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from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Various Artists / In the Land of Milk and Cookies
Release Year unknown
MooTown Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / In the Land of Milk and Cookies
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Sometime Sunday / "Words"
2.  Unveiled / "Love Falls"
3.  Sanctified Glory Mountain Revival Family / "King James Version"
4.  Stinging Rain / "Via Dolorosa"
5.  Crayon / "Yoke of Lack"
6.  Sunday Blue / "Closer"
7.  Life in General / "Runs So Far"
8.  Clan Diah / "Matter of Time"
12.  Red Letter Print / "Babble-On Revisited"
14.  Antic / "Paid in Full"
copyright <unknown>, MooTown Records,  MTCD9302
Band Members:
Ryan WeaverBass Guitar
Zack GreshamGuitars, Vocals
Russell HolbrookDrums, Guitars
Life in General:
Shelly SuttonVocals
Jerry ChapmanVocals
Stinging Rain:
Nathan DepewLead Vocals
Production Information:
Marty BushExecutive Producer