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from Finland
Also known as:
Emil Stenros
Has been a member of
CDs Played on
Parakletos / Offerlammets Makt (2004, Rivel Records) (Sweden)
Songs Contributed to:
Äktenskapsbryterskan (The Adulteress)
Den Eviga Morgonen Gryr (The Dawn of Eternity)
Fader Vår (The Lord's Prayer)
Frestelsen (The Temptation)
I Denna Mörka Timma (In This Dark Hour)
Nattvarden - Herrens Måltid (The Lord's Supper)
Se Guds Lamm (Behold the Lamb of God)
Skapelsens Krona (The Crown of Creation)
Smärtornas Väg (The Road of Pain)
Uppståndelsen (The Resurrection)