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Angry Einsteins
from USA
Also known as:
X-Sinner / Get It
Pakaderm Records
Genre: <unknown>
X-Sinner / Peace Treaty
Pakaderm Records
Genre: <unknown>
X-Sinner / Loud and Proud
2007 (1999)
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
X-Sinner / Loud & Proud
Magdalene Records
Genre: <unknown>
Angry Einsteins / Cracked
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Lightning Strikes Twice, A Retroactive Records Sampler
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
X-Sinner / Fire It Up
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists /  Lightning Strikes Twice...Again (Volume 2)
Retroactive Records
Genre: <unknown>
Songs Contributed to:
Always Be There
Down for You
Hearts That Never Beat
In Your Eyes
The Letter (Pardon Me)
Look in the Mirror
Prophet and the Cowboy
Silver Lining
You from the Start
Angry Einsteins / Cracked
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Always Be There 3:24
2.  Silver Lining 2:55
3.  Down for You 4:37
4.  You from the Start 4:21
5.  The Letter (Pardon Me) 4:32
6.  Fun, Fun, Fun 3:39
7.  Look in the Mirror 3:47
8.  In Your Eyes 4:15
9.  Hearts That Never Beat 3:39
10.  Prophet and the Cowboy 5:05
11.  untitled 3:59
copyright 2003, Retroactive Records,  RAR7777
Total Running Time: 44:19
Band Members:
Greg BishopGuitars, Vocals
Rob KniepBass Guitar, Vocals
Rex ScottDrums, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
John GregoriousKeyboards, Exotic Hand Percussion
Bill LanhamSequencing, Drum Tones
Production Information:
Recorded @ Vision Group Studios, Garden Grove, CA, Over a 2-year span
Mike MierauEngineer
Binh NguyenEngineer
RevMastered @ the Creation Station
Mark RodriguezMixed