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Sea of Dreams
from Nærbø, Norway
Sea of Dreams / Dawn of Time
Sea of Dreams Records
Genre: <unknown>
Sea of Dreams / Land of Flames
Sea of Dreams Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Enter the Sea of Dreams
Sea of Dreams / Land of Flames
Released in: Norway
Track Listing:
1.  Eagle  
 Part 1 - Eye
2.  Temple of Dreams 8:22
3.  Vanishing Son 6:11
4.  Last Trooper 6:06
5.  Illusions  
 Part 1 - Awake
Part 2 - The Journey
Part 3 - Phantasm
Part 4 - Disillusion
Part 5 - Independence Day
6.  Morning Rain 4:49
7.  Strong Winds 8:57
8.  Land of Flames 8:12
copyright 1998, Sea of Dreams Records,  SODR198
Total Running Time: 67:17
Band Members:
Jim Lynwood FossLead Vocals
Svein Harald KleppeDrums, Percussion
Trond AreBGVs, Guitars, Flute, Munnharpe
John Martin HaarrBGVs, Bass Guitar, Taurus
Jorgen MankeBGVs, Keyboards, Percussion
Additional Musicians:
Else Therese BarstadChoir
Elisabeth BarstadChoir
Lena Åkerlund FossChoir
Roy Elling FossChoir
Hege EldøyChoir
Randi TytingvågChoir
Jan Kåre IglandChoir
Espen GilsvikChoir
Elisabeth ÅkreChoir
Tina Marie Monge AreChildren Choir
Mabel TogstadChildren Choir
Production Information:
Recorded @ Star Studio, Norway
Trond AreProducer
John Martin HaarrProduction Assistant
Trond AreEngineer
John Martin HaarrAssistant Engineer
Morten LundMastered @ Master Huset A/S
Mixed @ Star Studio, Norway