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Joey's Loss
from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Official Website
Various Artists / Distance Is Deceiving
Future Destination Records
Genre: <unknown>
Joey's Loss / Letters Written without Ink (digi-pak)
indie (no label name)
Genre: <unknown>
Various Artists / Hearts Bleed Passion Volume 1
Indie Vision Music
Genre: <unknown>
Joey's Loss / Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men
Indie Vision Music
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Joey's Loss / Letters Written without Ink (2003, indie (no label name)) (USA) (digi-pak)
Songs Contributed to:
America is Passing
Free by Choice
Friction of Distance
Goodbye She Said
Hollow, Half-Hearted, Insignificant
Ides of March
The Imposters
Our Restoration
Shot in the Dark
Standing Across the Room
State of Weakness
Thoughts on Indian Removal
Wounded Knee
Struggle, Confusion, Resolution
Joey's Loss / Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men
Released in: USA
Track Listing:
1.  Our Restoration
2.  Ides of March
3.  Friction of Distance
4.  Ending
5.  Wounded Knee
6.  Thoughts on Indian Removal
7.  McClain
8.  Shot in the Dark
9.  Standing Across the Room
10.  Free by Choice
11.  The Imposters
copyright 2004, Indie Vision Music,  IVM007
Total Running Time: 45:27
Band Members:
Adam MillerGuitars, Vocals
Caleb TiptonDrums, Vocals
Joshua TiptonLead Vocals
Mike GentryBGVs, Guitars
Nick MillerBass Guitar, Vocals
Production Information:
Jesse JonesRecorded @ Nightsong Studios, Knoxville, TN, April - May 2004
Gregory T. BarkerAdditional Recording
Brandon JonesExecutive Producer
Jesse JonesMastered
Jesse JonesMixed