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from Norway
GROMS / Ascension
GROMS Records  / Arctic Serenades Distribution
Genre: <unknown>
GROMS / Ascension
1995 (1994)
GROMS Records  / Arctic Serenades Distribution
Genre: <unknown>
GROMS / Ascension
1996 (1994)
Pleitegeier Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Deep: Looking Forward from the Past (The First Decade)
Pleitegeier Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    GROMS / Ascension (1995, GROMS Records) (Norway)
    GROMS / Ascension (1996, Pleitegeier Records) (Germany)
    GROMS / Ascension (1994, GROMS Records) (Norway)
Songs Contributed to:
The End of the Age
From Dust to Dust
The Just Shall Live by Faith
No One
The Riddle
True Wisdom
Truth Misunderstood
The Voice of Righteousness
GROMS / Ascension
Released in: Germany
Track Listing:
1.  Ascension
2.  From Dust to Dust
3.  True Wisdom
4.  The Riddle
5.  Truth Misunderstood
6.  No One
7.  The End of the Age
8.  The Voice of Righteousness
9.  The Just Shall Live by Faith
copyright 1996, Pleitegeier Records,  PGD 6940
Total Running Time: 40:14
Band Members:
Petter Gordon JensenDrums
Haakon JohannessenBass Guitar
Øyvind HauglandGuitars, Vocals
Hans DalenGuitars
Production Information:
Roald RåsbergRecorded @ Jinglefabrikken, October 1994
Arnfinn ErikRecorded @ Søm Lydstudio, March 1994
Kjell ErikRecorded @ Søm Lydstudio, March 1994
Roald RåsbergProducer
Roald RåsbergMixed @ Jinglefabrikken, October 1994
Arnfinn ErikMixed @ Søm Lydstudio, March 1994
Kjell ErikMixed @ Søm Lydstudio, March 1994