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from Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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Builder / Spring Sprang Sprung
Good Earth Records
Genre: <unknown>
Builder / Spring Sprang Sprung
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  A Puzzle 3:29
2.  Reverie 3:51
3.  The Sower 5:13
4.  Taking My Time 4:39
5.  Perception 6:24
6.  The Million Brilliance 4:47
7.  Heaven's Ghost 5:14
8.  Son of a Gun 4:47
9.  Hysteria 7:20
10.  Jesus Knocking 5:47
copyright 2000, Good Earth Records,  GDE401CD
Total Running Time: 51:35
Band Members:
Pete CoatneyDrums
Jim CockeBGVs, Accordian, Moog, Melodica, Electric Piano, Hammond B-3, Acoustic Piano
Mike CrawfordBass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Laura CrawfordVocals
Production Information:
Kent StumpRecorded @ Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, TX
Martin BairdRecorded @ Verge Music Studios, Dallas, TX
Keith KasterRecorded @ Ashland Studio, Kansas City, Missouri
Jon MackeyRecording Assistant @ Ashland Studio, Kansas City, Missouri
Mike CrawfordProducer @ Ashland Studio, Kansas City, Missouri
Roger SeigelMastered @ SAE Digital Mastering, Phoenix, AZ
Mike CrawfordMixed @ Ashland Studio, Kansas City, Missouri