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Fed by Ravens
from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Also known as:
Four Star Union
Official Website
Various Artists / Blessed Be This Killing
Deadself Recordings
Genre: <unknown>
Fed by Ravens / This Service of Love
Deadself Recordings
Genre: <unknown>
Fed by Ravens / Second Guessing Second Chances
The Raven Republic
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Fed by Ravens / This Service of Love (1999, Deadself Recordings) (USA)
Songs Contributed to:
Behind the Music
Eat My Dust
How Very Ravenesque
A Nation of Two
Sweet Nothings
You're Outta Here
Fed by Ravens / This Service of Love
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Maybe Not Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow, but Someday Baby 1:26
2.  The Loop 4:34
3.  Just Before Dawn 3:59
4.  This Little Light of Mine 3:51
5.  Skulls and Crossbones 3:12
6.  Fable 1:43
7.  My So Called Life 2:46
8.  Nineteen Naughty Nine 4:19
9.  Notes of an Assassin 4:45
10.  All You Need Is Love 2:45
copyright 1999, Deadself Recordings,  DSR002
Total Running Time: 33:23
Band Members:
Jason Eric PetersonGuitars, Vocals
Nicholas Andrew KoenigsGuitars, Vocals
Jacob Alan JohnsonVocals, Saxophone
Jeffery Lawrence AspenBass Guitar
Jesse Michael PanzerDrums
Production Information:
Jarrod NorrisExecutive Producer
Fed by RavensProducer
Tony HernandezEngineer @ Angel Beach Studios, May 22nd and 23rd 1999
Nick HanecaMastered @ Greatapes