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Brave, The
from USA
Brave, The / Battle Cries
Pakaderm Records  / Word, Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
Brave, The / Trust
Pakaderm Records  / Word, Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Played on
Brave, The / Trust (1994, Pakaderm Records) (USA) BGVs
Songs Contributed to:
All Together Now
Big World
If That Ain't Love
Just a Man
Ride with the Rhythm
Running All My Life
Tears of a Broken Heart
The Waiting
Brave, The / Trust
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  The River 4:22
2.  Rage of the Age 4:46
3.  Following You 4:15
4.  Dirty Water 4:53
5.  Tomorrow 5:03
6.  Don't 5:13
7.  Long Way to Heaven 4:14
8.  Can't Let the Devil Win 4:31
9.  When You're Alone 5:29
10.  Trust 3:16
copyright 1994, Pakaderm Records / Word, Inc.,  7012526262
Total Running Time: 46:06
Band Members:
Stayce RobertsGuitars, Vocals
Randy RobertsLead Vocals, Guitars
Freddie TierraGuitars, Vocals
Steve IrwinBass Guitar, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Brave, TheBGVs
John ElefanteKeyboards
J. R. McNeelyBass Guitar
Jeff GunnBGVs
Jamie WollamDrums
Larry WorleyBGVs
Production Information:
Recorded @ Pakaderm Studios, Los Alamitos, CA
John ElefanteProducer
Dino ElefanteProducer
Dino ElefanteEngineer
J. R. McNeelyEngineer
Mastered @ Georgetown Mastering
Dino ElefanteMixed