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Souls Unrest, The
from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Official Website
The Soul's Unrest Myspace.com page:
Souls Unrest, The / The Souls Unrest
Bombworks Records
Genre: <unknown>
Souls Unrest, The / The Souls Unrest
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
Ledbelly Session
1.  Rising
2.  Freedom
3.  A Deadly Poison
Hairy Breakfast Session
4.  Axehandle
5.  Thunderbolt
6.  Though I Fall
7.  Unibrow
copyright 2006, Bombworks Records,  BWR0602
Band Members: (Ledbelly Session)
Blaze PearsonLead Vocals, Guitars
Josh WeaverGuitars, Vocals
Melanie WeaverBass Guitar, Vocals
Lee SmithDrums
Production Information: (Ledbelly Session)
Recorded @ Ledbelly Sound Studios, Woodstock, GA, March, 2003
Matt WashburnEngineer
Band Members: (Hairy Breakfast Session)
Blaze PearsonBass Guitar, Guitars, Vocals
Lee SmithDrums
Production Information: (Hairy Breakfast Session)
Recorded @ Hairy Breakfast Productions, Atlanta, GA, March, 2004
Eyal LeviEngineer
Production Information:
Rob ColwellMastered @ Bombworks Sound Studios, Van Alstyne, TX, January 2006