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Breath of Life
from USA
Breath of Life / Goodbye (Proud World) (Limited Millenium Edition (2,000 Copies))
Progressive Arts Music
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Mixed
    Breath of Life / Goodbye (Proud World) (2001, Progressive Arts Music) (USA) (Limited Millenium Edition (2,000 Copies))
Breath of Life / Goodbye (Proud World)
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  I Exalt Thee (Intro) / A Voice That Calls My Name 7:55
2.  For Have I Shamed 4:04
3.  Goodbye 5:11
copyright 2001, Progressive Arts Music,  PAM 1010
Total Running Time: 17:11
Band Members:
Richard G. Olson, Jr.Vocals
Ron SteinhowerBass Guitar
Jay RuchGuitars
Joe WilkinsDrums
Production Information:
Recorded @ Why Me? Studios, Gibbshorn, NJ
Robert B. Pamplin, Jr.Executive Producer
Richard G. Olson, Jr.Producer
Joe DelucaProducer
Breath of LifeMixed
Joe DelucaMixed