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Bishop Garden
from Sweden
Bishop Garden / Garden of Relief
T-bag Records
Genre: <unknown>
Bishop Garden / Superpillow
T-bag Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Bishop Garden / Garden of Relief (1997, T-bag Records) (Sweden)
    Bishop Garden / Superpillow (1999, T-bag Records) (Sweden)
CDs Recorded
    Bishop Garden / Superpillow (1999, T-bag Records) (Sweden)
Bishop Garden / Garden of Relief
Released in: Sweden
Track Listing:
1.  Yesterday
2.  Something Hip
3.  Garden of Relief
4.  Blind Dog
5.  Lunatic Bells
6.  Scrap Your Philosophy
7.  Praise Be To God
8.  Captain of Your Soul
9.  Hail Your Freedom
Rock Bonus Tracks
10.  Take My Hand
11.  If I Was Rich
copyright 1997, T-bag Records,  BGCD9701
Total Running Time: 54:19
Band Members:
Niclas WilhelmssonDrums
Mattias CederlundKeyboards
Fredrik JohanssonVocals
Mathias WilhelmssonBass Guitar
Stefan OlssonGuitars
Additional Musicians:
Marie AckerängBGVs
Magnus BäcklundBGVs
Production Information:
Anders AckerängRecorded @ AM studios
Bishop GardenProducer
Anders AckerängProducer
Mastered @ Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden
Anders AckerängMixed @ AM studios