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Sea of Dreams
from Nærbø, Norway
Sea of Dreams / Dawn of Time
Sea of Dreams Records
Genre: <unknown>
Sea of Dreams / Land of Flames
Sea of Dreams Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Enter the Sea of Dreams
Sea of Dreams / Dawn of Time
Released in: Norway
Track Listing:
1.  Enter the Sea of Dreams 1:10
2.  First Step 5:43
3.  Pain 7:27
4.  Dimensions of Time 9:31
5.  Point of No Return 6:06
6.  Preach of Fire 4:51
7.  Under the Rainbow 7:27
8.  Legends 7:40
9.  Wait for the Day 3:44
10.  Black Roses 5:36
11.  Sheila 4:59
12.  Dawn of Time 10:40
copyright 1996, Sea of Dreams Records,  SODR196
Total Running Time: 75:00
Band Members:
Jim Lynwood FossVocals
Svein Harald KleppeBGVs, Drums, Percussion
Trond AreBGVs, Guitars, Munnharpe
John Martin HaarrBGVs, Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass
Svein Magne KlevenKeyboards
Additional Musicians:
Else Therese BarstadFemale Backing Vocals
Elisabeth BarstadFemale Backing Vocals
Production Information:
Recorded @ Star Studio, Norway
Recorded @ Kleppes residence in a sixteen track analog studio
Trond AreProducer
John Martin HaarrProducer
Trond AreEngineer
John Martin HaarrEngineer
Morten LundMastered @ Master Huset A/S
Trond AreMixed
John Martin HaarrMixed