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Mayfair Laundry
from <Unknown country>
Mayfair Laundry / Scrub
Organic Records
Genre: <unknown>
Mayfair Laundry / New and Improved
7k' Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Are You Listening?
Bucket Brigade
I Can See You
Lovely Feet
My Dear Watson
New and Improved
Over and Above
Spinning for You
Swing Your Partner
These Days
Ticket to the Moon
Wait and See
Wavy Gravy
Wonderful Wonder
You're Really
Mayfair Laundry / New and Improved
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  New and Improved
2.  I Can See You
3.  Here Comes the Sun
4.  Over and Above
5.  You're Really
6.  Ticket to the Moon
7.  Giant
8.  Spinning for You
9.  These Days
10.  Are You Listening?
copyright 1999, 7k' Records,  7KD0042
Total Running Time: 36:42
Band Members:
Paul DexterBGVs, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Guitars
Kim SipusVocals, Piano
Mark StittsGuitars
Steve LatanationDrums
Production Information:
Paul DexterRecorded @ 7k' Green Valley Lake, CA
Paul DexterProducer