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Jeff Bellew
from USA
Has been a member of
    Crucified, The
CDs Produced
    Six Feet Deep / Struggle (1994, R.E.X. Music, Inc.) (USA)
    Various Artists / Helpless Amongst Friends (1994, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA)
    Chatterbox / Despite (1994, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA)
CDs Played on
Crucified, The / The Pillars of Humanity (1991, Ocean Records) (USA) Bass Guitar
Stavesacre / Friction (1996, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA) Guitars
Stavesacre / Absolutes (1997, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA) Guitars
Various Artists / Light from the Underground - Volume One (1994, Ocean Records) (USA) Bass Guitar
Various Artists / Light Volume Two / Songs You've Never Heard (1995, Ocean Records) (USA) Bass Guitar
Blamed, The / Frail (1995, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA) BGVs
Stavesacre / Speakeasy (1999, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA) (digi-pak) Guitars
Blamed, The / 21 (1994, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA) BGVs , Guitars
Blamed, The / Frail (1995, Tooth & Nail Records) (USA) Guitars
Songs Contributed to:
It's All About Fear
Path to Sorrow
The Strength
The Wrong One
Fellowship of Thieves
The Pillars of Humanity