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Corbans, The
from USA
Corbans, The / Three
Organic Records
Genre: <unknown>
Corbans, The / When the Godhead Speaks
Micah Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Corbans, The / When the Godhead Speaks (1999, Micah Records) (USA)
Songs Contributed to:
Anthem Song
Everything To Owe
Give Yourself Away
Lowell's Syndrome
NYC (I'm Sorry)
Not Dead
Thousand Times
When the Godhead Speaks
Corbans, The / When the Godhead Speaks
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Thousand Times 2:39
2.  Give Yourself Away 4:29
3.  NYC (I'm Sorry) 4:33
4.  Lowell's Syndrome 4:44
5.  Anthem Song 3:33
6.  Not Dead 6:01
7.  When the Godhead Speaks 4:52
8.  Staples 1:22
9.  Everything To Owe 3:53
10.  Headlight 4:35
copyright 1999, Micah Records,  MGCD5500
Total Running Time: 40:47
Band Members:
Tanya MyersKeyboards, Vocals
Wade MyersLead Vocals, Guitars
Aaron KellarBass Guitar, Acoustic Bass
Sean KellarDrums, Percussion
Additional Musicians:
Ken MaryBGVs
Cheri PotterBGVs
Alex WalkerBGVs
Drew GrowBGVs
Production Information:
Ken MaryRecorded @ Sonic Fish Studios
Michael StrubRecorded @ Burnt Chrome Audio Recording
Ken MaryProducer
Corbans, TheCo-Producer
Michael StrubCo-Producer
Ken MaryMixed @ Sonic Fish Studios