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from USA
Various Artists / Screaming Giant - "Pizza Comp"
Release Year unknown
Screaming Giant Records
Genre: <unknown>
Godrocket / Saved!
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
Godrocket / Saved!
Screaming Giant Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
The Ballad of Skankin' Bob
Better Slow Down
I Wanna Be Like You
Pardon My French
Serve You Still
Society's Child
The Stereo's in the Oven
Two-Tone Girl
Wisdom from Weakness
Shoe Fetish
Godrocket / Saved!
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  I Wanna Be Like You 2:52
2.  Wisdom from Weakness 3:14
3.  BBB & RNC 2:09
4.  Shoe Fetish 2:04
5.  Again 2:05
6.  The Ballad of Skankin' Bob 2:36
7.  Pardon My French 2:10
8.  Saved 2:48
9.  David & Goliath 2:45
10.  The Stereo's in the Oven 1:55
11.  Longfall 2:44
12.  Serve You Still 3:15
13.  Two-Tone Girl 3:01
14.  Society's Child 3:14
15a.  Better Slow Down 4:13
15b.  (silence) 1:33
15c.  untitled 2:31
copyright 1998, indie (no label name),  no #
Total Running Time: 45:15
Band Members:
Dan ReedLead Vocals, Guitars
Jeff SmithDrums
Chris KellerBGVs, Bass Guitar
Marc WalkerBGVs, Alto Sax
Ruben RodriguezTenor Sax
Carrie SchmidtBGVs, Trombone
Jeanna GlennTrombone
Brian FoxTrumpet
Shari FoxTrumpet
Production Information:
Recorded @ Studio West, San Diego, CA
Jon MathiasEngineer
Kevin MitchellMastered @ Studio West, San Diego, CA
Mixed @ Studio West, San Diego, CA