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Jamie Rowe
from USA
Jamie Rowe / The Beautiful e.p.
Label not archived
Genre: <unknown>
Has been a member of
CDs Played on
Tempest / Limited Edition (1997, indie (no label name)) (USA) Lead Vocals , BGVs
Tempest / Eye of the Storm (1988, Pure Metal Records) (USA) Lead Vocals
Tempest / Lost in the Storm (1999, Millenium 8 Records) (USA) (Limited to 2000 copies) Vocals
Bride / Oddities (1998, Organic Records) (USA) Vocals
X-Sinner / Peace Treaty (1991, Pakaderm Records) (USA) BGVs
Songs Contributed to:
Rock for the Light
True Love (Never Fade Away)
All for One
Lost Without Your Love