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Contender / Fighting to Win
Refuge Records
Genre: <unknown>
Contender / Fighting to Win
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  I Won't Give Up 3:12
2.  You 3:36
3.  Convenient Christianity 4:04
4.  You're There for Me 4:10
5.  Fighting To Win 4:03
6.  So I'm Singing 3:53
7.  Crying Over You 3:31
8.  I Know You're Here 4:27
9.  Pulling the Wool 3:10
10.  I Believe in You 4:19
copyright 1990, Refuge Records,  SPCN7900604618
Total Running Time: 39:11
Band Members:
Steve AtwoodBass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Paul GrimslandAcoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Rich McCarthyBass Guitar
Eddie VillanuevaLead Vocals
Bob VinsickBass Guitar, Drums, Guitars, Programming
Production Information:
Recorded @ Vineyard Sound Recording Studio, Ulster Park, N.Y.
Steve AtwoodProducer
Bob VinsickProducer
Bob VinsickEngineer
Bob VinsickMixed