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Dead Pharisees
from Alaska, USA
Dead Pharisees / Mummified Priests
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Dead Pharisees / Mummified Priests (1998, indie (no label name)) (USA)
Songs Contributed to:
Entering the Twisted Sanctuary
God of Power
Knock me on my Feet
Mummified Priest
No Appreciation
Party in Hell
Prelude to Mist
Ripped to Shreds
Lord of the Dance
Dead Pharisees / Mummified Priests
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Entering the Twisted Sanctuary
2.  Scream
3.  No Appreciation
4.  Lord of the Dance
5.  Party in Hell
6.  Knock me on my Feet
7.  Mummified Priest
8.  Ripped to Shreds
9.  Suicide
10.  God of Power
11.  Exaltation
12.  Prelude to Mist
copyright 1998, indie (no label name),  011752
Total Running Time: 52:48
Band Members:
Mark BurcellBGVs, Guitars
Sean KovacsBGVs, Bass Guitar
Luke BurcellBGVs, Vocals, Piano
David KovacsBGVs, Drums
Production Information:
Recorded @ 10th Planet
Dead PhariseesProducer
Mixed @ 10th Planet