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Dissident Prophet
from <Unknown country>
Dissident Prophet / We're Not Grasshoppers
MGL Granite Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Be Set Free
Brand New Rose
Close to the Truth
Generation X
Hang Him Round Your Neck
Let It Go
Little Light
Real Love
Selfish Git
Tower of Babel
Unconditional Love
Watching All Alone
Where You Gonna Run To
Dissident Prophet / We're Not Grasshoppers
Released in: United Kingdom
Track Listing:
1.  Real Love
2.  Brand New Rose
3.  Parachute
4.  Let It Go
5.  Tower of Babel
6.  Unconditional Love
7.  Close to the Truth
8.  Watching All Alone
9.  Be Set Free
10.  Generation X
11.  Selfish Git
12.  Hang Him Round Your Neck
13.  Little Light
14.  Where You Gonna Run To
copyright 1996, MGL Granite Records,  MGGRCD 15
Total Running Time: 53:44
Band Members:
Simon SmithBass Guitar
Tom LivermoreGuitars
Andy JenningsLead Vocals
John LargeDrums
Production Information:
Simon HanhartExecutive Producer
Simon HanhartExecutive Engineer