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Acoustic Torment
from Germany
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Acoustic Torment / My Hope Is in You
Morija Media Productions
Genre: <unknown>
Acoustic Torment / Schwarzwald
Morija Media Productions
Genre: <unknown>
CDs Produced
    Acoustic Torment / My Hope Is in You (1999, Morija Media Productions) (Germany)
Songs Contributed to:
Atomic Threat
The Beginning
Environmental Disaster
The First Commandment
Indifferent Humanity
My Hope Is in You
Praise the Lord
The Return of Jesus Christ
Sick World
Total Global Annihilation
Total Global Annihilation and the Return of Jesus Christ
Belated Perception
Choose Christ
Judgement Day
The Narrow Gate
Nuclear Warfare
Satanic Seduction
Acoustic Torment / My Hope Is in You
Released in: Germany
Track Listing:
1.  Intro 0:28
2.  Sick World 6:48
3.  The First Commandment 5:15
4.  Environmental Disaster 3:26
5.  Atomic Threat 6:17
6.  Total Global Annihilation and the Return of Jesus Christ 10:42
7.  Indifferent Humanity 4:10
8.  My Hope Is in You 7:08
9.  Praise the Lord 1:31
Bonus Dräx
10.  Enjoy the Silence 0:41
11.  Environmental Disaster (Fast Version) 1:28
12.  Total Global Annihilation (Slow Version) 8:14
13.  The Beginning (July 6th, 1996 AD) 1:45
14.  The Return of Jesus Christ (2-guitars-version, April 1997) 7:06
15.  Atomic Threat (My-Brain-Hurts-Version, April 1997) 6:42
16.  ... 0:19
17.  Kulinarische Streifzüge Durch Schwaben 1:23
copyright 1999, Morija Media Productions,  MMP_0201
Total Running Time: 73:31
Band Members:
Sascha HornbergerLead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Tobias RollerDrums
Christian UrffGuitars
Additional Musicians:
Angelika SchechingerViolin
Timo RollerKeyboards
Bernd GutekunstChainsaw
Production Information:
Recorded @ Dreschflegel-studios in Rotfelden, June 1998 - Feburary 1999
Acoustic TormentProducer
Timo RollerProducer
Tobias RollerMastered
Timo RollerMastered