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Bowels of Judas, The
from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Official Website
Various Artists / In the Face of War / The Bowels of Judas - A Split
Killed for Less Records
Genre: <unknown>
Bowels of Judas, The / We Are Defined by Punctuation
Winding Wheel Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Common Themes
Dancing Towards Indifference
Fingertips Pressed Against Lips
Let Your Heart
Monday's Drycleaning
Not All That Burns Turns to Ashes
Oh the Pain, Oh the Pragmatism
The Resurrection of Romance
Sunday Driver
To My Heart's Captor
Bowels of Judas, The / We Are Defined by Punctuation
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
Act One: A Reminder of What Has Been with a Hint of What's To Come
(Originally released in 2003 as "Broken Jaws Smile Crooked EP")
1.  Scene One - Oh the Pain, Oh the Pragmatism
2.  Scene Two - To My Heart's Captor
3.  Scene Three - Dancing Towards Indifference
4.  Scene Four - Not All That Burns Turns to Ashes
5.  Scene Five - The Resurrection of Romance
Act Two: She Was a Question Mark and We Split
6.  Scene One - !
7.  Scene Two - Fingertips Pressed Against Lips
8.  Scene Three - ,
9.  Scene Four - ?
Act Three: New Toys for All the Girls and Boys
10.  Scene One - Common Themes
11.  Scene Two - Sunday Driver
12.  Scene Three - Monday's Drycleaning
13.  Scene Four - .
copyright 2004, Winding Wheel Records,  WW01
Total Running Time: 33:38
Band Members:
Marc ErtelBGVs, Guitars
Joel CoslerLead Vocals
Cameron WalterBGVs, Bass Guitar
David PowellDrums
Production Information:
Ryan AdkinsEngineer @ Azmyth Studio, Carmel, IN
Ryan AdkinsMastered @ Azmyth Studio, Carmel, IN
Ryan AdkinsMixed @ Azmyth Studio, Carmel, IN