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Bishop Garden
from Sweden
Bishop Garden / Garden of Relief
T-bag Records
Genre: <unknown>
Bishop Garden / Superpillow
T-bag Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Bishop Garden / Garden of Relief (1997, T-bag Records) (Sweden)
    Bishop Garden / Superpillow (1999, T-bag Records) (Sweden)
CDs Recorded
    Bishop Garden / Superpillow (1999, T-bag Records) (Sweden)
Bishop Garden / Superpillow
Released in: Sweden
Track Listing:
1.  Superpillow
2.  Suicidal
3.  I Don't Care
4.  Illusion Anger
5.  Burning Up
6.  Brain on Vacation
copyright 1999, T-bag Records,  BGCD9901
Total Running Time: 29:57
Band Members:
Niclas WilhelmssonDrums
Fredrik JohanssonVocals
Stefan OlssonGuitars
Johan BergkvistBass Guitar
Additional Musicians:
Thomas NymanBGVs
Andreas ChristianssonBGVs
Production Information:
Bishop GardenRecorded
Bishop GardenProducer
Alex LosbäckMixed @ TV-Inter Studios, Linköping