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Royal Anguish
from Ocala, Florida, USA
Official Website
Royal Anguish / The Chronicles of Autumn Sorrow
2004 (1995)
Bombworks Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / The Collection Volume I: Tools of the Trade
SotD Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / A Brutal Christmas: The Season in Chaos
SotD Records
Genre: <unknown>
Royal Anguish / Mysterion
SotD Records
Genre: <unknown>
Royal Anguish / Tales of Sullen Eyes EP
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists /  Lightning Strikes Twice...Again (Volume 2)
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Celestial Embrace
Ceremonial Suicide
The Chronicles of Autumn Sorrow
Element of Fear
Feel the Blood
Land of the Free
Tortured Visions
Various Artists / The Collection Volume I: Tools of the Trade
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
Shocking the Priest EP
1.  Royal Anguish / "Deny" 5:30
2.  Royal Anguish / "Die Inside" 1:48
3.  Royal Anguish / "Shocking the Priest" 4:10
4.  Royal Anguish / "Rest in Pieces" 4:40
Farewell to the Flesh EP
5.  Soul of the Savior / "Intro" 0:50
6.  Soul of the Savior / "Dear Marilyn" 3:18
7.  Soul of the Savior / "Good and Pure" 2:40
8.  Soul of the Savior / "Farewell to the Flesh" 4:10
Face of God EP
9.  Tortured Conscience / "A New Trend" 3:06
10.  Tortured Conscience / "Chain the Fallen One" 3:10
11.  Tortured Conscience / "In Hell" 3:06
Bonus Track
12.  Tortured Conscience / "Internal Torment" 4:09
copyright 2002, SotD Records,  SOTD0202
Total Running Time: 40:41
Band Members: (Shocking the Priest EP)
Royal Anguish:
Matt KnowlesLead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Bryan MurrayLead Guitar
Alex FrazierBass Guitar
Tommy TaylorDrums
Production Information: (Shocking the Priest EP)
Henrik RyösäRemastered @ Marked Medium Studios, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, July 2002
Band Members: (Farewell to the Flesh EP)
Soul of the Savior:
Raf SantiagoGuitars
Rob DunkinBass Guitar
Gabe FloresDrums
Tony BullardLead Vocals
Production Information: (Farewell to the Flesh EP)
Recorded @ Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL, May 25-27, 2001
Band Members: (Face of God EP)
Tortured Conscience:
Jeff LenormandBass Guitar, Guitars
Shannon FryeDrums, Vocals
Production Information: (Face of God EP)
Mastered @ Bombworks Sound Studios, Van Alstyne, TX