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from Seattle, Washington, USA
Bloomsday / The Day the Colors Died
Brainstorm Artists International
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / The Future Is Blue Compilation
Velvet Blue Music
Genre: <unknown>
Bloomsday / E.P.
Velvet Blue Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Sparkler Volume One
N-SOUL Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Bloomsday / The Day the Colors Died (1996, Brainstorm Artists International) (USA)
Bloomsday / The Day the Colors Died
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  The Day the Colors Died
2.  Patience
3.  Just the Same
4.  Song of Five
5.  Blue Poetry
6.  Vitamin
7.  Pablo's Diary
8.  I Remain Yours
9.  Soft
10.  Weight
copyright 1996, Brainstorm Artists International,  BRD4036
Total Running Time: 58:14
Band Members:
Steve LeslieBass Guitar
Mike BravineDrums
Blake WescottGuitars, Vocals
Production Information:
Recorded @ The Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA
Recorded @ Stepping Stone
Recorded @ Desert Moon
Gene EugeneExecutive Producer
Aaron SprinkleProducer
Andrew D. PrickettProducer
Gene EugeneEngineer
Andrew D. PrickettEngineer
Erik TokleEngineer
Mixed @ The Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA
Mixed @ Stepping Stone