptic Called 2002 <unknown label> looks like a maxi-single with nothing new, though maybe some stuff is new???
 *  Antiskeptic Change My Ways 2001 <unknown label> 5-song EP
 *  Antiskeptic Four Seasons 2002 <unknown label> looks like a maxi-single for next album; has a live song and 1 song from original EP (remixed perhaps???)
 *  Antiskeptic Memoirs of a Common Man 2002 <unknown label> first full-length release
 *  Antiskeptic Nothing to Say 2003 <unknown label> 3 songs; single with some unreleased songs perhaps
 *  Antithesis Antithesis 2001 Nightmare Records US Progressive metal with thrash influences
 *  Antithesis Antithesis 2001 Massacre Records US Progressive metal with thrash influences; contains 2 bonus tracks not on US release
 *  Antithesis Dying for Life <unknown copyright> Massacre Records US Progressive metal with thrash influences; European version
 *  Antithesis Dying for Life <unknown copyright> Nightmare Records US Progressive metal with thrash influences; US version
 *  ArkAngel Warrior <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original issue
 *  ArkAngel Warrior <unknown copyright> <unknown label> reissue with bonus tracks
 *  Armada Artifacts 2002 <unknown label> new release of old Archangel and Eternity recordings; was it ever released????
 *  Armada Break the Chain 2002 <unknown label> new release; was it ever released????
  Armada The Complete Anthology <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Armageddon Holocaust Into Total Destruction <unknown copyright> THT Productions remastered reissue
 *  Armageddon Holocaust Radioactive Zone 245 2003 THT Productions  
 *  Armia Antiarmia <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Polish punk / rock / metal
 #  Armia Droga <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Polish punk / rock / metal
 *  Armia Legenda <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Polish punk / rock / metal
 *  Armia Soul Side Story <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Polish punk / rock / metal; 2 CDs
 *  Armor of God 2 Face Reality <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Armor of God Out of Egypt <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Aroma Party <unknown copyright> <unknown label> grunge / funk from Australia
 *  Aroma Rescued: Aroma Live <unknown copyright> <unknown label> grunge / funk from Australia
 *  Aroma The Man EP 1998 <unknown label> grunge / funk from Australia
 *  As Cities Burn ???? 2002 <unknown label> first 5-song EP
 *  As Cities Burn ???? 2003 <unknown label> second EP
  As Cities Burn Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest 2005 Solid State Records  
 *  Asarela Idealas <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock from Honduras
 *  Ascension History <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Ascension This End Up <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Ashes Ashes EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 6-song EP
  Ashes Fade 2004 <unknown label> first full-length
  Ashes Fall Prayers Fly Like Bullets EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hardcore from Alabama
  Ashes Remain Lose the Alibis <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Athan Asia Alchemy 1999 <unknown label> 3rd CD
 *  Athan Asia Even Blind Babies Smile 1996 <unknown label> 2nd CD
 *  Atticus Fault Bolara <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) 5-song demo produced by Steve Hindalong
 *  Audiovision The Calling 2004 Rivel Records  
 *  Aunt Bettys "Jesus" Single 1996 EastWest Records promo-only single with front and rear artwork of Jesus as a bartender
 *  Autumn's Descent Prelude 2000 <unknown label> industrial; 5-song EP
 *  Autumn's Embrace Demo <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) metalcore
 *  Avenger of Blood Celestial War 2001 <unknown label> Post-modern Apocalyptic Black Thrash
  Awake Awake 2000 Godfather Records like Bush or Creed
 *  Awakening, The Roadside Heretics 2002 Intervention Arts  
 *  Awakening, The Sacrificial Etchings 2002 Intervention Arts "best of", with some unreleased tracks
 *  Awakening, The Sentimental Runaways EP 1999 Intervention Arts 6 songs
 *  Awakening, The The Fourth Seal of Zeen 2000 Intervention Arts  
 *  Awakening, The The March CD Single 1999 Intervention Arts 4 songs
 *  Azure Skies Azure Skies 2001 Ant-Zen industrial collaboration between members of Sanctum and Mental Destruction
 *  B.O.W.A. B.O.W.A. 2002 <unknown label> 6 tracks; features Robbie Wolfe of Holy Solider and Hero; mix of melodic metal and 70's hard rock
  Babylon Mystery Orchestra Divine Right of Kings <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock / metal from Alabama
  Balance of Power Perfect Balance 2001 Nightmare Records  
 *  Balance of Power Perfect Balance 2001 Massacre Records different artwork from US version
 *  Balance of Power Perfect Balance 2002 <unknown label> Brazilian version with 2 bonus tracks not available on US or European versions
  Norman Barratt Barratt 1991 Refuge Records  
 *  Barren Cross Rock for the King 1988 Star Song Records  
  Bash Holiday 1991 <unknown label>  
  Bash N the Code Big Mouth 1987 <unknown label>  
  Bash N the Code More than Enough <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Battered Fish Lure 1994 indie (no label name) first indie CD release
  Battered Fish Set-up <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Beautiful Mistake, The EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Beautiful Mistake, The Light a Match for I Deserve to Burn <unknown copyright> <unknown label> emo-core
  Margaret Becker Immigrants Daughter <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Margaret Becker Soul 1993 The Sparrow Corporation  
  Margaret Becker The Early Years 1996 The Sparrow Corporation  
 *  Becoming the Archetype Terminate Damnation 2005 Solid State Records  
  Dave Beegle A Year Closer <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Dave Beegle Beyond the Desert <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Michael Been On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakthrough 1994 Qwest Records  
 *  Belica Looking for the Light 2001 Megahard Records reissue of Looking for the Light by Völlig Heilig (they changed their name to Belica) with 1 bonus track
  Believe ????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song CD yet untitled
  Believer Extraction from Mortality <unknown copyright> Millenium 8 Records  
 *  Beloved The Running EP 2004 Solid State Records Solid State reissue with bonus track
  Benjamin Gate, The Contact <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  David Benson Premonition of Doom <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  David Benson Purpose of the Cross <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Bestiary The Murder Wheel <unknown copyright> <unknown label> full-length CD
 *  Betroth Screaming Out for Love <unknown copyright> <unknown label> ambient industrial goth
 #  Billions, The Never Felt This Way Before <unknown copyright> Northern Records  
  Blackhouse Heart of Black 2002 Ladd-Frith Music  
 *  Blackhouse Lawnmower Man 1998 <unknown label> limited to 100 copies
  Blackhouse Vox Ultra 2002 Ladd-Frith Music  
  Blank Logic ????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> first CD; don't know title
  Bleach Again, for the First Time 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Bleed the Inkwell This Is Why We Play Guitar 2002 Ionic Records  
 *  Blessed by a Broken Heart All Is Fair in Love and War <unknown copyright> Blood and Ink Records  
 *  Blindside Blindside 1997 <unknown label> indie Swedish version; 9 songs: Daughter, Liberty, Nerve, Superman, Invert, This Shoulder, One Mind, Sidewinder, Never
 *  Blindside Silence 2002 Solid State Records  
  Bliss Waking Up the Dead 2003 KRR&E Music groovecore/rock
 *  Blissed Limited Edition EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Bloedoffer Dit Tranendal Verlaten EP <unknown copyright> SneeuwStorm produkties grim black from the Netherlands, supposed to be released in 2003
 *  Blood-N-Fire Messiah <unknown copyright> Kingdom Records  
 *  Bloodgood "I Want To Live In Your Heart" single <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Bloodlined Calligraphy Bloodlined Calligraphy Will Kill You <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Blue in the Face Through with Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 11 songs; punk?
 *  Blue Letter, The This Benchmark of Our Reality Was Never a Story at All <unknown copyright> <unknown label> debut CD EP; handcut / handcolored / hand-numbered
 *  Boanerges Mas Alla del Umbral <unknown copyright> <unknown label> EP
  Bob Tales from the House of the Wholly Bobble <unknown copyright> Fingerprint Records Inc.  
 *  Bombing Adam The War Is Over 2004 <unknown label> Pennsylvania "mediumcore"; buy CD at their website
 *  BOMFOG Send Me Out Again 2000 indie (no label name) Available at CDBaby.com
  Bon Voyage Bon Voyage 1998 BEC Recordings  
  Bon Voyage The Right Amount 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Borgazur EP 2003 By the Blood Records  
 *  C. Charles Bowden Demonstration 2001 <unknown label> acoustic solo versions of what later became Other Desert Cities
 *  Bowels of Judas, The Broken Jaws Smile Crooked <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Brandtson Brandston / Cambey / Seven Storey Split EP 2003 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Brandtson Death + Taxes EP 2003 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Brandtson Dial in Sounds 2002 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Brandtson Fallen Star Collection 1999 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Brandtson Send Us a Signal 2004 The Militia Group  
 *  Brandtson Trying To Figure Each Other Out EP 2000 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Brave Single-CD <unknown copyright> <unknown label> contains 2 new songs and all 3 songs from The Warrior and the Witch demo
 *  Brave The Warrior and the Witch <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 3-song metal EP from Brazil
  Brave Saint Saturn The Light of Things Hoped For 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Brave, The Battle Cries <unknown copyright> Alfa Music Japanese version w/OBI
 *  Bride End Of The Age 1990 Pure Metal Records  
  Bride Fist Full Of Bees 2001 Absolute Records  
 *  Bride Live To Die 1992 Star Song Records I am guessing this is a reissue after Star Song bought Pure Metal
  Bride Live To Die 2002 indie (no label name) I guess this is a reissue from the band itself; are there bonus tracks??
  Bride Scarecrow Messiah 2002 indie (no label name) Custom Rerelease by Bride???
  Bride Shotgun Wedding...11 #1 Hits And Mrs. 1995 Star Song Records  
  Bride Show No Mercy 2002 Golden Hill I actually am not familiar with this reissue...can someone email me to shed some light on it??
 *  Bride Silence Is Madness 1990 <unknown label> This was released on Communique/Rough Trade
  Bride The Best Of Bride 2000 <unknown label>  
  Bride The Organic Years [The Jesus Experience / Oddities] [limited edition] 2002 Millenium 8 Records  
  Broadcast, The Audible Diaries <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative from Rowlett, TX
  Broken Cedars Forever 2000 Screaming Giant Records  
 *  Broken Free Shining in a Somber World 1999 indie (no label name)  
 *  Broken Yoke After the End <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Broken Yoke Destiny <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Buck B.U.C.K. Stops Here <unknown copyright> <unknown label> very good ska
 *  Buck On the Rebound <unknown copyright> <unknown label> very good ska
 *  Buckledown 15 Minutes of Fame EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Buddy Ruckus Time Enough at Last <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 13 songs
 *  Bushbaby 'Tinsel Town' Single 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Bushbaby Space Corps 2001 <unknown label> UK release
  Cadet The Observatory 2002 BEC Recordings  
  Calibretto 13 Adventures in Tokyo 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Calicoes, The Custom Acceleration <unknown copyright> Velvet Blue Music psychobilly
  Calicoes, The Rumble EP <unknown copyright> Velvet Blue Music  
 #  Campsite All the Time EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> melodic rock from Denmark; 4 songs
 *  Candelabro Candelabro <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4 track Brazilian classic metal demo
 *  Cape Renewal Jens Nikolai Jorgenson EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> buy at their site
 *  Cape Renewal Northern Lights EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> buy at their site
 *  Cape Renewal Water Color <unknown copyright> <unknown label> full length CD; buy at their site
 *  Catalyst Paradise 1990 <unknown label> Released in 1990, this CLASSIC Christian rock/metal CD includes the songs Crackdown/Breakdown, Dropout Loser, I Wanna Live, Break My Heart Again, You Can't Please Everybody, Time, Fire In Her Eyes, Shelter Of Your Heart, Hold On To Love, Paradise, Burning
 *  Catrabbits LOPPUUN ASTI 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Catrabbits MISTÄ LÖYDÄT 2000 <unknown label>  
 *  Catrabbits SÄRKYNYT ELÄMÄ 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Caul A Golden Epiphany <unknown copyright> Eibon 3-cd box set of early cassette-only demos
 *  Caul Crucible 1998 Malignant  
 *  Caul Light from Many Lamps 1998 Malignant  
 #  Caul Reliquary 1997 Eibon  
 *  Celebrity Lovesick 2003 <unknown label> Jesse and Matt Fine from Prophecy, Ryan Parrish from Hopesfall, and Lance Black from Silage
 *  Celebrity sle.EP 2002 Doghouse Records Jesse and Matt Fine from Prophecy, Ryan Parrish from Hopesfall, and Lance Black from Silage
 *  Chagrin Just Wait <unknown copyright> Jink Records  
  Eric Champion Transformation 1996 Brentwood Music  
  Eric Champion Vertical Reality 1994 Myrrh  
 *  Chariot, The Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing. Nothing Is Dead And Nothing Is Bleeding 2004 <unknown label> to be released November 2004
 *  Chase In Pursuit 1993 Salt Music, Inc.  
  Chevelle Wonder Whats Next 2002 Epic Records  
  Choir, The Plugged: Live at C2K <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Chozen Can You See Him Now <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock / metal
 *  Ciana (she was) <unknown copyright> <unknown label> I think this is the name....; I know very little about this band
 *  Ciana In Stereo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> post hardcore
 *  Ciana Other Demos???? <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Clang Quartet The Separation of Church & Hate 2003 <unknown label>  
  Cloud2Ground E-Majn <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Color Theory Life's Fairytale 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Color Theory Perfect Tears 1999 <unknown label>  
 *  Color Theory Sketches in Grey 1994 <unknown label>  
 *  Color Theory Something Beautiful 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Colossal Spin Colossal Spin 1996 <unknown label> industrial
 *  Colossal Spin V. 2.1.7 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> industrial
 *  Column 5 Faith on the Line 2002 indie (no label name) industrial
 *  Column 5 Share 2003 indie (no label name) industrial
 *  Combat Junkies, The ??? EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> EP; don't know title
 #  Cool Hand Luke Wake-Up O Sleeper <unknown copyright> Floodgate Records  
  Alice Cooper Brutal Planet <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese release w/OBI
 *  Alice Cooper Dragontown <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese release w/OBI
  Alice Cooper Dragontown <unknown copyright> <unknown label> regular release
  Copeland Beneath Medicine Tree 2003 The Militia Group  
 *  Corbans, The Three <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) indie version
  Lanny Cordola Electric Warrior, Acoustic Saint <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Coriolis Coriolis 2005 PsychoAcoustiX Records industrial metal
 *  Kemper Crabb Flotsam & Jetsam 2000 indie (no label name)  
 *  Kemper Crabb Live at Cornerstone 2000 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
 *  Kemper Crabb Live at Rivendell Cafe <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Kemper Crabb Medieval Christmas <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Craig's Brother Lost at Sea 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Creation of Death Purify Your Soul 1991 Under One Flag original release
  Crimson Crimson <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Crimson One More Time <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Crimson Moonlight The Covenant Progress 2003 Rivel Records  
 *  Crimson Moonlight Veil of Remembrance 2004 Rivel Records  
  Crossection Before the Dawn 1989 <unknown label>  
  Crossing, The Standing Stones 2002 Grrr recordS  
 *  Crumbächer Escape from the Fallen Planet 1986 <unknown label> Japanese release w/OBI
 *  Crumbächer Escape from the Fallen Planet 1986 <unknown label> US release
 *  Cindy Cruse The Edge 1989 Pan Pacific female-fronted hard rock
 *  Crutch Crutch <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original indie release
 *  Cry Holy Alienation 2003 Shire Records  
  Rick Cua Times Ten 1995 UCA  
  Rick Cua Within Reach 1991 Reunion Records  
 *  Culprits, The Nora <unknown copyright> Sovereign Productions old school hardcore / punk; is this the first release and is Blood & Ink version a reissue???
 *  Cult of Jester Golgo 13 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Dakona Good Enough for Me 1998 indie (no label name) Vancouver-based rock; 13 songs
  Dakona Perfect Change <unknown copyright> Maverick Records  
  DanceHouse Children Jesus 1999 Millenium 8 Records reissue by M8
 #  Danes, The We Were Sent For 1998 Red Crown Record Empire  
  Daniel Amos Live at C2K 2000 Millenium 8 Records 2-disc set
 *  Daniel Amos Mr. Buechner's Dream 2001 Galaxy21 Music  
 *  Daniel Amos Shotgun Angel 25th Anniversary Edition 2001 <unknown label> reissue by Stunt and Marantha with 3 bonus tracks
 *  Daniel Amos When Everyone Wore Hats Book Set <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 3 CD bookset
  Daniel's Window It's a Mystery 2000 True Tunes Records  
  Danielson Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin' Block <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Dark Lay Still Joy in the Throes of Agony 2005 indie (no label name)  
  Dashboard Confessional MTV Unplugged (with bonus DVD) <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Dashboard Confessional So Impossible <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Dashboard Confessional The Drowning EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Dashboard Saint Higher 2000 Sovereign Productions  
 *  Daven Albino EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> punk from Guatemala
 *  Day of Disaster ..And In The Darkness Bind Them [CDemo] <unknown copyright> SneeuwStorm produkties  
  DC Talk DC Talk 1989 Forefront Records  
  DC Talk Free at Last 1992 Forefront Records  
  DC Talk Nu Thang 1990 Forefront Records  
  Deadlines, The Fashion Over Function 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Death of Innocence Metal for the Masses <unknown copyright> <unknown label> metalcore from Jacksonville, FL
 *  Death Poems ET CLAVIS DET MORTIS EP 2001 <unknown label> mini-disc
 *  Death Poems PSEUDOPROPHETÆ 2000 <unknown label> 66-tracks edition
 *  Death Poems PSEUDOPROPHETÆ 2001 <unknown label> demo CD (9 tracks)
 *  Death Requisite From Death to Life 2002 <unknown label> melodic death metal
 *  Death Requisite Living Sanctuary EP 2001 indie (no label name) melodic death metal
 *  Deborah ????? 2005 Alcance Subterraneo Producciones sophomore release for sometime in 2005
 *  Defenders of the Faith Give It All 1996 <unknown label> melodic metal from Fontana, CA
 *  Defyance Time Lost <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Defyance Transitional Forms 2002 Nightmare Records progressive metal featuring Lance King on vocals
 *  Defyance Voices Within <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original 5-song EP
  DeGarmo & Key Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  DeGarmo & Key D&K 1987 <unknown label>  
  DeGarmo & Key Heat It Up 1993 Forefront Records  
 *  DeGarmo & Key No Turning Back (Live) 1989 <unknown label> 2 CDs
  DeGarmo & Key Streetlight <unknown copyright> Forefront Records  
  DeGarmo & Key The Pledge 1989 <unknown label>  
 *  Deitiphobia Fear of God 1998 Flaming Fish Music reissue
 *  Deliverance A Decade Of . . . 1995 Intense Records has song "Rescue", unavailable elsewhere
  Deluxtone Rockets, The The Deluxetone Rockets <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Demize 3-song Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Michelle Deneen & Warriors Thorn without a Rose <unknown copyright> <unknown label> rock / metal with female vocals
 *  Denison Marrs This Is the New Now <unknown copyright> Floodgate Records  
  Denison Marrs World Renown for Romance <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Andy Denton Midnight of Hope 1999 KMG Records, Inc. "Andy Denton is the former frontman for Ruscha, and then Legend and then Legend Seven. He also sang with Randy Thomas on Identical Strangers. This album is well produced pop-Rock with well written lyrics."; AND ; " The golden throated singer fronted t
 *  Deuteronomium Crosshope 1996 <unknown label> 3-song CD with red cover; I believe only 1 copy was actually made, so this may be impossible to get :)
 *  Deuteronomium To Die and Gain Single 1999 <unknown label> 3-song single; includes demo version of "To Die and Gain"
 *  DieVersion Victimized 1998 <unknown label> metal from South Africa
 *  DieVersion Victimized Limited Edition 2000 <unknown label> metal from South Africa; special recycled packaging; each CD was numbered
 *  Different Kind of Cop, A God-7 Structure-0 2000 <unknown label>  
 *  Dig Project, The ???? 2004 Word of Mouth Records full-length coming in 2004
 *  Dig Project, The EP 2003 Word of Mouth Records 5 songs
 #  Dingees, The Armageddon Massive <unknown copyright> BEC Recordings  
 *  Disciple Back Again <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Disciple By God 2001 Rugged Records limited edition, with 6 bonus tracks(???)
 *  Disciple What Was I Thinking <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original indie
 *  Disciple What Was I Thinking <unknown copyright> <unknown label> reissue
 *  Distarnish CD single <unknown copyright> <unknown label> melodic death / doom band from Brazil; their CD single of the song "Emptiness", I think
 *  Divine Right A.D. So Far 1991 Divine Records melodic metal featuring Kevin Brandow
 *  Divinefire Glory Thy Name 2004 Rivel Records  
 *  Divinefire Glory Thy Name 2005 King Records Japanese release
 *  Dizmas The Between EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Dogwood Building a Better Me 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Dogwood Live at Chain Reaction 2000 <unknown label> very rare LIVE CD with 2 tracks unreleased anywhere else
  Dogwood Seismic 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Downfront The Simplicity of Nothing <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) 3-song demo of metalcore
  Downhere So Much For Substitutes 2003 <unknown label>  
 #  Dracma Perfect Creation <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Commercial / Progressive / Gothic metal
 *  Drag the Stick EP <unknown copyright> Wounded Records 4-song limited edition EP
  Dryve Mr. Thrifty Kickstar 1997 Sarabellum Records  
 *  Duister Maanlicht Als Zwarte Engelen Sterven 1999 SneeuwStorm produkties black metal
 *  Duister Maanlicht Tocht Door Het Dodenrijk 2003 SneeuwStorm produkties  
 *  Duister Maanlicht Vaandeldragers van het Kwaad 2003 SneeuwStorm produkties black metal
 *  Dumpstar Dumpstar 2001 <unknown label>  
  Dumpster Cravin' Mild Single 2001 <unknown label>  
  Dust Eater Dogs Hardbiter's Inn 2003 <unknown label>  
  Dust Eater Dogs King Kong Fist 2001 <unknown label>  
  Dust Eater Dogs Motoroil 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Dust Eater Dogs Voiman ja Rauhan Messu 2002 <unknown label> release in Finnish with Turku homechurch
 *  Dynasty Following the Sign 2001 indie (no label name)  
 *  Dynasty The Angels Return EP 1999 indie (no label name)  
  Eager Eager 1997 <unknown label>  
  Earthen Vessel Everlasting Life <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Jesus music reissue
  Earthsuit The Rise of Modern Simulation 2003 <unknown label> the final Earthsuit album; 16 tracks
  Easement The Chosen One's <unknown copyright> Reborn Records  
  East West Hope in Anguish 2003 Floodgate Records  
  East West Vintage 2003 Floodgate Records original demo recordings remixed and remastered
  Echo Frequency Move Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Echocast Where the Future Ends 2002 XS Records alternative
 *  Echoing Green, The "Oxygen" Single 1997 MYX Records  
  Echoing Green, The "She's Gone Tragic" Single 2000 A Different Drum Records  
 *  Echoing Green, The Music from the Ocean Picture 2001 A Different Drum Records  
  Echoing Green, The Oceanaria 2001 <unknown label> MP3.com disc
  Echoing Green, The Power Cosmic 1998 Sarabellum Records maxi-single with tons of remixes
 *  Echoing Green, The Science Fiction 1996 indie (no label name)  
  Echoing Green, The Science Fiction 2001 <unknown label> reissue from MP3.com
 *  Echoing Green, The The Evergreen Collection 2002 A Different Drum Records 2-disc version, NOT the MP3.com version
 *  Echoing Green, The The Winter of Our Discontent 2003 A Different Drum Records  
 *  Eden Fan the Flame 1994 <unknown label> original release; I think it was called Fan the Flame
 *  Eden in Ruins Human Urge <unknown copyright> <unknown label> death metal; I think this is available on CD...
 *  Eden in Ruins The Dead Skins Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> death metal; I think this is available on CD...
  EIC No Compromise EP 1999 <unknown label> 6-song hardcore EP
  Electrics, The Visions and Dreams <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Element Future Plans Undecided <unknown copyright> Burnt Toast Vinyl  
  Elms, The Big Surprise <unknown copyright> The Sparrow Corporation  
  Embodyment Hold Your Breath <unknown copyright> Solid State Records  
 *  Emery The Question 2005 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Encryptor Sermon Decay 2003 SotD Records death metal from Panama
 *  Endless Flight As Worlds Collide 1989 indie (no label name) indie side project from members of In 3-D
 *  EnGrave Polaris 1997 Velvet Empire Records industrial
 *  Espiritual Falsos mestres <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 80's thrash / death, sung in Portuguese
  Ester Drang Infinite Keys 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Eterna Papyrus 2001 <unknown label> power metal from Brazil released on Italian secular label Scarlet Records
 *  Eterna Shema Israel 1997 indie (no label name) this may have only been released on cassette....
 *  Eterna Terra Nova 2002 <unknown label> power metal from Brazil; 3rd release
 *  Eterna The Gate 2001 <unknown label> power metal from Brazil; 2nd release
 *  Eternal Chapter, The The Eternal Chapter 1998 indie (no label name) goth
  Eternal Decision E.D. III 2002 Godfather Records  
  Evan Anthem, The Prologue <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Evanescence Origin 2000 BigWig Enterprises rare debut before all the controversy
 *  Ever Stays Red I'll Tell the World 2004 Wrinkle Free Records buy at their website
 *  EverSINcEve ????? EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 3-song EP; don't know the name
 *  EverSINcEve ?????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> full length; don't know the name
  Every New Day What We've Become <unknown copyright> Salad Dressing Records Is this the actual title, or is the title self-titled???
 *  Everybodyduck Everybodyduck <unknown copyright> Rugged Records  
 *  Everybodyduck What 1995 Conservative Records original indie release; not all songs appeared on major label release
  Everyday Sunday Anthems for the Imperfect 2004 Flicker Records  
 *  Evig Morke untitled EP <unknown copyright> SneeuwStorm produkties black metal from Norway
 *  Evoka Decemeber Drive EP 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Evoka Stranger than Fiction EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Evoka When the Day Comes 2004 <unknown label> buy at CDBaby.com
 *  Excision Default <unknown copyright> <unknown label> was this actually released???
  Excursions, The The Exkursions <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Jesus Music reissue
 *  Exorcism The Afterlife 1998 indie (no label name)  
 *  Extol Burial <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
 *  Extol Synergy 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Extol Undeceived 2000 Century Media European version with 2 bonus tracks, "Human Frailtie's Grave" and "Shadow of Death"
 *  Extol Undeceived 2000 Endtime Productions limited digi-pak version
 #  Face Value There's Always the Radio 2000 Bettie Rocket Records  
  Fade Finding the Real Zeros 2003 Postscript Records full length follow-up to EP
  Fade No Looking Back 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Fair Warning Stand Up and Shout 1994 indie (no label name) power rock / metal
  Faith Massive s/t (aka Drum & Bass for the Masses) <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
  Faith Massive Visions <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
 *  Faith Nation Faith Nation 1997 Nightworks Records AOR / hard rock
 *  Fallback The Face of a Sad Angel EP <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) "hardcore meets jazz and has children" from Texas
 *  Far-Less Apossibility EP 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Far-Less Emerge EP 2001 <unknown label>  
  Farewell to Juliet Grace and Dire Circumstances <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Farfetched Beautifully, Tragically, Unexpectedly <unknown copyright> Salad Dressing Records pop/punk from Canada
  Mark Farner Just Another Injustice <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Mark Farner Some Kind of Wonderful <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Mark Farner Wake Up . . . <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Fasedown Fasedown 2000 Rescue Records  
  Fat Loser Boy Life in the Kill Zone <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Fat Loser Boy The Lost EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Fearful Symmetry A Loss of Balance <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Fearscape Sleeping in Light 2004 Rowe Productions 9-song release; first full-length
  Feezel Life Moves On <unknown copyright> True Tunes Records reissue on True Tunes (don't know if anything other than artwork is different from indie)
  Fewleftstanding Regeneration of Self <unknown copyright> Solid State Records Solid State reissue
 *  Figure Four Suffering the Loss <unknown copyright> Solid State Records Canadian hardcore
 *  Figure Four When It's All Said and Done 2001 Facedown Records Canadian hardcore
  Filacteria Paz Interior 2005 indie (no label name) from Puerto Rico
 *  Final Call Heaven in Your Eyes 1999 indie (no label name) rock
  Fine China When the World Sings 2000 Toupee Records  
  Fine China You Make Me Hate Music 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Fire by Night Ecstasy <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Fire by Night Strongest Thread <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Fire Fly Beauty for Ashes 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Fire Fly Blue Eyed Boy 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Fire Fly Breathe 2005 <unknown label>  
 *  Fish Tribe Out of Water EP <unknown copyright> Floppy Fish Records  
  Five Iron Frenzy All the Hype that Money Can Buy <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Five Iron Frenzy Cheeses of Nazereth <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Five Iron Frenzy Electric Boogaloo 2001 5 Minute Walk Records  
  Five O'Clock People Full <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Fleming & John Delusions of Grandeur 1996 <unknown label> Japanese pressing on MCA Victor with OBI
  Flight 180 (Girls and Boys) 2001 BEC Recordings  
  Flight 180 Lineup <unknown copyright> <unknown label> formerly the band One Eighty
 *  Flock 14 Brave New World 1986 Graceland Records  
  Florence Nightingale Effect Return to Sender <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Florence Nightingale Effect Veritas Vos Liberabit <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Flyleaf Flyleaf 2004 Octone Records full length follow-up to EP; not sure of title
  For Heaven's Sake Stretch 1996 Smooth Stones Records  
 *  Foreknown Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors 2005 Blood and Ink Records  
 *  Forever Conflict, The ????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4-song demo; don't know if this is available on CD or not; could possibly be under the moniker "The Unforsaken"
 *  Forever Conflict, The ????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> full-length release; don't know the name; could possibly be under the moniker "The Unforsaken"
 *  Fourth Watch Odd <unknown copyright> <unknown label> melodic metal
 *  Fraction Moonblood <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Jesus Music
  Franchise, The Original Inevitable 2003 Vanishing Point Records features Scott Silletta of PlankEye
  Fringe Sacrifice 2001 RA Records  
 *  Frolic Fragments of the Past 1999 MP3.com 4-track EP
 *  Frolic Permafrost 1999 Velvet Empire Records  
 *  Frolic To Dream, Perchance To Sleep 2001 Projekt Records  
 *  From Ashes Demo 2003 <unknown label> 2-song demo; black metal from Finland
 *  From Ashes Dream of Eternity Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> black metal from Finland
 *  Frost Like Ashes Tophet <unknown copyright> <unknown label> full-length release due out at end of 2003
 *  Fuerte Escudo Muestra El Camino Demo 2000 indie (no label name) 10-song demo of melodic metal from Argentina
  Further Seems Forever How To Start a Fire 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Furthermore She and I 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Futureshock Art of Xenos 2002 Syntax Records  
  Futureshock Remember the Future <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Genosha The Last Word in Horror EP 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Getsemani Dreaming to Fly 1998 <unknown label> death / doom from Italy; 4-track demo
 *  Getsemani Under the Light 1999 <unknown label> death / doom from Italy
  Giant III 2001 Frontiers  
 *  Giant Time To Burn 1992 <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
 *  Gideon's Army Grace 1990 Pan-Trax Records  
 *  Glass Hammer The Middle Earth 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Glass Harp Hourglass <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Glass Harp Strings Attached <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2-disc live CD
  Glenn Kaiser & Friends No Greater Love 2002 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Band Carolina Moon 2001 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Band Winter Sun 2000 Grrr recordS  
  Glory Box Pale Blue Light 2001 Sally Forth Records indie rock
  Glory Box Vacuum 1999 Sally Forth Records indie rock
 *  Gnashing of Teeth nöm <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) 3-song EP
 *  Gods EP <unknown copyright> DFA Productions EP from ex Zao member Jessie Smith
 *  Gods I See You Through Glass <unknown copyright> Hand of Hope Records  
 *  Goodbye Letter, The The Goodbye Letter 2000 Theory 8 Records poppy emo; 8 songs
  Goodnight Star Mr. Customer 2001 Broken Factory Records  
 *  Grammatrain Live 1999 Forefront Records  
  Grand Prize Identity 2005 <unknown label>  
  Grand Prize Reveal Your Love <unknown copyright> <unknown label> independent release
 *  Gransane Gransane 7-song CD <unknown copyright> Mobtown Records punk
  Gray Lines of Perfection "...But Never More Than A Memory" EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> buy at their website
  Gretchen In the Meantime 2005 <unknown label>  
 *  Grøde Måne <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 6-song demo
 *  Grøde November <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4-song demo with "Dype skoger", available nowhere else
  GS Megaphone Beautiful World 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Guardian First Watch <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
  Guardian Live from Buenos Aires 1999 G-Man Records  
  Guardian Live! 1999 <unknown label> 12-song CD mostly recorded in Buenos Aires
 *  Guerilla Rodeo Guerilla Rodeo EP 2003 <unknown label> side project featuring members of Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones, and Ace Troubleshooter
 *  Guerreros del Metal Babilonia - El Principio del Fin <unknown copyright> <unknown label> metal from Guatemala
 *  Guerreros del Metal Satanas va a la Iglesia <unknown copyright> <unknown label> metal from Guatemala
 *  Half Way Out Crashing Down EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> ska from Australia
 *  Hallowed Fear and Pain 2002 indie (no label name) 4-song demo (may have only been released on cassette)
  Halo Friendlies, The Get Real 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Hangnail Facing Changes 2001 BEC Recordings  
 *  Hangnail Facing Changes 2001 <unknown label> rare 2-disc version with 2nd disc containing 6 acoustic songs
  Hangnail Transparent 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Hanover Saints Blood, Guts and Glory 2004 Strike First Records 7 song EP
 *  Harmony Dreaming Awake <unknown copyright> Massacre Records melodic metal
  Haven Anthology Volume 1 2002 Millenium 8 Records Contains _Your Dying Day_ and _Straight from the Cutting Room Floor_
 *  Haven Straight from the Cutting Room Floor 1997 <unknown label>  
  Hawk Nelson Letters to the President 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  He Is Legend 91025 EP 2004 Tribunal Records 8-song EP
 *  He Is Legend I Am Hollywood 2004 Solid State Records full-length release
 *  Headnoise 99 and Wanting EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> buy from Headnoise website
  Headnoise Headnoise 2002 Grrr recordS 2nd release (???); buy from Headnoise website
  Mark Heard Dry Bones Dance <unknown copyright> Via Records  
 *  Mark Heard Stop the Dominoes <unknown copyright> <unknown label> reissue of 1981 album
 *  Hearken Nuclear Negligence <unknown copyright> <unknown label> death metal from Texas
 *  Heartcry Come back home <unknown copyright> <unknown label> first album
 *  Heartcry Lightmaker 2004 Rivel Records  
 *  Heartcry The Noname Album2 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> second album
 *  Heartcry Ökenland <unknown copyright> <unknown label> recorded in Swedish
 *  Heaven Second Coming 1999 PCA Records heavy metal from Argentina
 *  Heaven's Burning Free Agents (Soul'd Here) 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Heaven's Burning Live at The Hangout! 2002 <unknown label> (I think this actually might be a various artists comp)
 *  Heavenly Host Spirit in Battle <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song EP of extreme melodic metal from Brazil
 *  Heavily Armored The Pursuit of Righteous Power <unknown copyright> <unknown label> first CD
 *  Heavily Armored Transparent 2003 <unknown label> coming out Christmas 2003; hard rock / metal from TN
 *  High Voltage Written in Stone 1992 Shadow Records 1992 indie issue on Shadow Records. CD is near mint and the band was based in Penn. Insert is autographed by 3 members, and they thank "God" in the credits. Songs: Troubled Eyes, King Soul, Written In Stone, It's Raining, 7th Day, Fall From Grace. I don't
  Hit the Deck Look Alive 2004 Strike First Records  
 *  Holy Countdown Bootleg <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song EP; female-fronted hard rock / blues, sort of like Rez
 *  Holy Night Crush Satan <unknown copyright> <unknown label> metal
 *  Holy Riot Holy Riot <unknown copyright> <unknown label> like Kiss
  Honey Three <unknown copyright> Northern Records  
 *  Hopesfall The Frailty of Words <unknown copyright> DTS Records  
 *  Hopesfall The Satellite Years 2003 Trustkill Records  
 *  Horde Hellig Usvart 2005 Soundmass reissue with bonus track
 *  Hospital Inignot EP 2003 <unknown label>  
  House of Heroes What You Want Is Now 2002 Vanishing Point Records can buy at Interpunk
  House of Wires Monogamy <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Hundred Year Storm Hundred Year Storm EP 2004 indie (no label name) indie / experimental from Austin
  Huntingtons High School Rock 1998 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Huntingtons Retarded: The Soothing Sounds Of . . . 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Huntingtons rock n roll habits for the new wave <unknown copyright> Burnt Toast Vinyl 25 songs; ultra rare
  Huntingtons The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Ideola Tribal Opera <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Idiedaily Three Legged Chair <unknown copyright> <unknown label> high-energy rock
  Idle Cure Breakaways 1992 Frontline Records  
  Idle Cure Idle Cure / 2nd Avenue 1998 KMG Records, Inc.  
 *  Idle Cure Tough Love 1988 Frontline Records  
  Idle Cure Tough Love / Inside Out 2000 KMG Records, Inc.  
  Idol King Explosion 2000 1991 Brainstorm Artists International  
  Idol King Hell? No! 1996 <unknown label>  
 *  Illuminandi Demo I <unknown copyright> <unknown label> metal with violins / cellos from Poland; 4 songs
 *  Immortal Souls Divine Wintertime 1999 indie (no label name) first EP; MUST HAVE!!!!
 *  Immortal Souls Reflection of Doom <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) demo release, though I think it is only available on cassette
 *  Impellitteri "Since You've Been Gone" 3" Single <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese CD single with "Since You've Been Gone" and "Stand in Line"
 *  Imperfection Strife <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 6 songs; extreme (don't know style)
 *  Implacable Behind the Veil 1998 indie (no label name) 5-song EP; several members want on to form Stronghold
 *  Impowered These Things I Hold To Be True <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hardcore from TX; 2 members went on to form Evelynn
 *  In a Lonely Place Unit 731 2000 Velvet Empire Records dark ambient
  In Due Time Back to Basics 2004 Strike First Records  
 *  In Due Time Death Before Dishonor Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4 songs
 *  In Reverent Fear Living Life in Debt to Another EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  In Reverent Fear Written in the A.M. <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 #  In Vain Man in a Well EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative metal influenced by The Doors
  Indirect Indirectly Speaking <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 6 songs
  Indwelling And My Eye Shall Weep 2003 Facedown Records death metal from former members of Overcome
 *  Inhabited Innerview <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Inked in Blood Awakening Vesuvius EP 2004 Strike First Records  
  Innocence Mission, The Befriended <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Innocence Mission, The Birds of My Neighborhood 1999 <unknown label>  
  Innocence Mission, The Christ Is My Hope <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Innocence Mission, The Glow <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Inside the Outside Inside the Outside 2002 Aluminum Records  
  Insyderz, The Soundtrack to a Revolution 2003 Floodgate Records  
  Intuition Further 2003 A Different Drum Records synthpop
 *  Inversion . . . Echoes in Eternity EP 2002 <unknown label> death metal
 *  Inversion Tarsus Burning EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> death metal
  Iona Open Sky <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Iona The River Flows Box Set <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4 CDs. 3 are the remastered and in some places reworked versions of the first three albums, Iona, Book of Kells, and Beyond these Shores. The fourth is New and Unreleased tracks.
 #  Ivy League, The The Price Is OK EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> ska
  Jacks of All Trades Liar single 2000 UgalaBugala  
  Jacks of All Trades Superior <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Jacks of All Trades Teaser EP 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Jacob's Dream Theatre of War 2001 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
  Jacobstone Glass Top Ships 1999 <unknown label>  
  Jacobstone Regions 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Jade Trees Weeping Dissonance 2003 <unknown label> 10 songs
  Jaded Thorns Epiphany 1999 Word of Mouth Records  
  Jaded Thorns Things My Father Taught Me 1999 Word of Mouth Records  
  Jagged Doctrine Invisible <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Jagged Doctrine Welcome to the Playground 1999 <unknown label>  
 *  Jeremiah's Grotto Exemplar <unknown copyright> <unknown label> indie version prior to Screaming Giant
 *  Jeremy Solid Rock <unknown copyright> <unknown label> melodic metal from Portage, MI
 *  Jerusalem Classics 3 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Live in USA In His Majesty's Service & Dancing on the Head of the Serpent, with a few songs missing
 *  Jerusalem Dancing on the Head of the Serpent 1987 <unknown label> Swedish version with different cover art and mixes; lyrics in English
  Jesse's Vineyard Unclear Near <unknown copyright> <unknown label> modern rock
 *  Jesus Wept Sick City 2004 Strike First Records Ex-xDisciplex A.D.
 *  Jet Circus Step On It <unknown copyright> Pony Canyon Inc. Japanese release w/OBI
  Jetenderpaul Trying Signals; the Histrionics of Suggestions <unknown copyright> Velvet Blue Music  
 *  Jonah33 Jonah33 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Jonathon Shadowdance 1994 KingSing Records This is Jonathan's 1st Solo CD called "Shadowdance" from 1994 released Independently on KingSing Records that's in Near Mint Condition! Jonathan's Vocals are Fabulous on all 12 of these Great Songs: "Shadowdance", "Forgiveness(For the sake of Love)", "
 *  Jordskaelv Klokken er tolv midnat 2001 <unknown label> 4-song demo of black / doom; band became Winterkou
 *  Josiah The Color Crimson 1995 Reign Maker Records This Minneapolis, Minnesota based band found fame during the mid 90's with hits from this Brian Wooten produced album. Wooten is of course, an alumnus of famed CCM rockers White Heart. Music is similar to White Heart, Petra, PFR, Nouveaux, or Novella.
  Joust What's Good Is Happening <unknown copyright> Angry Son Records  
  Joy Electric The Art and Craft of Popular Music <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Judah Storm the Gates 1994 <unknown label>  
  Judah First The Vision Road <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Judean Radiostatic Flux <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Juggernautz Juggernatz 2002 Metro One  
 *  Junker Jorg Ignore the Machine 2002 indie (no label name)  
  Glenn Kaiser All My Days 1993 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Blues Heaven 1999 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Ripley County Blues 2002 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Spontaneous Combustion 1994 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Throw Down Your Crowns 1997 Grrr recordS  
  Glenn Kaiser Time Will Tell 1999 Grrr recordS  
 *  Kastimonia In Their Remembrance <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song EP; might be released in late 2004 on Bombworks
 *  Phil Keaggy Crimson & Blue Radio Special <unknown copyright> Myrrh 2-CD promo with interviews, etc
 *  Phil Keaggy ReEmerging <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 1977 release
 *  Phil Keaggy Sojourner <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Phil Keaggy Underground Volume I <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 1983 release
  Kicks, The The Kicks <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Kid Tested ?????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Kid Tested (from Arlington, TX) released 1 CD; I don't know title or ANY info about it
 *  Kids in the Way Apparitions of Melody 2005 Flicker Records  
 *  Kids in the Way EP 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Kids in the Way Safe from the Losing Fight 2003 Flicker Records  
 *  killingtheoldman Dementia 13 1997 Sepukku Records  
  King David Against All Odds 1998 <unknown label>  
 *  King James King James Promo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> features one song not on original self-titled release; available at Rex Carroll's site
  King's X Black Like Sunday 2003 <unknown label>  
  King's X Dogman <unknown copyright> <unknown label> green cover
 *  King's X Kings of the Absurd <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Faith No More and King's X on same CD; live bootleg
 *  King's X Please Come Home . . . Mr. Bulbous <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
 *  King's X Please Come Home . . . Mr. Bulbous / Tapehead + Fade single 2002 Metal Blade Records Inc. 20th Anniversary import version (either UK or Germany, not sure; has both CDs + rare Fade single
  Jan Krist Decapitated Society <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Kronicles The Joseph Prophecy <unknown copyright> <unknown label> buy at their website; 11 song CD
  Kurios Shine <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Kutless Kutless <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Kutless Sea of Faces 2004 BEC Recordings  
  Labbadics Event Horizon 1999 FabDogg Records rap
 *  Lament Breathless 2002 Kingdom Records  
 #  Lampshade 3P 2003 <unknown label> indie rock from Denmark
 #  Lampshade Single <unknown copyright> <unknown label> indie rock from Denmark
 *  Last Adam Tools for the Harvest 1990 Regency Records  
  Last Tuesday Resolve 2005 Mono Vs. Stereo  
 *  Laudamus Lost in Vain 2003 Escape Music LTD  
  Left Out Recommended if You Like . . . <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
  Leiadorus Ashes Ashes 2001 A Different Drum Records synthpop
  Leiadorus Wake 2001 A Different Drum Records synthpop; 6-song EP
 *  Leo Nine EP 2001 Toupee Records  
 *  Leper Echoes <unknown copyright> <unknown label> industrial
 *  Leper Face of Stone <unknown copyright> <unknown label> industrial
 *  Leper Filth <unknown copyright> <unknown label> industrial
 *  Lies Damned Lies Flying Kites 1991 Sticky Music  
 *  Lies Damned Lies Lamentations 1996 Sticky Music  
  Lies Damned Lies Last Place on the Map 2002 Sticky Music  
 *  Life in Your Way The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets, and Still Our Time Is Endless 2003 Indianola Records  
 *  Lightforce 1986 - 1989 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> contains all of _Mystical Thieves_ and _Battlezone_, as well as 2 bonus tracks from the original Lightforce demo
 *  Kerry Livgren Collector's Sedition <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Kerry Livgren Decade <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2-CD set with 2 previously unreleased songs
 *  Kerry Livgren Prime Mover 1988 The Sparrow Corporation  
 *  Kerry Livgren Prime Mover II <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Kerry Livgren Seeds of Change 1996 Renaissance Records  
 *  Kerry Livgren The Best of Kerry Livgren <unknown copyright> <unknown label> contains lots of unreleased / remastered tracks
 *  Living Sacrifice Nonexistent 1999 Solid State Records Solid State reissue; remastered
 *  Living Sacrifice Reborn 2003 Solid State Records remastered version of 1997 release
 *  Living Sacrifice The Hammering Process 2000 Solid State Records  
  Lloyd Thoughts from a Driveway <unknown copyright> Organic Records  
  Locomotive Breath Train of New Events 2003 Rivel Records  
 *  Lode Just Another Day 2000 Flaming Fish Music  
  London Calling The New Sensation 2003 Dyrty Byrd Records features Jamie Rowe and former members of The Frantics
 *  Looking Forward Ahoy Crew Members <unknown copyright> DFF Records hardcore, like Stretch Armstrong
  Lost Dogs Gift Horse 2000 BEC Recordings  
  Lost Dogs Nazarene Crying Towel 2003 BEC Recordings  
  Lovetree Mountaineer 2001 N-SOUL Records  
  Luti-kriss Throwing Myself <unknown copyright> Solid State Records  
  Luxury Luxury <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Lyndsay Diaries, The Remember the Memories 2001 The Militia Group  
 *  M Pire Chapter One 1995 Far East Metal Syndicate original Japanese version w/OBI
  M Pire Chapter One 2001 <unknown label> reissue by Joshua
 #  Mad at the World Flowers/Boomerang <unknown copyright> KMG Records, Inc. reissue
 #  Mad at the World Mad at the World / Seasons <unknown copyright> KMG Records, Inc. reissue
  Mad at the World World History <unknown copyright> Wonderland  
 *  Madd Hunter Madd Hunter <unknown copyright> <unknown label> heavy metal
 *  Mae Destination: B-Sides 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Mae The Everglow 2005 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Mago Definition of Raw Moments from a Different Perspective 2003 indie (no label name) ambient, ala Parca Pace
 *  Manifestium Profondeur 1999 indie (no label name) 5-song CD
 *  Mars Hill Sink or Swim <unknown copyright> <unknown label> can buy through their website or through CDBaby.com
 *  Mars Hill untitled EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> limited 4 song EP; coming out perhaps in late 2004? Must check the website...
 *  Mass Voices in the Night <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
  Massivivid Dressed to the Nines... Armed to the Teeth! 2001 Accidental Sirens  
  Mellowdramatic Wallflowers Daffadowndilly <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Mending Point In Transit EP 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Mending Point Sincerely [EP] 2004 <unknown label> 10 songs; available at their website
 *  Mental Destruction Before the Night 2001 <unknown label>  
 *  Mentallo & the Fixer No Rest for the Wicked <unknown copyright> Metropolis Records  
 *  Mentallo & the Fixer Where Angels Fear To Tread <unknown copyright> Metropolis Records  
 *  Mercenary Father & Son 1998 indie (no label name) 2-song demo CD
  Mercury Radio Theater The death and life of the undead boy 2003 Angry Son Records  
 *  Mercy Rule Overruled 1989 R.E.X. Music, Inc.  
 *  Mercy Rule Providence <unknown copyright> <unknown label> rock / punk from Lincoln, NE
 *  Mercy's Wake Demo 2002 indie (no label name) metal from the US
  Messiah Prophet Colors <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Metal Nobre Metal Nobre 1998 <unknown label>  
 *  Metropolis Blindness In Paradise 2001 <unknown label>  
  mewithoutYou Catch for Us the Foxes 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Midiboy Stating the Obvious 2000 indie (no label name)  
  Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mining 1990 <unknown label>  
  Midnight Orchestra Land of Nod 1999 Millenium 8 Records  
  Mindflow Unity 1996 <unknown label> I think this is rap
 *  Mindkor Dark Matter <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4-song demo; progressive death metal
 *  Mindkor Houses of the Dead <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4-song demo; progressive death metal; is this the actual name for Dark Matter???
  Mindset 7 Blur 2003 <unknown label> modern rock from Mick Rowe (ex-Goliath and Midnight Orchestra members)
 *  Mirador The Azrael Tales 2004 Rivel Records  
  Missionary One Take Another Swig 2004 <unknown label> 13 tracks of Christian hard classic rock with very bold lyrics.
 *  Modern Day John God Shaped Peace <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Modern Day John Lucid Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Monogamous Fish Life <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Monolithic Dividing Asunder 2002 A Different Drum Records  
 *  Monolithic Power Undiminished 2000 Flaming Fish Music  
 *  Monsterus Zealots in the Land of Nod 2003 <unknown label>  
  Morella's Forest Ultraphonic Hiss <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Morphia Poison Minded Demo 1997 <unknown label> Doom / Goth
 *  Morphia Unfulfilled Dreams 1999 <unknown label> Doom / Goth
 #  Mortal Godspeed <unknown copyright> KMG Records, Inc.  
 *  Mortification Primitive Rhythm Machine 1995 Nuclear Blast Records Nuclear Blast version
  Mortification Relentless <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Mortification Scrolls of the Megilloth 2005 Soundmass reissue with bonus tracks
 *  Mourning September A Man Can Change His Ways 2004 Floodgate Records  
 *  Mustard ?????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2nd album, produced by Michael Sweet; don't know title or if it ever was released
 *  Mustard Seed Faith Sail on Sailor <unknown copyright> <unknown label> classic 1970's Jesus Music, featuring Oden Fong
 #  Mutant John Headless Stoic Figure <unknown copyright> Men of Israel Records indie rock from Israel
  Mutemath Reset EP 2004 <unknown label> available from Amazon.com
 #  My Name Is Nobody My Name Is Nobody <unknown copyright> Men of Israel Records hardcore from Israel
 *  My Name Is Nobody The Kamal Amin Ta'bet EP 2004 Men of Israel Records emo-core from Israel
 *  My Own Demise ??? <unknown copyright> True Stance Records first release on True Stance Records
 *  My Spacecoaster ??? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original EP
 *  My Spacecoaster ??? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> reissue of original EP
 *  My Spacecoaster My Spacecoaster 1999 Takehold Records  
  Mylon & Broken Heart Big World 1989 Star Song Records  
  Mylon & Broken Heart Big World 1989 Star Song Records picture disc; disc has same photo as back tray
  Mylon & Broken Heart Face the Music <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Mylon & Broken Heart More <unknown copyright> <unknown label> ultra rare early release; 1983???
  Mylon & Broken Heart Sheep in Wolves Clothing 1986 <unknown label>  
 *  Myriad, The You Can't Trust a Ladder 2005 Floodgate Records  
 *  Name Taken Hold On 2004 Fiddler Records emo / indie; buy at Interpunk
 *  Names Without Numbers Running Marathons/Chasing Ambulances 2004 <unknown label> Torque Recordings reissue
 *  Naos Project This City Never Sleeps 2005 indie (no label name)  
 *  Narnia Desert Land <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version w/OBI
 *  Narnia Long Live the King 1999 Pony Canyon Inc. Japanese version w/1 bonus track and OBI
 *  Narnia The Great Fall 1993 Nuclear Blast Records  
 *  Narrow, The Self-Concious <unknown copyright> <unknown label> nu metal from South Africa
  Nashville Fats Jericho <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Nation Nation 1997 Shrapnel Records metal like Stryper or Whitecross
  Native Son and the Foundation Life in the Grave 1992 Ocean Records rap from Mark Saloman of Stavesacre / The Crucified
 *  Neon Cross Neon Cross/Frontline Life <unknown copyright> Magdalene Records features self-titled debut as well as original 4-song demo
 *  Nevertheless ???? 2005 <unknown label> emo / progressive coming out in 2005; I LOVE the songs on PureVolume
  New Breed Stop the Music 2002 Uprok Records rap
 *  New Eden Obscure Master Plan 1999 Nuclear Blast Records  
  Newsboys Boys Will Be Boys 1991 Star Song Records  
  Newsboys Hell Is for Wimps 1990 Star Song Records  
  Newsboys Read All About It 1988 Star Song Records  
  Next in Line In Due Time <unknown copyright> <unknown label> punk
 *  Next in Line Traffic <unknown copyright> Indie Vision Music  
 *  Nifty Tom 50 Changing Time and Space 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Nikola Tesla ??? <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) metalcore from Alberta, Canada; 6-song EP, which is supposed to come out October 10, 2003
  Nine, The Dreamland 2001 A Different Drum Records  
  Nine, The I Won't 2000 A Different Drum Records CD single with 5 versions of "I Won't" and 1 other remix
  Nine, The Native Anger 1998 A Different Drum Records  
 #  Ninety Pound Wuss Short Hand Operation 1999 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  No Innocent Victim Tipping the Scales <unknown copyright> Victory Records  
  Noggintoboggan Snapcase <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Noise Ratchet Noise Ratchet EP 2001 indie (no label name) internet-only 3-song EP
 *  Noise Ratchet Noise Ratchet EP 2003 indie (no label name) 6-song EP
 *  Noise Ratchet Till We Have Faces 2002 The Militia Group  
 *  Noise Ratchet Why We Cry EP 2000 indie (no label name)  
  Normals, The Coming to Life 2000 Forefront Records  
  Larry Norman Remixing This Planet 1996 N-SOUL Records  
  Norway2 Geometry Not Geography 2001 Plastiq Music  
  Not for the Crowd Morningstar Radio Hour <unknown copyright> <unknown label> ska
 *  Null Factor Purity 2001 <unknown label> industrial
 *  Number One Gun Promises for the Imperfect 2005 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Nural The Weight of the World 2005 Hopeless Records emo punk with metal influences
  O.C. Supertones Revenge of the Supertones 2004 BEC Recordings  
 *  Of the Son The Dead Will Rise 2004 Wounded Records metalcore
 *  Old Path . . . The Coming of Eternal Dawn <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 7-song EP of "Ancient Black Metal"
 *  Olivia For the Kids <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 10-track indie CD
  Once Dust Dry 1996 indie (no label name) Rock / Acoustic
  One Bad Pig Live at Cornerstone 2000 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
 *  Oratorio Huuto EP 1999 indie (no label name)  
 *  Oratorio Vähän EP 1999 indie (no label name)  
 *  Orphan Project 4-song Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> prog rock / metal; I believe all 4 songs are available on the full-length
 *  Orphan Project Orphan Found <unknown copyright> <unknown label> prog rock / metal
 *  Out of the Mire The World That Surrounds You 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Outsource Go Beyond 2002 indie (no label name)  
 *  Over the Rhine Ohio <unknown copyright> <unknown label> double disc version never available to public
 *  P.O.D. Brown 2000 <unknown label> reissue
 *  Pantlegs, The I'm Getting Old EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Pantokrator 1997-2000 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> includes Allharskare and Even Into The Ends of the Earth
 *  Pantokrator Allharskare 2000 <unknown label> 6-song mini-CD
 *  Paradox Through Pain There Is Joy 2000 Tarantula Promotions limited to just 200 copies
 *  Paragon Null Welcome to the Mach-2 1999 indie (no label name)  
 *  Paramaecium Echoes from the Ground 2004 <unknown label>  
 *  Patrick's Hill Requiem 1998 <unknown label> features members of Athan Asia
  Pax 217 Engage 2002 Forefront Records  
  Michael Peace Loud 'N' Clear 1990 Reunion Records rap
  Michael Peace Outta Control 1994 Star Song Records rap
  Michael Peace Vigilante Of Hope 1989 Reunion Records rap
 *  Pedro the Lion Control <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Pedro the Lion Winners Never Quit <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Pep Squad No Doy! <unknown copyright> BEC Recordings  
 *  Petra Come and Join Us <unknown copyright> Word, Inc. originally released in 1977; released on CD sometime in the 1990's I believe
 #  Petra Jekyll and Hyde 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Petra Petra <unknown copyright> Word, Inc. original self-titled debut from 1974; released on CD sometime in the 1990's I believe
  Philmore The Bare Truth about Philmore 2002 6X6 Records  
 *  Piedra Angular Gira <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock from Guatemala
 *  Pillar ????? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> other self-profuced, indie CD (not Metamorphosis); what is the title???
  Pillar Above 2000 Flicker Records  
  Pillar Where Do We Go from Here 2004 Flicker Records  
 *  Pits, The La Guerra 2004 Angry Son Records  
 *  Pits, The Rational Order <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Pivitplex Under Museum Quality Glass 2003 BEC Recordings  
 *  Pivot Clowj It's not as if it were the end of the world... that was yesterday 1999 Flaming Fish Music  
 *  Place of Skulls Nailed <unknown copyright> <unknown label> doom metal
 *  Place of Skulls With Vision 2003 <unknown label> doom metal
  Plaid Understanding God <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative
  PlankEye Wings to Fly 2002 BEC Recordings  
  Playdough Lonely Superstar 2002 Uprok Records rap
  Plumbline Plumbline 2000 Pamplin Music  
  Ply Somewhere Beyond Farewell <unknown copyright> Burnt Toast Vinyl  
 *  Pneuma Berakha <unknown copyright> <unknown label> from Poland
  Poverty Poverty <unknown copyright> <unknown label> rock
 *  Prayer Chain, The Mercury Tin <unknown copyright> <unknown label> limited edition tin
 *  Preston Toys from Hell <unknown copyright> <unknown label> features members of Armada and Xalt
 *  Princess Project, The Glow 1996 indie (no label name) features Robert Sweet on drums
  Princeton Reverbs Colonial The Flute to Float the Soldier's Sword <unknown copyright> <unknown label> avant garde / indie pop
  Promise Tell Me What You See 188 <unknown label>  
 *  Prophecy Inc. Illusion ???? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hardcore / metal from Minneapolis, MN; I believe they released it on CD before rereleasing the remixed version
 *  Prophecy Inc. Illusion Remixed <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hardcore / metal from Minneapolis, MN
 *  Purgation Realm of the Dead <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 4-song EP of doom / stoner metal from Louisiana
 *  Q. Stone Q Stone <unknown copyright> Refuge Records  
  Q. Stone Q Stone III 1992 Viva Records  
 #  Rackets & Drapes Trick or Treat <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Radial Angel One More Last Time 2002 Thin King Records  
  Radial Angel One More Last Time 2003 Word, Inc.  
 *  Radial Angel Radial Angel 2000 Thin King Records  
 *  Radial Angel The Monday Sessions: Praise & Worship by Radial Angel 2001 Thin King Records  
  Radio Years So Long Sarcasm <unknown copyright> <unknown label> members of Huntingtons
  Radix Battle Array <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) acoustic-based AOR from Lincoln, Nebraska
 *  Rainforest Alpha 1997 <unknown label>  
 *  Random Eyes Random Eyes <unknown copyright> Woodbell Records Japanese version w/OBI
 *  RC Rompiendo Cadenas <unknown copyright> <unknown label> rapcore / nu-metal from Costa Rica
 *  Reaction, The The Reaction 2002 Acme Records ex-members of the Huntingtons; became The Stivs
  Ready for Monday Ready for Monday 2002 Word of Mouth Records  
 *  Rebel's Mother Sanctify 2000 indie (no label name)  
 *  Recon Behind Enemy Lines 2001 Millenium 8 Records reissue of Behind Enemy Lines with 6 bonus tracks
 *  Red Animal War Black Phantom Crusades 2002 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Red Animal War Breaking in an Angel 2001 Deep Elm Records Inc  
 *  Redemption Metal 2003 indie (no label name) power metal
 *  Refrain Broken Tongues <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Refugee Life Goes On 1992 Zephyr indie AOR / hard rock
  Relient K Mmhmm <unknown copyright> <unknown label> US release
  Relient K Relient K 2000 Gotee Records  
 *  Relient K Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do <unknown copyright> <unknown label> all but the blue cover and the limited edition 5th cover
 *  Reobote Song of Victory 2002 <unknown label> black metal from Brazil
 *  Resistance Resistance 2001 indie (no label name) 4-song metal EP from Brazil
 *  Resurrection Eve Ancient Curse 1999 Ground Under Productions  
 *  Resurrection Eve Rapture 2002 Ground Under Productions  
 *  Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, The Mirror <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original CD release
  Rez Compact Favorites 1988 The Sparrow Corporation  
 *  Rez Hostage <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Rhubarb Kamikaze 1999 Toupee Records  
  Rhubarb Kamikaze 2000 inpop records  
  Rhythm Saints Continuum <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
  Rhythm Saints Golden <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
 *  Christian Rivel Ett Liv Jag Fått Att Leva <unknown copyright> Rivel Records Narnia member
 *  Rivera/Bomma Invisible Force 2001 indie (no label name) progressive metal from the US; indie version
  Rivulets & Violets Rivuelts & Violets <unknown copyright> <unknown label> first release
  ROAR A Dozen Diamonds of Warfare 1999 Rescue Records rap
 *  Rob Rock Eyes of Eternity <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese digi-pak version with 2 bonus tracks ("Bridge to Infinity" and "Children of the Wasteland") AND OBI
 *  Rob Rock Rage of Creation <unknown copyright> <unknown label> US version
 *  Rob Rock Rage of Creation 2000 Massacre Records European version
  Rock N Roll Worship Circus Big Star Logistics 2001 Grass Roots Music  
  Rock N Roll Worship Circus Welcome to the Rock N Roll Worship Circus 2002 Vertical Music  
  Rockband Organica in Box-Sized Shapes <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Rollercoaster 23 Music for the People 2003 Sally Forth Records  
 *  Roper Brace Yourself for the Mediocre 2004 <unknown label>  
  Jamie Rowe Peppermint Daisy Music 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
  Glenn Rowlands Time Will Tell 1994 Floppy Fish Records  
  Rubicon 7 Just Another Day <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Ruby Joe Year After Year <unknown copyright> Fluffy Pillow  
  Sacred Warrior Classics 1993 Intense Records  
  Sacred Warrior Rebellion / Master's Command 1998 KMG Records, Inc. KMG 2-disc reissue
 *  Sacrificium Escaping the Stupor 2005 <unknown label>  
  saGoh 24/7 Then I Corrupt Youth 2001 Rescue Records  
 *  Saint In the Battle 2004 Armor Records  
  Saint Saint Collection 1984 - 1989 2003 Armor Records reissue of all 4 Saint CDs to date
 *  Saint Warriors of the Son / Gentiles Demo 2001 Millenium 8 Records  
  Sal Paradise Further <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Salem Hill Catatonia <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Prog rock
 *  Salem Hill Different Worlds <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Prog rock
 *  Salem Hill Not Everybody's Gold 2000 indie (no label name) Prog rock
 *  Salem Hill Salem Hill 2001 Cyclops Records Prog rock reissue of 1992 indie release (is the original available on CD???)
 *  Sanctifica Negative B 2002 C.L Music & Publishing  
 *  Sanctus Real Nothing To Lose <unknown copyright> indie (no label name)  
  Sanctus Real Say It Loud <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Sanctus Real Say It Loud <unknown copyright> <unknown label> reissue with 5-song Swedish EP
 *  Sanktus The Darkness Overtakes Nevermore <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Sanktus The Martyr <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Sass O' Frass Tunic As Blue as the State Allows <unknown copyright> Blonde Vinyl Records  
 *  Saviour Machine Saviour Machine 1990 indie (no label name) original 1990 demo release, NOT the 1997 reissue
  Scarecrow & Tinmen Technofolk Road <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Jeff Scheetz Pawn Shop 1997 <unknown label>  
 *  Jeff Scheetz Warp Speed 1992 Svanzada Metalica original album reissued on CD
 *  Jeff Scheetz Woodpecker Stomp 1990 <unknown label>  
  John Schlitt Shake 1995 Word, Inc.  
  John Schlitt Unfit for Swine 1996 Word, Inc.  
  Steve Scott Love in the Western World 2000 Millenium 8 Records  
  Steve Scott The Butterfly Effect 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records  
 *  Seed Dear Unborn <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) hard rock
 *  Sepulcro Vacio Archivos Subterraneos 2002 indie (no label name) metal from Costa Rica
 *  Seraiah Carnival World 1990 Pure Metal Records  
  Set Free Set Free <unknown copyright> Screaming Giant Records rap / hip-hop
 *  Seven Places Free 2000 indie (no label name) original indie release
 *  Seventh Avenue Between The Worlds 2002 Megaheart  
 *  Seventh Avenue Children EP 1995 Kik Music & Design ultra rare 5-song EP; catalog # 9340011
 *  Seventh Avenue Goodbye 1999 Treasure Hunt Records  
 *  Seventh Avenue Southgate 1998 Treasure Hunt Records  
 *  Seventh Day Slumber Freedom from Human Regulations 2001 Mercy Street Records  
 *  Seventh Day Slumber Picking Up the Pieces <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Seventh Day Slumber The 25th Chapter 1999 <unknown label> debut release
 *  Shadow Gallery Carved in Stone 1995 Apollon International Japanese version w/OBI
 *  Shadow Gallery Legacy 2001 Magna Carta 6 long tracks
 *  Shadow Gallery Shadow Gallery 1992 Magna Carta  
 *  Shadow Gallery Tyranny 1998 Magna Carta  
 *  Shadow Gallery Tyranny 1998 Magna Carta Japanese version with OBI
 *  Shadows of Paragon Shadows of Paragon EP 2004 indie (no label name) buy at website
  Sheltershed Underground Resistance 2000 N-SOUL Records  
  Shimri Lilies of the Field 2000 Art of Fact Records  
 *  Shining Force Holy Nation <unknown copyright> <unknown label> power metal from Houston, TX
 *  Shining Star Fatal Mistake 2000 indie (no label name) prog metal / power metal
 *  Shockwave Omega Supreme <unknown copyright> Triple Crown Records Here is the entire collection of Shockwave's material from several 7"s and EP's put together on CD. From 1996-2001. Great brutal hardcore in the veins of NIV.
  Shoreline Worth the Wait <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Short Life Crisis The Ultimate Betrayal <unknown copyright> Gorgeous Wreck Productions  
 *  Showbread No Sir, Nihilism is not Practical 2004 Solid State Records  
 *  Sick of Change Demo <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) what year??? does this actually have a real title??
  Side Walk Slam And We Drive 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Side Walk Slam Give Back 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Sidewalk Slam Rock Anthems from the Midwest 1999 indie (no label name) original indie demo
 *  Silence the Foe Sweet Sweet Suicide <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hardcore / metalcore
 *  Silversmith Under These City Lights <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Silverstar To the Edge of Forever 2000 Silent Recordings  
 *  Slav Simanic Let It Go 2002 <unknown label> melodic metal
 *  Slav Simanic Water of Life 1998 Latter Rain Records melodic metal
 *  Slav Simanic Water of Life 2000 <unknown label> melodic metal; Japanese version with 2 bonus tracks and OBI
  Sinai Beach When Breath Escapes 2003 Facedown Records  
 *  Sincerely Me Beauty in Simplicity EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> punk / emo
 *  Sincerely Me The EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> punk / emo
 *  Sixpence None the Richer Kiss Me Single <unknown copyright> Squint Entertainment 4 tracks; 1 previously unreleased ("Sad But True") as well as Album, Edit, and Live versions of Kiss Me
 *  Sixpence None the Richer Sixpence None the Richer <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with 2 bonus tracks and OBI
  Sixth to the Ninth MVCF Live! <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Sixth to the Ninth The Damascus Road Experience EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Sky Between, The The Branches EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 3-song demo
  Sky Harbor Who Would Have Guessed <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Skymetal CONDENAÇÃO 2001 <unknown label>  
  Sleeping at Last Ghosts 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Sleepy Hollow Legacy 1997 Starcrash Records industrial
 *  Sleepy Hollow Night Time Stories 1996 Starcrash Records industrial
  Slick Shoes Burnout 1998 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Slick Shoes Far from Nowhere <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Slick Shoes Wake Up Screaming 2000 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Slingshot 57 Five Smooth Stones 2000 <unknown label> get at website
  Slingshot 57 Slingshot57 EP 2004 <unknown label> get at website
  Slingshot 57 Stay the Course 2002 <unknown label> get at website
 *  Slow Children at Play Live Coals 1997 indie (no label name)  
  Slow Coming Day Farewell to the Familiar 2003 Tooth & Nail Records indie rock
  Smalltown Poets Third Verse 2000 Ardent Christian Music has cover of 77's "The Lust"
 *  Soapbox. A Divided Man <unknown copyright> <unknown label> I have 1 version (need to check which one); there quite a few available: Paper cover, Structure; Paper cover, Sally Forth Records; Jewel case, Structure; Jewel case, different insert, Solid State Records
 *  Soapbox. CD EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> released on Sally Forth Records; 6 songs
 #  Soapbox. Shapeshifter 2003 <unknown label> 3-inch CD with 5 songs
  Something Like Silas Divine Invitation <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Sons of Thunder Circus of Power 2003 Rivel Records  
 *  Sons of Thunder Metal Praise 1998 <unknown label>  
 *  SonX Staring at the Son 1997 <unknown label> band from Wisconsin
 *  Sorrowstorm Funeral Oath EP 2003 <unknown label> 3-song black metal EP; band is from Panama
 #  Soul Shock Remedy Soul Shock Remedy <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Soul-Junk 1957 <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Soulshelter 3 Song Demo 2003 <unknown label> rock from Eden vocalist
  Soviet We Are Eyes, We Are Builders 1999 Plastiq Music  
 *  Spirit Creek Call the Rain EP 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Spirit Creek Strong Inside 2004 <unknown label>  
 *  Spirit Creek Us Against the World 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Spirit that Guides Us, The 24 Winter EP 2002 Sally Forth Records  
 *  Spirit that Guides Us, The Fly Anna Fly 2002 <unknown label> includes rare tracks
 *  Spirit that Guides Us, The The Sand, the Barrier 2001 Sally Forth Records emo / hardcore
  Aaron Spiro Sing <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Spittin Jonah Louder than Hell 2000 BroFus Records power metal from Texas
 *  Spitting Image Last Chance <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Scott Springer Hello Forever 1993 Word, Inc.  
  Aaron Sprinkle Bareface 2001 Silent Planet Records  
  Aaron Sprinkle Lackluster 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  SS Bounty Hunter S.S. Bounty Hunter 1997 indie (no label name)  
 *  Stairway No Rest : No Mercy 2000 <unknown label> melodic metal from the UK; reissue by the band
 *  Stairway On Hallowed Ground <unknown copyright> <unknown label> melodic metal from the UK
 *  Starflyer 59 I am the Portuguese Blues 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Starflyer 59 Live at the Paradox EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Starflyer 59 Old <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Stars Are Falling How Many Eyes Have Opened 2003 <unknown label> Florida hardcore
 *  Stauros O Sentido Da Vida <unknown copyright> <unknown label> progressive metal from Brazil
 *  Steelwind Heaven's Calling 2000 indie (no label name) indie debut
  Steelwind Jawhook 2003 indie (no label name) hard rock / AOR
  Stellar Kart All Gas, No Brake 2005 Word, Inc. power pop / punk
 *  Step Cousin Innocence Before Oblivion 2002 Corduroy Boy Productions  
  Stereo Motion Stereo Motion <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Pete Stewart Pete Stewart <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Bjorn Stigsson Together with Friends 1989 Pure Metal Records  
  Still Breathing September 2002 Solid State Records  
 *  Still Remains Of Love and Lunacy 2005 Roadrunner Records first major label full length release
  Randy Stonehill Can't Buy a Miracle 1988 Myrrh  
 *  Randy Stonehill Get Me Out of Hollywood 1999 Solid Rock Records  
  Randy Stonehill Stories 1993 Myrrh  
  Randy Stonehill Uncle Stonehill's Hat 2001 <unknown label>  
  Randy Stonehill Until We Have Wings 1990 Myrrh  
 *  Straightedge Under the Sign of the Cross <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 80's metal / thrash from Sumter, SC; looks like a 1-man project
  Strateia A Treasure from Ruin 2002 Indianola Records hardcore; 5-song EP
  Strateia From Pure Intent <unknown copyright> Indianola Records hardcore
 *  Stratia Stratia <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song EP
  Stretch Arm Strong A Revolution Transmission 2001 Solid State Records  
  Strong Willed Children Dying to Live <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative
 *  Struggle for Meaning The New Classics of Western Audio Literature Vol 1 2000 Forced Dichotomy first release; 8 songs
 *  Stryper "Always There for You" single 1988 Alfa Music Japanese pressing of 3" single
  Stryper Reborn 2005 Big3 Records  
 #  Stryper Soliders under Command <unknown copyright> <unknown label> original Japanese pressing with OBI
 #  Stryper The Yellow and Black Attack <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese pressing with OBI
 *  Subliminal Jesus Demo 1999 <unknown label> 14-song industrial demo featuring Bryan Tyson
  Subterranean Misfits Factory Defect 1999 indie (no label name)  
  Sucker Punch Airheads Don't Need Airbags <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song EP; Irish punk
  Superchic(k) Karaoke Superstar 2001 inpop records  
  Superchic(k) Last One Picked 2002 inpop records  
  Superchic(k) Regeneration 2003 <unknown label>  
  Supertones Hi-Fi Revival 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Supertones Live! Volume 1 2002 BEC Recordings  
 *  Sure Conviction 54 And Change 1997 <unknown label>  
 *  Sure Conviction Blind 2000 <unknown label>  
 *  Sure Conviction Get Ready 1994 <unknown label> independent version; was eventually rereleased on Giant Records
 *  Michael Sweet Truth 2000 King Records Japanese pressing w/2 bonus tracks & OBI
 *  Sweet Comfort Band Breakin' the Ice 1992 Light Records  
 *  Sweet Crystal Still Standing . . . 2001 <unknown label>  
  Swift, The The Swift 2002 Flicker Records  
 *  Swirling Eddies Ed Presents Meat the Farmbeetles <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hilarious versions of songs made famous by the Beatles
 *  Swirling Eddies Outdoor Elvis <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Switchfoot New Way To Be Human 1999 Re:think Records  
  Switchfoot The Legend of Chin 1997 Re:think Records  
  Sycamore Shine Down <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Sympathy Arcane Path <unknown copyright> Fear Dark Records death / black metal
 *  Symphony in Peril Lost Memoirs And Faded Pictures 2003 Facedown Records  
 *  Symphony in Peril The Whore's Trophy 2005 Facedown Records  
 *  System Breakdown System Breakdown 2003 Rivel Records metal
 *  System Earth Little Story 2002 <unknown label> industrial metal
 *  System Failure Home Theaters 2002 Fundamentally Sound Productions hardcore / metal
 *  Ty Tabor "I Do" Single 1998 <unknown label> 3 songs ("I Do", "Hollow Eyes", "Had To Move"); German release???
 *  Ty Tabor Moonflower Lane <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese release w/OBI
  Ty Tabor Safety 2002 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
  Tamplin & Friends Wake the Nations 2003 <unknown label> includes a CD and a DVD
  Taunt Now Seriously Folks <unknown copyright> Wounded Records  
 *  Terry Scott Taylor Christmas EP 2002 <unknown label>  
 *  Terry Scott Taylor Imaginarium 2000 Stunt Records 2-disc set
 *  Templo Eternidad <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock from Argentina; 16 songs
 *  Theocracy Theocracy 2003 Metal Ages Records metal
 *  Theocracy A.D. Strength of Many <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 2nd CD
  Theory of Racquetball An Idiom Working in Canada and America <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 10 song CD; can order from their website
  This Beautiful Mess "Clean" Single 2001 Sally Forth Records  
  This Beautiful Mess Falling on Deaf Ears 2001 Sally Forth Records  
  This Beautiful Mess Temper the Wind to the Shorn Lamb 2003 Sally Forth Records  
  This Boy Loveless This Boy Loveless <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  This Runs Through ??? 2004 Facedown Records new full-length, as of yet untitled
  This Train Mimes of the Old West 1998 Organic Records  
  Dale Thompson UnBridled <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Thousand Foot Krutch EP 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Thousand Foot Krutch Set It Off 2004 <unknown label> remastered reissue with bonus tracks
  Thousand Foot Krutch The Art of Breaking 2005 <unknown label>  
 *  Thousand Foot Krutch Thousand Foot Krutch 2002 Triple Crown Records  
 *  Threadline Undefined <unknown copyright> Bloodbought Records  
 *  Thumbscrew Beauty Is You Dead <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Thumbscrew Rebirth <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Thumbscrew The Chaos Breeds Our Creation EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Thumbscrew Under a Blood Red Sky 2004 Counterintelligence Recordings  
  Thy Pain More than Suffering 2001 Clenched Fist Records 7-song EP
 *  Tiim Deathscapes <unknown copyright> <unknown label> industrial demo from Norway
 *  Til Seven Years Pass Over Him My Last Action EP <unknown copyright> indie (no label name) indie EP; only 500 made???
 *  Timescape Two Worlds 1997 Record Heaven Records metal like Queensryche
  Tinman Jones Poetic 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  Tinnitus ???? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> progressive death metal from Finland; CD other than Tinnitus
  Too Bad Eugene At Any Rate <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Too Bad Eugene Moonlighting 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Torn Skin Violence & Technology 2003 Flaming Fish Music  
 *  Tourniquet Psycho Surgery 1991 Metal Blade Records Inc.  
 *  Travail Translation 1996 <unknown label> first indie release?
  Tree63 The Life and Times of Absolute Truth 2002 inpop records  
  Tree63 Tree63 2000 inpop records  
 *  Tribus Manual Acrobatics 2002 <unknown label> 7 songs
 *  Tribus Oreology 1997 <unknown label> 8 songs
 *  Tribus Tribus 1998 <unknown label> 15 songs
 *  Trytan Celestial Messenger <unknown copyright> Fox Records  
  twothirtyeight El Libro de Recuerdos <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  twothirtyeight You Should Be Living 2002 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Typical Sloan d.l.f <unknown copyright> Holy Zealot Records modern rock
  Typical Sloan Not Your Rock Star <unknown copyright> Holy Zealot Records modern rock
 #  Unafraid To Whom It May Concern 2002 <unknown label> second CD by Danish melancholy rock band
 *  Uncondemned Sacrifice 1:2 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> new recording planned for April 2004; 6 songs
 *  Under Command Secret Place of Thunder <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock
 *  Under Command Seeing Red <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hard rock
  Undercover Live at C2K <unknown copyright> Millenium 8 Records  
 *  Undercover Volume One <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Undercover Volume Two <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Underdog Conspiracy, The The Underdog Conspiracy Demo 2000 <unknown label> only 100 were pressed with artwork; ULTRA rare
  Unified Front Perfect 2001 Perfect Sherman Records  
 *  Unshaken EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Unshaken Unshaken <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Untold Dream The Paradox EP 2001 Broken Factory Records  
 *  Unwed Sailor The Marionette and The Music Box 2003 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
 *  Uplifted To End What Is 2002 Deadthorn Industries 4-song EP; metalcore
 *  Upside Down Room Shake Rattle and Rock <unknown copyright> Bogus this is a bunch of early UDR songs recorded in 1993 and 1990. I doubt many of these discs were made.
 *  Vagabond 12 5-song EP (don't know the name) <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Valediction Destiny <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Various Artists "An Introduction to the Family" Facedown Sampler Volume 1 <unknown copyright> Facedown Records hardcore sampler
 *  Various Artists A Tribute to Daniel Amos: When Worlds Collide <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Various Artists As I Lay Dying / American Tragedy split 2002 Pluto Records features 5 songs by As I Lay Dying and 6 songs by American Tragedy
 *  Various Artists Automata 1.0 1999 Flaming Fish Music includes magazine and 18 track industrial sampler
 *  Various Artists Automata 2.0 2000 Flaming Fish Music includes magazine and 18 track industrial sampler
 *  Various Artists Automata 3.0 2001 Flaming Fish Music includes magazine and 17 track industrial sampler
 *  Various Artists Automata 4.0 2003 Flaming Fish Music includes magazine and 17 track industrial sampler
 #  Various Artists Can You Dig It II <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Various Artists Copeland / Pacifico Split EP 2001 Theory 8 Records  
 *  Various Artists Cross Rhythms 1995 N-SOUL Records  
  Various Artists Danielson Famile/Soul-Junk - Live Support Series <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Various Artists Eclectica2 1998 N-SOUL Records trance compilation
 *  Various Artists Eden in Ruins / Blistered Reality Split <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Eden in Ruins - "Dead to the Creator" and Blistered Reality - "The Exiled"; death metal
 *  Various Artists Electro Blueprints 2002 Ballistic Test Productions industrial sampler
 *  Various Artists Embodiment 12.14 / NOTFORYOU split EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label> split of Aussie hardcore bands; Embodiment 12.14 formerly known as Embodiment
 *  Various Artists Episode III The Phantom Manna <unknown copyright> Fifty280 Records compilation of Denver-area bands, including America Gomorrah, Judean Radiostatic, Liquid Currency, and more
 *  Various Artists Evergreen Terrace / xOne Fifthx Split EP <unknown copyright> Indianola Records 4 new songs from Evergreen Terrace, 5 from xOne Fifthx
  Various Artists Excelsis 3: A Prelude 2001 Projekt Records Christmas album with "Angels We Have Heard on High" by Frolic
 *  Various Artists Facedown Sampler Volume 2 <unknown copyright> Facedown Records hardcore sampler
 *  Various Artists Facedown Sampler Volume 3 <unknown copyright> Facedown Records hardcore sampler
 *  Various Artists Flevo Totaal Festival: Live Tapes Volume 1 1992 <unknown label> release from Netherlands with live tracks from Larry Norman, Daniel Amos, 77's, etc.
  Various Artists From the Beginning Till Thee End 2002 Clumsy Records Combat Junkies, Migraines, etc.
 *  Various Artists Gambling for Lost Souls 1999 <unknown label> compilation featuring 2 tracks each from The Underdog Conspiracy, Stillborn, Sunami Six, Eon, and 5000 Fed; only 500 were made; put out by KC venue Yahweh
 *  Various Artists Hanna Violet Summer Music Sampler <unknown copyright> Hanna Violet features Glisten, Duralux, Morella’s Forest, Rest, Pacer X, White Trash Inc, Engrave, Doctor Egg, Somerset, Mac the Coffee Man, Jupiter James, Upside Down Room. This comp is VERY rare and is the only place to hear the Somerset, Mac the Coffee Man, and Mo
 *  Various Artists Hanover Saints / Shop 11 Phoenix split CD <unknown copyright> Revolution Ink Records 2 old school punk bands
  Various Artists Hear No Evil Vol. 1 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Zuzu Bailey, Aggression, Chris Flinchbaugh, more
  Various Artists Hear No Evil Vol. 2 <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative folk comp
 *  Various Artists Heavy Righteous Metal 1988 Pure Metal Records  
  Various Artists I'm Your Biggest Fan <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Various Artists In Darkness My Heart Was Won 2001 Dieiatra Recordings underground industrial compilation
  Various Artists Just Over the Horizon 2002 Downfall Records comp with Migraines, Combat Junkies, etc
 *  Various Artists Lowercase Records Compilation #2 - Musicians With Day Jobs <unknown copyright> Lower Case Records features bands like Til Seven Years Pass Over Him, Left Out, Upside Down Room, This Boy Loveless, etc.
 *  Various Artists Manna 2 Go Compilation <unknown copyright> Fifty280 Records  
 *  Various Artists Metal Meltdown 1989 Pure Metal Records featuring songs and interviews from: Whitecross, Scarlet Red, Tempest, Bride, One Bad Pig, Jerusalem, Leviticus, Lightforce and Rosanna's Raiders
  Various Artists Metal Mission <unknown copyright> <unknown label> compilation put out by Word U.K. (I believe) which featured tracks from: X-Sinner, Sacred Warrior, Holy Soldier, Mastedon, Rage of Angels, Angelica, and others; has a white cover with a black circled "M" in the middle, and the words "Metal Mission" writt
  Various Artists New Musiq Volume 2 2001 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Various Artists Not from Around Here <unknown copyright> Lower Case Records includes Schedule Two, Freeto Boat, The Shady Blue, Occupied Space, Left Out, Til Seven Years Pass Over Him, Silent Music Club, Craig’s Brother, Jessica Stephan, Turbo Spectacular, Smelling Salts.
 *  Various Artists Officer Negative / Combat Junkies Split EP <unknown copyright> Screaming Giant Records only available via mail order from Screaming Giant Records
 *  Various Artists On Display: The 316 Hardcore Gallery 2002 Rescue Records 15 tracks
 *  Various Artists Out of the Darkness <unknown copyright> By the Blood Records comp featuring Sorrowstorm, Old Path, Taketh, Frost Like Ashes, etc.
 *  Various Artists Power from the Sky <unknown copyright> <unknown label> CL Music & Publishing (now RIVEL Records) shows that Sweden is still on the metal map presenting 15 tracks of blistering metal featuring previously unreleased tracks from Crimson Moonlight (Black Metal), Ayenna (Melodic Metal), Heaven (melodic Hard Rock)
 *  Various Artists Pushing Demons Aside <unknown copyright> Wounded Records hardcore compilation
  Various Artists Rage Volume 2 <unknown copyright> Worthless Records  
 *  Various Artists Re:Source - India Children Benefit <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Proceeds go to charity. Bands include Virginia Coalition, Black Eyed Dog, Revelation Darling, Life In General, Evoka & many more.
 *  Various Artists Requiem 1999 Kraynight Productions industrial compilation in memory of the children who lost their lives in the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995
 *  Various Artists Salutations: A Tribute to the Prayer Chain 2002 <unknown label> Foreward by Steve Hindalong, featuring the bands : Viva Voce, Brian McSweeney, Evoka, Luxury, Michael Pritzl & many more.
 *  Various Artists Seal the Abyss 2004 Digital Extremist Studios 2-disc extreme metal compilation featuring Kastimonia, Divine Heretic, etc.
  Various Artists Seireenia 2000 Projekt Records compilation featuring track by Frolic
 *  Various Artists Sibling Rivaly - Calibretto 13 / No More Droids Split EP 1999 RMC Records  
 *  Various Artists Slechtvalk / Kekal split CD <unknown copyright> Fear Dark Records  
  Various Artists Social Commentary <unknown copyright> Rugged Records comp with Rugged bands; includes song by The Gingerbread Men
 *  Various Artists Somniloquies 2003 Parasomnic Records industrial compilation
  Various Artists The Ivy League / The Shrubs - 5 Inch Revolution <unknown copyright> M & M Records  
 *  Various Artists THE LAST HOPE / OUR CORPSE DESTROYED -- Fallen Generation... Forgotten Faith : Singles Collection II 2003 Clumsy Records  
 *  Various Artists The Road less Traveled <unknown copyright> <unknown label> hardcore comp with 18 bands
 *  Various Artists There Are Angels Among Us 2000 Ballistic Test Productions industrial compilation
 *  Various Artists Turn the Other Cheek Compilation <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Aussie comp which benefits TEAR; has sunsetsallday
 *  Various Artists Underground Metal <unknown copyright> Regency Records 9-track (I think) CD featuring Armada, Bjorn Stiggson, Chariot, Chosen Stranger, Mercy Rule, Paragon, Paradox, Torn Flesh, and Watchmen
  Various Artists Unheard Music Compilation 1 2001 Plastiq Music  
  Various Artists Unheard Music Compilation 2 2002 Plastiq Music  
 *  Various Artists Unwed Sailor/Early Day Miners/Chris Bennett - Stateless <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Various Artists Victory in Christ 2001 316 Records hardcore / metalcore comp - 17 tracks
  Various Artists While the City Sleeps comp <unknown copyright> <unknown label> comp which has 2 Embodiment 12.14 songs (don't know if it is a Christian comp though)
  Various Artists Whiskey Rebels & Hanover Saints Split <unknown copyright> Revolution Ink Records 4 tracks from each band
 *  Vector Please Stand By 1991 Spark Records  
  Velour 100 Fall Sounds <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
  Velour 100 Of Color Bright <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Velour 100 Songs from the Rainwater <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Vengeance Rising Vengeance Rising <unknown copyright> Medusa Records  
  Vigilantes of Love 'Cross the Big Pond <unknown copyright> <unknown label> import from the UK
  Vigilantes of Love Summershine <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Vindication Vindication 2002 Rivel Records alternative
 *  Vine Pieces of Time <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Vine This Is Milk 1997 indie (no label name)  
  Violet Burning, The Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Heart 2000 Sovereign Productions  
 *  Virgin Black Elegant . . . and Dying 2003 The End Records  
  Virus Analogue <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Virus Odd <unknown copyright> <unknown label> double CD
 *  Visual Cliff 3-song EP 2004 Trinity Records don't know title; follow-up to Key to Eternity; instrumental prog rock / metal / jazz / symphonic fusion
 *  Visual Cliff Key to Eternity <unknown copyright> Trinity Records instrumental prog rock / metal / jazz / symphonic fusion
 *  Visual Cliff Lyrics for the Living <unknown copyright> Big Balloon Music instrumental prog rock / metal / jazz / symphonic fusion
 *  Voice Industrie Power Up EP 2003 A Different Drum Records  
 *  Greg X. Volz The River Is Rising <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Digi-pak made in Japan; Released in 1986 on Myrrh Word, Inc. made in Japan 7-01-684627-X; Don't know if this comes with an OBI or not
 *  Vox Dei ???? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> don't know the name, but it has 7 songs: 1. i pay no regards 2. das gift 3. a lonely muse together 4. on my knees 5. the unimportance of words 6. as you hold God's hand 7. number one
  Vroom Throws Like a Girl <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Vroom x2 Things Not To Do <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Völlig Heilig Power of God <unknown copyright> <unknown label> 5-song Demo CD
  W's, The Fourth from the Last <unknown copyright> Sarabellum Records  
  Wannabees, The New Man <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative
  Watashi Wa Lost a Few Battles . . . Won the War <unknown copyright> Bettie Rocket Records  
  Watashi Wa Love of Life 2003 Tooth & Nail Records  
 *  Watashi Wa Stephen's First Time Out <unknown copyright> <unknown label> I believe this is their first release
  Watashi Wa The Color of Today EP <unknown copyright> Tooth & Nail Records 3 songs
 *  Waters Run Red Earn Your Honor EP 2004 <unknown label> might be available from their site
  We3kings Look to Me <unknown copyright> <unknown label> alternative rock
 *  When Tomorrow Doesn't Come 2003 Demo <unknown copyright> <unknown label> black metalcore from Georgia
 *  Whitecross In the Kingdom <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
 *  Whitecross Triumphant Return <unknown copyright> <unknown label> Japanese version with OBI
 *  Winterkou Stervend in de sneeuw 2002 SneeuwStorm produkties new 4-song demo from Winterkou and includes original Jordskaelv 4-song demo
 *  Wisdom Call Wisdom Call <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  With Blood Comes Beauty The Red Letter Romance 2004 Bad Apple Records supposed to be coming out late 2004 on Bad Apple Records
  Denison Witmer Philadelphia Songs 2002 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
  Denison Witmer Recovered <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Denison Witmer River Bends 2002 Burnt Toast Vinyl  
  Denison Witmer The River Bends & Flows into the Sea 2004 Tooth & Nail Records  
  Wonder in Blue Rain and Other Things 1996 N-SOUL Records  
 *  World Wide Message Tribe Dance Planet <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
  World Wide Message Tribe We Don't Get What We Deserve <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  World Wide Message Tribe World Wide Message Tribe <unknown copyright> N-SOUL Records  
 *  Worship Factory Colours EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  X-Nilo Out of Nothing 2002 <unknown label> alternative from Alaska
 *  X-Sinner Get It 1990 A&M Records A&M version; different cover than Pakaderm version
  X-Terra Wolves 2003 <unknown label>  
 #  Xalt Helium Blue Gazebo <unknown copyright> Kaluboné Records  
 *  XD OUT Awakening 2003 <unknown label>  
 *  XD OUT XD OUT 2001 <unknown label>  
  xDisciplex A.D. Benediction <unknown copyright> Angel Skin Records Part 2 in Doxology series; includes rereleases and rarities
  xDisciplex A.D. The Revelation <unknown copyright> Triple Crown Records  
 *  xLooking Forwardx Ahoy Crew Members! <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  xnihilo ???? <unknown copyright> <unknown label> I believe this is a self-titled CD; their webpage is IMPOSSIBLE to follow
  Yesterday's Hero Yesterday's Hero <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Zao The Funeral of God 2004 <unknown label>  
 *  Zeal Out of My Darkness <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Zero Theory Zero Theory <unknown copyright> <unknown label> available at CDBaby.com
 *  Zeta Unfinished 1997 indie (no label name)  
 *  Zeteo 03237 2004 <unknown label> metalcore from NC; 5-song EP
 *  Zion P.O.A. EP <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Zion Tears of Blood <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
  Zuzu Baily Zuzu Bailey <unknown copyright> <unknown label>  
 *  Zyllah 4-song demo 2003 indie (no label name) screamocore from the UK I think