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Lust Control
from Austin, Texas, USA
Various Artists / Heavy Righteous Metal Chapter II
Pure Metal Records
Genre: <unknown>
Lust Control / Fun Fun Feeling
Blonde Vinyl Records
Genre: <unknown>
Lust Control / We Are Not Ashamed
Enclave Entertainment  / Urgent Records
Genre: <unknown>
Lust Control / The Worst of Lust Control
Millenium 8 Records
Genre: <unknown>
Lust Control / We Are Not Ashamed: Getting it Right the Second Time
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Lightning Strikes Twice, A Retroactive Records Sampler
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Lust Control / We Are Not Ashamed: Getting it Right the Second Time
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Grace
2.  Leave Amy Alone
3.  You Make Me Puke
4.  Return to Vomit
5.  Planned Parenthood
6.  The Big "M"
7.  Deliverance
8.  If You Fail
9.  Virginity Disease
10.  The Secret
11.  Real Men Cry
12.  Pray for the City
13.  Mad at the Girls
14.  Speaking in Tongues
15.  Get Married
16.  Operation Rescue
17.  Victim of Revolution
18.  Sex Rant Intro
19.  Finger
20.  Mrs. Lowry
21.  Grace
22.  Rude Awakening
23.  Madelyn Murray O'Hair
24.  Wretched
25.  Apocalyptic Nightmare
26.  I Want To Die
27.  Mad at the Girls
28.  The Big "M"
29.  You Make Me Puke
30.  There Is a Fountain
copyright 2006, Retroactive Records,  RAR7810