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from Clearwater, Florida, USA
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Various Artists / Fools Rush in Where Angels Dare Not Tread
Release Year unknown
Takehold Records
Genre: <unknown>
Underoath / Act of Depression
Takehold Records
Genre: <unknown>
Underoath / Cries of the Past
Takehold Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / This Is Solid State, Volume 3
Solid State Records
Genre: <unknown>
Underoath / The Changing of Times
Solid State Records
Genre: <unknown>
Underoath / They're Only Chasing Safety
Tooth & Nail Records  / Solid State Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Act of Depression
And I Dreamt of You
Burden in Your Hands
Cries of the Past
Giving Up Hurts the Most
Heart of Stone
Innocence Stolen
The Last
A Love So Pure
Walking Away
Watch Me Die
Alone in December
Angel Below
The Best of Me
The Blue Note
A Boy Brushed Red, Living in Black and White
The Changing of Times
Down, Set, Go
I'm Content with Losing
I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today
The Impact of Reason
It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
Letting Go of Tonight
A Message for Adrienne
Never Meant To Break Your Heart
Reinventing Your Exit
Short of Daybreak
Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape
When the Sun Sleeps
Young and Aspiring
814 Stops Today
Underoath / Act of Depression
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Heart of Stone 5:49
2.  A Love So Pure 10:39
3.  Burden in Your Hands 6:27
4.  Innocence Stolen 6:26
5.  Act of Depression 10:23
6.  Watch Me Die 6:56
7-16.  (silence) 0:50
17a.  untitled 3:46
17b.  (silence) 0:16
17c.  untitled 5:05
copyright 1999, Takehold Records,  THR1008
Total Running Time: 56:48
Band Members:
Corey James StegerBGVs, Guitars
Aaron Roderick GillespieDrums
Dallas Taliaferro TaylorLead Vocals
Octavio Lafayette FernandezBass Guitar
Production Information:
Recorded @ Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL, March 1999
Greg MarchakEngineer @ Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL
Josh YoungMastered @ Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL