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Dance of the Porcupines
from <Unknown country>
Dance of the Porcupines / And Why Not?
Major Drone Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Dance of the Porcupines / And Why Not? (1994, Major Drone Records) (USA)
Songs Contributed to:
Anybody's Guess
April Days
Bad Mouth Boy
Brain Stain
Cast in the Wind
Dog Cat Rat
Me and Dee
Me and Dee II
Step Two
Dance of the Porcupines / And Why Not?
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Crub 3:16
2.  Me and Dee 2:58
3.  Brain Stain 3:42
4.  Dog Cat Rat 2:53
5.  Charlie's 3:55
6.  Goodbye 3:03
7.  Cast in the Wind 4:38
8.  April Days 4:03
9.  Bad Mouth Boy 4:08
10.  Step Two 4:00
11.  Anybody's Guess 4:00
12.  Me and Dee II 1:42
copyright 1994, Major Drone Records,  MDR 0001
Total Running Time: 42:18
Band Members:
Reed SuttonGuitars
Danny WebbLead Vocals, Guitars
Jay DentonBass Guitar
Patrick RocheDrums
Production Information:
Recorded @ Red Rooster Studios, Berkeley, CA
Dance of the PorcupinesExecutive Producer
Garth WebberExecutive Engineer
Mastered @ Rocket Labs, San Francisco, CA
Mixed @ Red Rooster Studios, Berkeley, CA