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from <Unknown country>
40DT / What I Am
Diverse Family
Genre: <unknown>
40DT / Forty Days Tempted
Diverse Recordings
Genre: <unknown>
40DT / Forty Days Tempted
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Feel the Funk
2.  No More Me
3.  Extra Terrestrial
4.  There's Something out There
5.  Tear Apart
6.  Hack It
7.  (untitled)
8.  Get Up
9.  Question
10.  Go
11.  Summer (Your Love)
12a.  Let It Flow 6:17
12b.  (silence) 3:43
12c.  Hidden Track 5:20
copyright 2000, Diverse Recordings,  RPD6073
Total Running Time: 56:21
Band Members:
CR Pendleton
Andy Finnegan
Andy Woody
Brad Binion
DJ Train
Additional Musicians:
Matt PottsBGVs
Arnie ClawsonBGVs
Arion DotsonBGVs
Production Information:
Recorded @ Clawson Productions
CR PendletonProducer
JT BurkeEngineer
Dan TechenbrockMastered @ The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio
JT BurkeMixed
CR PendletonMixed