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Empty Tomb
from Portland, Oregon, USA
Various Artists / Songs from the Rain Factory
Fearless Donkey Records
Genre: <unknown>
Empty Tomb / Welcome to the Human Race
Tisch & Christo  / Underground Recordings
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Future of Our Dreams
Kant U C
Empty Tomb / Welcome to the Human Race
Released in: Germany
Track Listing:
2.  Circle of Power
copyright 1994, Tisch & Christo / Underground Recordings,  TC 129402
Total Running Time: 31:34
Band Members:
Andy WisemanBGVs, Bass Guitar
Greg DimickBGVs, Guitars
Mike BoddingtonBGVs, Drums
Kevin CollinsLead Guitar
Feeble ManLead Vocals
Production Information:
Recorded @ Dogfish Studios, Newberg, OR, November / December 1992
Drew CanuletteProducer
Mastered @ Music Craft