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Ideology / Dark Night of the Soul
Ress Trunt Records
Genre: <unknown>
Ideology / My Brother, Myself
Swingtone Record Co.
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Ideology / Dark Night of the Soul (1994, Ress Trunt Records) (USA)
CDs Engineered
    Ideology / Dark Night of the Soul (1994, Ress Trunt Records) (USA)
CDs Mastered
    Ideology / My Brother, Myself (1995, Swingtone Record Co.) (USA)
CDs Mixed
    Ideology / Dark Night of the Soul (1994, Ress Trunt Records) (USA)
Ideology / Dark Night of the Soul
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Never
2.  Of Another Year
3.  Away
4.  Drowning
5.  Dark
6.  Line Level Red
7.  Static
8.  Dirty Child
9.  This Time To Come
10.  First and Last
11.  untitled 5:20
copyright 1994, Ress Trunt Records,  no #
Total Running Time: 53:29
Band Members:
James ScottBass Guitar
Brian WhitmanKeyboards, Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Doran StambaughGuitars, Vocals
Jesse DraperDrums, Percussion
Matt StowellVocals
Production Information:
Recorded @ Studio B, Wheaton College
Dan HansenEngineer
Ian EskelinMastered
IdeologyMixed @ Studio B, Wheaton College
Dan HansenMixed @ Studio B, Wheaton College
Dave Strangebye HoukMixed @ Studio B, Wheaton College