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from Ottawa, Canada
Angelica / Angelica
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Angelica / Walkin' in Faith
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Angelica / Rock, Stock, & Barrel
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Angelica / Rock, Stock, & Barrel
Pony Canyon Inc.
Genre: <unknown>
Angelica / Time Is All it Takes
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / An Intense History of Christian Metal
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Angelica / Greatest Hits
Intense Records
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / An Intense History of Christian Metal
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Tourniquet / "You Get What You Pray For" 3:23
2.  Deliverance / "Weapons of Our Warfare" 4:25
3.  Vengeance / "Mulligan's Stew" 3:00
4.  Magdallan / "Dome of the Rock" 4:47
5.  Sacred Warrior / "Obsessions" 4:46
6.  Angelica / "Cover Me" 4:54
7.  Ransom / "Exit (Euthanasia)" 4:34
8.  Mortification / "Journey of Reconciliation" 4:13
9.  Deliverance / "Victory" 3:44
10.  Mortal / "If Ever Maria . . ." 4:21
11.  Randy Rose / "Black Harvest" 5:31
12.  Bloodgood / "Battle of the Flesh" 2:45
13.  Tourniquet / "Psycho Surgery" 4:14
14.  Shout / "Give Me an Answer" 3:50
15.  Vengeance Rising / "Before the Time" 2:57
16.  Lanny Cordola / "Angry Candy" 6:50
copyright 1992, Intense Records,  FLD9299
Total Running Time: 68:51
Band Members:
Dennis CameronBGVs, Guitars
Drew BacaLead Vocals
Robert PallenBGVs, Bass Guitar
Bobby LawrenceDrums
David ZaffiroBGVs, Guitars
Michael BloodgoodBGVs, Bass Guitar
Les CarlsenLead Vocals
Mark WellingLead Vocals
Lanny Cordola:
Lanny CordolaGuitars
Ken MaryDrums
Brian BrombergBass Guitar
Jimmy P. Brown IILead Vocals, Lead Vocals, Guitars, Guitars
Glenn E. RogersLead Guitar
Brian KhairullahBass Guitar, Bass Guitar
Chris HydeDrums, Drums
George OchoaLead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Lanny CordolaAcoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Sitar
Ken TamplinLead Vocals, BGVs
Ken MaryDrums
Brian BrombergBass Guitar
Gyro D LaVillaLead Vocals, BGVs, Music, Various Sounds
Jerome FontamillasBGVs, Music, Various Sounds
Steve RoweBass Guitar, Grind Baritone Vocals
Jayson SherlockDrums
Michael CarlisleLead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Lisa FaxonLead Vocals, BGVs
Tony OrtizGuitars
Michael PreciadoBass Guitar
Joe GallettaDrums
Randy Rose:
Randy RoseDrums, Guitars, Vocals
Roger RoseGuitars
Ray RoseBass Guitar
Brent GordonLead Guitar
Sacred Warrior:
Rey ParraVocals
Bruce SwiftGuitars
John JohnsonGuitars
Steve WatkinsBass Guitar, Keyboards
Tony VelasquezDrums
Ken TamplinLead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Joe GallettaDrums
Loren RobinsonBass Guitar, Vocals
Chuck KingLead Guitar, Vocals
Mark HugonbergerKeyboards
Victor MaciasBass Guitar
Ted KirkpatrickDrums, Drums, Vocals
Gary LenaireLead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Guitars, Vocals
Guy RitterLead Vocals, Lead Vocals
Erik MendezLead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Vengeance Rising:
Chris HydeDrums
Roger MartinezLead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar
Derek SeanLead Guitar
Roger MartinezVocals
Doug ThiemeGuitars
Larry FarkasGuitars
Roger Dale MartinBass Guitar
Glen MancarusoDrums
Additional Musicians:
Lanny CordolaBGVs
Lary MelbyBGVs
Phil BardowellBGVs
Tia GriffinBGVs
Michelle HoughtonBGVs
Production Information:
Roger SeigelDigitally Remastered @ SAE Digital Mastering, Phoenix, AZ
James L. WorthenCompiled
Tony ShoreCompiled