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Lanny Cordola
from USA
Various Artists / An Intense History of Christian Metal
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Lanny Cordola / Of Riffs and Symphonies
Genre: <unknown>
Lanny Cordola / Salvation Medicine Show
KMG Records, Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
Has been a member of
    Lanny Cordola
CDs Produced
    Lanny Cordola / Of Riffs and Symphonies (1992, ERG) (USA)
    Shades of Blue / Shades of Blue (1994, Alarma Records) (USA)
    Tamplin & Friends / An Axe to Grind (1990, Intense Records) (USA)
CDs Played on
Various Artists / An Intense History of Christian Metal (1992, Intense Records) (USA) Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar, Guitars, Sitar, BGVs
Songs Contributed to:
Dome of the Rock
Exit (Euthanasia)
Angry Candy
Lanny Cordola / Of Riffs and Symphonies
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Kaleidescope
2.  Armashreddin'
3.  Play it Again Shem (That Funky Music)
4.  Interlude
5.  The Real Thing
6.  YV
7.  Gettysburg
8.  Won't Be Long Till Paradise
9.  The Obstinate Toy Soldiers
10.  Nan
11.  The Revelation
12.  For the Brothers
13.  Donna Lee
14.  Lo I Be with You Always
copyright 1992, ERG,  ERCD5601
Total Running Time: 56:39
Production Information:
Lanny CordolaExecutive Producer