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Shine Bomb
from Portland, Oregon, USA
Various Artists / Songs from the Rain Factory
Fearless Donkey Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Swimming in Thirty
Various Artists / Songs from the Rain Factory
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Clan of Jubal / "Seed of Faith"
2.  Gloria / "Pink Champagne"
3.  Poor Old Lu / "To Be Awake"
4.  Don't Know / "Big Bang Recipe"
5.  Ashes to Ashes / "Ophelia Gone Mad"
7.  Lookout / "Eli"
8.  Gecko Monks / "Real"
9.  Clergy, The / "Won't You Agree"
10.  Shine Bomb / "Swimming in Thirty"
11.  Empty Tomb / "Future of Our Dreams"
12.  Shattered Image / "Stick to Your Guns"
copyright 1992, Fearless Donkey Records,  FD001
Total Running Time: 61:45
Band Members:
Ashes to Ashes:
Samuel E. VanceLead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Gordon LeeElectric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Classical Guitar
Kevin McGlothanPercussion
Clergy, The:
Randy SimonattiDrums
Christi SimonattiVocals
Leon GoodenoughGuitars, Vocals
Jim SwansonBass Guitar
Clan of Jubal:
Steve AndersonVocals
Ken MesfordGuitars
Mike BellKeyboards
Don't Know:
Matthew Edwin JohnsonDrums
Paul Nicholas HenryBGVs, Bass Guitar
Dan HenryVocals
Ed CorriganBGVs, Guitars
Empty Tomb:
Andy WisemanBass Guitar
Greg DimickRhythm Guitar
Mike BoddingtonDrums
Kevin CollinsLead Guitar
Feeble ManVocals
Smilin' Steve DKeyboards
Gecko Monks:
Ron ThomasGuitars, Vocals
Kelly DeanGuitars
Marc GilsonDrums
Mikee BridgesBass Guitar, Vocals
William Richard Power IIIBGVs, Bass Guitar
Mike BellKeyboards
Larry NajarGuitars, Vocals
Sam EricssonBGVs, Guitars
Daniel FairbanksDrums
Mike DeanLead Guitar, BGVs
Joe PerryBGVs, Bass Guitar
Rich JensenBass Guitar
Buddy Van BruntDrums
Poor Old Lu:
Aaron SprinkleBGVs, Guitars
Jesse SprinkleDrums, Percussion
Nick BarberBGVs, Bass Guitar
Scott HunterVocals
Shine Bomb:
April PalmerSaxophone
Shane PowersGuitars
Steve DonnellyKeyboards
Brian McAlisterDrums
Dennis ChildersBass Guitar
Matthew WrightVocals
Kaje KellerBGVs
Shattered Image:
Quinn SlapeGuitars, Vocals
Shane BerezowskiBGVs, Drums
Vince SchofieldBGVs, Bass Guitar