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Liberty N Justice
from <Unknown country>
Various Artists / Christian Metal Realm Presents Thorns of Redemption The Compilation, Volume 1
Christian Metal Realm
Genre: <unknown>
Liberty N Justice / Light It Up
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Liberty N Justice / Light It Up
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Light It Up
2.  The Other Thief
3.  Blink
4.  Do What You Believe
5.  Man Vs. Mother Nature
6.  Treading on Serpents
7.  Uncle Sam
8.  Every Reason To Believe
9.  Wrestling with God
10.  Best Time You Never Had
11.  Beautiful Decision
12.  Drunk Dead Gorgeous
13.  Greed
14.  For Better or Worse
copyright 2010, Retroactive Records,  RAR