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Soul Shock Remedy
from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Also known as:
Revolution, The
Soul Shock Remedy / Fisheye Lens
Revolution Records
Genre: <unknown>
Soul Shock Remedy / Fish Eye Lens
R.E.X. Music, Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
Soul Shock Remedy / Fisheye Lens
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Mr. Jones
2.  Green Tambourine
3.  Fish Eye Lens
4.  Slow Burn
5.  The Looking Glass
6.  Dreamz
7.  Rain
8.  Kicking Stones
9.  The Machine
10.  Red
11.  Silent Haze
copyright 1994, Revolution Records,  REV CD 7777
Total Running Time: 45:18
Band Members:
Ken MariLead Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Brian BuzardBGVs, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Mark StratfordBGVs, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, 12-String Guitar
Ben AshleyBGVs, Electric Guitar, Talk box
Randi ScottBGVs, Drums
Production Information:
Recorded @ Scream Studios, Studio City, CA
Recorded @ Sonic Fish Studios, Scottsdale, AZ
Ken MariProducer
Ken MariEngineer
Michael WagenerDrum Track Engineer
Michael WagenerBass Track Engineer
Roger SeigelMastered @ SAE Digital Mastering, Phoenix, AZ
Michael WagenerMixed @ Scream Studios, Studio City, CA
Liz SrokaMixing Assistant