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Anne Hutchinson
from USA
January 18, 2002 version of Anne Hutchinson Official Homepage from Archive.org:
Anne Hutchinson / Anne Hutchinson
Bad Apple Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Anne Hutchinson / Anne Hutchinson (2002, Bad Apple Records) (USA)
Anne Hutchinson / Anne Hutchinson
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Never Kiss and Tell 2:44
2.  Fusing the Gaglinen 3:39
3.  Delighting in a Sunrise 3:22
4.  The Dulcet Sound of Fiction 3:02
5.  Weeeeeee 4:44
copyright 2002, Bad Apple Records,  BDAPL001
Total Running Time: 17:33
Band Members:
Joseph BallVocals
Atticus ColemanGuitars
Brent PlummerDrums
Aaron WestGuitars
Additional Musicians:
Jay MattinglyBass Guitar
Jonathon PhelpsBass Guitar
Production Information:
Brandon MilesExecutive Producer
Sarah ScanlanExecutive Producer
Anne HutchinsonProducer
Jay MattinglyProducer
Benji DuvalMastered