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from South Africa
March 24, 2003 of official Aftertaste Homepage from Archive.org:
Aftertaste / Two Minutes to a Heartbeat
Angry Son Records
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Aftertaste / Two Minutes to a Heartbeat (2002, Angry Son Records) (USA)
CDs Played on
Neshamah / In My Heart (2002, Angry Son Records) (Canada) Gang Vocals
Songs Contributed to:
The Certainty of Change
Engage Retake
Final Thoughts
Heart & Soul
Higher State of Mind
Innocent by Blood
Knowing Without Knowledge
Moments on End
A Promise To Fulfill
Selfless Act
Shooting Brothers
Aftertaste / Two Minutes to a Heartbeat
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Knowing Without Knowledge 2:58
2.  Shooting Brothers 2:19
3.  Innocent by Blood 3:13
4.  Engage Retake 3:58
5.  Heart & Soul 5:16
6.  Everyday 3:46
7.  A Promise To Fulfill 2:09
8.  The Certainty of Change 2:23
9.  Selfless Act 3:53
10.  Higher State of Mind 3:38
11.  Moments on End 3:12
12.  Final Thoughts 5:15
copyright 2002, Angry Son Records,  ASR002
Total Running Time: 42:05
Band Members:
Chad ButlerVocals
Wilbert van NiekerkBGVs, Bass Guitar
Geoff van TonderBGVs, Guitars
Shaun PotterBGVs, Guitars
Mike PaulsDrums
Production Information:
Recorded @ Paris Studios, Fishhoek, Cape Town, South Africa, December 2001
Tom DunnExecutive Producer
Renee DunnExecutive Producer
Paris LucasProducer
Kevin NettleinghamMastered