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Number One Gun
from Chico, California, USA
Official Website
November 24, 2003, version of official Number One Gun page from Archive.org:
Number One Gun / Forever EP
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
Number One Gun / Celebrate Mistakes
Floodgate Records  / Salvage Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Celebrate Mistakes
Get Up (The Way I Feel)
Hear This
Invest in You
The Last Time
On & On
The Starting Line
These Things
This Is All We Know
Today Is Described
You're Alive
You Fail Sometimes
Number One Gun / Celebrate Mistakes
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  The Starting Line 2:55
2.  Celebrate Mistakes 5:05
3.  You Fail Sometimes 3:34
4.  On & On 3:39
5.  The Last Time 3:18
6.  Invest in You 2:48
7.  These Things 4:40
8.  Hear This 3:21
9.  Get Up (The Way I Feel) 3:59
10.  This Is All We Know 3:52
11.  Today Is Described 3:32
copyright 2003, Floodgate Records / Salvage Records,  080688627225
Total Running Time: 40:49
Band Members:
Jeff SchneeweisGuitars, Vocals
Ben TietzGuitars, Vocals
Trevor SellersBass Guitar
Jordan MalloryDrums, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
John Gregorious
Terrance Wilson
Preston Hutcheson
Tim Drnec
Angel Batsel
Production Information:
Robert M. BurchRecorded
Robert M. BurchProducer
Mike MierauMastered @ Vision Mastering
Robert M. BurchMixed