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Mending Point
from USA
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Mending Point / Mending Point
Word of Mouth Records
Genre: <unknown>
Mending Point / Mending Point (remixed)
2004 (2003)
Word of Mouth Records  / Central South Distribution, Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Angel You Are
Bring the Laughter
Falling Forward
In Transit
New Instinct
The Only Constant
Something Brighter
Through the Stars
Mending Point / Mending Point
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  New Instinct
2.  Surface
3.  Something Brighter
4.  Bring the Laughter
5.  Angel You Are
6.  Through the Stars
7.  View
8.  In Transit
9.  The Only Constant
10.  Unmistakable
11.  Embers
12.  Falling Forward
copyright 2004, Word of Mouth Records / Central South Distribution, Inc.,  no #
Total Running Time: 54:41
Band Members:
Justin ReynoldsGuitars, Vocals
Erick LefevreDrums
John BecklerGuitars
Kevin BruchertBass Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Production Information:
Recorded @ Marble Eye Studios, Mt. Pocono, PA
Recorded @ Starfields Productions, Buffalo, NY
Recorded @ Morningstar Studios, North Haledon, NJ
Kevin BruchertProducer
Kevin BruchertEngineer
Michael WoodingEngineer
Eddie KishEngineer
Mike GreyEngineer
Brett ZilahiMastered @ Metalworks Studios, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Kevin BruchertMixed "New Instinct" @ The Pickle Factory
Kevin BruchertMixed "Through the Stars" @ The Pickle Factory
Kevin BruchertMixed "In Transit" @ The Pickle Factory
Kevin BruchertMixed "The Only Constant" @ The Pickle Factory
Marc HuntMixed @ Chameleon West, Buffalo, NY