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Clint K Band
from Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Official Website
Various Artists / Outbreak
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
Clint K Band / Here We Go
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Clint K Band / Here We Go (2000, indie (no label name)) (USA)
Clint K Band / Here We Go
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Angels Met
2.  Pick Me Up
3.  How Far You Have Come
4.  Time Is Ticking
5.  Here We Go
6.  Flower
7.  Beautiful Girl
8.  Cinderella
9.  Surprised
10.  Anymore
11.  Don't Know
12.  Reflections
13.  We Will Meet Again
14.  Jumping Cows
15.  In Me
16.  Dying Young (Why)
copyright 2000, indie (no label name),  CK0001
Total Running Time: 58:58
Band Members:
Jason GreenDrums, Percussion, Vocals
Chet KuefferBass Guitar, Vocals
Clint KuefferGuitars, Vocals, E-Bow
Additional Musicians:
Brad KoehlerKeyboards
Nick JohnsonClapping
Chloe KuefferLaughing
Production Information:
Recorded @ Mercy Studios, Lawrence, KS
Clint K BandProducer
Anthony CaseProducer
Brad KoehlerEngineer
Ty TaborMastered @ Alien Beans Studios, Houston, TX
Brad KoehlerMixed
Chet KuefferMixing Assistant
Clint KuefferMixing Assistant
Anthony CaseMixing Assistant
John FlynnDrum Micing
Matt La PointDrum Micing Assistant
Scott FrazierPost-Production Editing
Joshua BaldridgeGuitar Technician