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from USA
Blah / Born Lost and Hopeless
Rescue Records
Genre: <unknown>
Blah / Blah
Bulletproof Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Toast and Olive. "Friends of Tomorrow"
Gray Dot, Inc.  / Bulletproof Music
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Blah / Born Lost and Hopeless (1996, Rescue Records) (USA)
Songs Contributed to:
Crust of Bread
Gangster Punk
I'll Run
It's Not So Funny
Like a Trap
Nathan Winters
Not Gonna Take It Away
The Program
See You Once Again
Stop Shooting Up
Too Much Hate
Viva the American Way?
You're Busted
Blah / Born Lost and Hopeless
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Stop Shooting Up
2.  Nathan Winters
3.  I'll Run
4.  Gangster Punk
5.  Man
6.  Sloppy Agape
7.  Chaka
8.  See You Once Again
9.  Not Gonna Take It Away
10.  Viva the American Way?
11.  You're Busted
12.  The Program
13.  Clownmaster
14.  Too Much Hate
15.  Like a Trap
16.  It's Not So Funny
17.  Crust of Bread
copyright 1996, Rescue Records,  RRCD 24 11
Total Running Time: 46:39
Band Members:
Alex RosasVocals
Jacob GarzaBGVs, Bass Guitar
Darrell LeachDrums
Louis GarciaGuitars
Additional Musicians:
Antonio FloresGuitars
Production Information:
Recorded @ Moonsong Studios, Riverside, CA
Bob MoonProducer
Brian GardnerMastered @ Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA