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Scott Blackwell
from USA
Scott Blackwell / Walk on the Wild Side
MYX Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / 100% Full Industrial Strength LA
Frontline Records
Genre: <unknown>
Scott Blackwell / The Real Thing
MYX Records
Genre: <unknown>
Scott Blackwell / Clubhouse - A Continuous Beatmix
N-SOUL Records
Genre: <unknown>
Has been a member of
    Scott Blackwell
CDs Produced
    Scott Blackwell / Clubhouse - A Continuous Beatmix (1996, N-SOUL Records) (USA)
    Bubblebaby Experience, The / The Bubblebaby Experience (1996, N-SOUL Records) (USA)
    Raving Loonatics / My King (1993, N-SOUL Records) (USA)
    World Wide Message Tribe / Dance Planet (<unknown year>, N-SOUL Records) (USA)
    Scott Blackwell / Walk on the Wild Side (1992, MYX Records) (USA)
    Scott Blackwell / The Real Thing (1994, MYX Records) (USA)
    Various Artists / . . . to cherish in the soul (<unknown year>, N-SOUL Records) (USA)
CDs Recorded
    Scott Blackwell / Walk on the Wild Side (1992, MYX Records) (USA)
CDs Mixed
    Scott Blackwell / Walk on the Wild Side (1992, MYX Records) (USA)
CDs Played on
Scott Blackwell / Walk on the Wild Side (1992, MYX Records) (USA) Keyboards , Drum Programming, Turntables
Songs Contributed to:
Ambient Theology 101
Here to There
Keep the Fire Burning
There but for the . . . . . .
(Walk on the) Wild Side
X Factor
Bwana Bwana
Day by Day
Love Come Down
My King
Not Goin' Back
Scott Blackwell / The Real Thing
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  One to the Power of One
2.  There but for the . . . . . .
3.  When I Was a Child
4.  Day by Day - Rhythm Saints vs Blackwell Reconstruction Myx
5.  X Factor
6.  Pathfinder
7.  Ensoul
8.  Ambient Theology 101
9.  Bwana Bwana (Featuring Limit X)
10.  Real
copyright 1994, MYX Records,  FLD9481
Total Running Time: 61:16
Production Information:
Scott BlackwellProducer
Zarc PorterProducer