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Fear of Faith
from <Unknown country>
Various Artists / Electro Shock Therapy
R.E.X. Music, Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Electro Shock Therapy
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Aleixa / "Unloved"
2.  Cult of Jester / "Master V2"
3.  Toxic Church / "The Keeper"
4.  New Society / "Chains of Hell"
5.  Situation Taboo / "Belief"
6.  Kettleblack / "Medicine Man"
7.  Terminal Generation, The / "Suck You Down"
8.  Audio Paradox / "Grace 1"
9.  Way Sect Bloom, The / "Illumnia"
10.  Blank Face / "Sin Disease"
11.  Arbitrage / "A.F.A.A.M.E.S.T.M."
12.  Fear of Faith / "Withdrawn"
13.  Ängst / "nihil est"
14.  Neocelt / "Goodbye Freedom"
15.  Gadget / "Amazing Grace"
copyright 1995, R.E.X. Music, Inc.,  41032-2
Total Running Time: 66:27
Band Members:
GeoffGuitars, Vocals, Programming
Laurel Snapper
April Lassiter
Kevin 131
Matthew M. Nordan
Wyatt McConnellLead Guitar
Ross Assink
Cult of Jester:
Ed Finkler
Fear of Faith:
BrentGuitars, Vocals, Programming
GeoffGuitars, Programming
Dr. RhythmDrums
Roy MontroySequencing, Drum Programming, Guitars
Dave CanfieldPercussion, Vocals
Glen van AlkemadeKeyboards, Sequencing, Percussion
Don HillBass Guitar, Percussion
New Society:
Rick Roman Jr.
James Wayman
Todd KelseyGuitars, Vocals, Flute
Thad SalterGuitars
Situation Taboo:
Phil LoveladyGuitars, Vocals
Curtis SonierKeyboards, Sampling
Gary FranklinDrums, Keyboards, Sampling
Terminal Generation, The:
JesseDrums, Keyboards
MattGuitars, Programming
Way Sect Bloom, The:
Jeff BruceSequencing, Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Mike CruzKeyboards, Vocals
Joe GallagherGuitars, Vocals
Production Information:
Carson PierceExecutive Producer