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New Jerusalem
from Arizona, USA
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New Jerusalem / New Jerusalem (indie version)
Release Year unknown
Label not archived
Genre: <unknown>
New Jerusalem / New Jerusalem
Release Year unknown
Bulletproof Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Live at the Strand
Bulletproof Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Afters
Gray Dot, Inc.  / Bulletproof Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Toast and Olive. "Friends of Tomorrow"
Gray Dot, Inc.  / Bulletproof Music
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Live at the Strand
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Age of Faith / "Pass It On"
2.  Third Day / "Medley"  
 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Can't Help Falling in Love
With or Without You
3.  Mortal / "June First"
4.  Sunday's Child / "Swell"
5.  Prayer Chain, The / "Chalk"
6.  Dear Ephesus / "A Step for Dance"
7.  My Friend Stephanie / "Flavor of the Month"
8.  Squad Five-O / "The Kids Today / N.R.A."
9.  New Jerusalem / "The Way"
10.  L.S. Underground / "Rocket and a Bomb (alternate mix)"
11.  Metropolitan / "Back in Black"
copyright 1997, Bulletproof Music,  D3005
Band Members:
Age of Faith:
Jimi RayAcoustic Guitar, Vocals
Steve BlairDrums
Dave BuchananElectric Guitar
Zack PlemmonsBass Guitar
Dear Ephesus:
Aaron WiederspahnVocals
Brett LevsenElectric Guitar
Ed LamosoElectric Guitar
Lu DefabrizioBass Guitar
Jeff IrizarryDrums
L.S. Underground:
Michael KnottElectric Guitar, Vocals
Michael HawkinsDrums
Brian DoidgeBass Guitar
Jerome FontamillasBass Guitar
Jyro XhanAcoustic Guitar, Vocals
Troy YasudaAcoustic Guitar
Ed Giles BenrockPercussion
My Friend Stephanie:
Drue BachmannBass Guitar, Vocals
Jeff EbertElectric Guitar, Vocals
Jeff ApelLead Guitar
Kevin HeuerDrums
Matt GoldmanDrums
Alex JohnsVocals
Jamey BozemanElectric Guitar
Matt HintonElectric Guitar
Chris FoleyBass Guitar
New Jerusalem:
Randall James HouseholderVocals
Thurane Aung KhinDrum Programming, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Blues Harp
Prayer Chain, The:
Wayne EverettDrums
Andrew D. PrickettElectric Guitar
Tim TaberVocals
Squad Five-O:
Jeff FortsonLead Vocals, Guitars
John FortsonBass Guitar, Vocals
Justin KohutDrums
Sunday's Child:
J. C. RichardsonElectric Guitar
Hurst PeacockElectric Guitar, Vocals
Michael HawkinsDrums
Scott RhodesBass Guitar
Third Day:
Mac PowellVocals
Mark LeeAcoustic Guitar
David CarrDrums
Brad AveryElectric Guitar
Tai AndersonBass Guitar
Additional Musicians:
Matt GoldmanPercussion
New Jerusalem:
Andrew Lee OlsenBass Guitar, Vocals
Glen DudleyDrums
Phil ParmenterPercussion
Prayer Chain, The:
Jeremy WoodPercussion
Jason PickersgillBass Guitar
Squad Five-O:
Spud GunVocals