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November Commandment, The
from Sweden
November Commandment, The / A Motorised Mind (contains Complete Structure(1988), Dark Dawn(1991), and Exile Station(1993))
1999 (1988)
Structure Records  / Flaming Fish Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Slava Compilation - Voice of the People
Label not archived
Genre: <unknown>
November Commandment, The / Exile Station EP
A Motorised Mind Productions
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Full Frontal Lobotomy
Flaming Fish Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Volym X: En Tribut Till Jerusalem
Day-Glo Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    November Commandment, The / Exile Station EP (1993, A Motorised Mind Productions) (Sweden)
CDs Mixed
    November Commandment, The / Exile Station EP (1993, A Motorised Mind Productions) (Sweden)
November Commandment, The / Exile Station EP
Released in: Sweden
Track Listing:
3.  A Second or a Thousand Years
copyright 1993, A Motorised Mind Productions,  010
Total Running Time: 17:28
Band Members:
Jan Carleklev
Andreas Mattsson
Ola Gustafsson
Håkan Paulsson
Additional Musicians:
Jan MeijnerGuitars
Production Information:
Recorded @ Matchtown Studios
November Commandment, TheProducer
Mats SiltbergEngineer
Torbjörn SamuelssonPremastering @ Digitalfabriken
November Commandment, TheMixed
Mats SiltbergMixed
Samuel DurlingCoordinator